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Zeta Optical Smoke Detector

Zeta Optical Smoke Detector

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80-020-FEO2000 Zeta Optical Smoke Detector

13.50 + VAT
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Excellent - The product is good value, delivery was as per your emails. No complaints!
Bob Stephenson - 23rd Apr 2014
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The Zeta range of detectors are conventional detectors which operate at 9 - 33 volts DC.
The Zeta optical smoke detector incoporates a pulsing infa red LED Located in an optical chamber inside the detector. The chamber is designed to eliminate the effect of external light sources. A Photodiode is located inside the optical chamber at an angle to the IR LED.


Under normal conditions no IR reaches the photodiode. But when smoke enters the chamber it causes the IR to scatter, and this will then be picked up by the photodiode. If the photodiode "sees" smoke on the 2 following pulses, the detector enters the alarm state and lights its LED.

Advanced electronic technology used to minimise false alarms
Wide operatinf voltage 9-33 Volts
Designed to meet approvals worldwide
Can be used on security systems
Compatible with a wide range of bases
Attractive design
Can be fitted to a duct-sampling unit
Remote LED output
Lockableto base to stop unauthorised removal
IP 43

Additional Info
Download the Zeta Data sheet - Click here

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