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Abus 20 Series Discus Keyed Alike Padlock

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This model of padlock has been designed by ABUS, a German based manufacturer of locking solutions and security products. This model has a diskus design that is resistant to many forms of physical attack. The heavy duty stainless steel body of this model aids in prevent this from happening. The inner base of the Abus 26 series diskus padlock has also... Read more »

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Abus 20 Series Discus Keyed Alike Padlock
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This model of padlock has been designed by ABUS, a German based manufacturer of locking solutions and security products. This model has a diskus design that is resistant to many forms of physical attack.
The heavy duty stainless steel body of this model aids in prevent this from happening. The inner base of the Abus 26 series diskus padlock has also been designed to have a larger than normal base which again enhances the overall security of this model. Its design also aids resistances against saw type attacks.

The shackle on this model has been designed using hardened steel alloy. The cylinder of the Abus 26 series has been designed to be drill and pull resistant, further increasing the security of this already robust model.

  • Sophisticated Diskus welded seam for highest break resistances

  • Original Diskus 360 degree protection

  • Key Retaining: Key is required for locking and unlocking

  • Made In Germany

  • Important:  Any padlocks & associated hardware intended to be used in external settings should be properly maintained and lubricated to an appropriate level for the setting in order to ensure correct operation and protection from unnecessary weathering.

    Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


    Main photo of Abus 20 Series Discus Keyed Alike Padlock

    Abus 20 Series Discus Keyed Alike Padlock

    Keys Supplied2
    FinishChrome Plated
    Bar Code5013969037128
    Mechanism5 Pin
    Body Depth28mm
    Horz Clearance20mm
    Padlock Body Height70mm
    Padlock Body Width70mm
    Shackle Diameter11mm
    Vert Clearance16mm
    Body Width70mm

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    Hi, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos. Today we're talking about Abus. Abus is a company that's been manufacturing padlocks for in excess of 90 years, would you believe it. German company, and you know they're quite important in the UK.

    You probably know them more for this particular type of padlock. It's called the Diskus padlock and they were the company that originally invented this particular padlock. If you've seen this style here, the chances are it's Abus. But it's been copied and I think it's very important for us, me as a locksmith and the security industry to tell the people out there that it's always important to try and buy the branded product. Because even though there's a lot of duplication out there on the market, there are so many unique points that this particular padlock may have over the competitors, the ones that are coming in from far away, if you know what I mean.

    So of course, some of the distinct advantages of this, it has its steel core. The idea is, if anybody tries and crushing it, one of the inferior ones will have the ability to burst open and fall apart if you physically crush it. This one here is a stainless steel outer, welded seams, and a steel core to resist that, so it's very important that you make sure that you're considering, if you're liking this particular type of padlock, staying with the inventor of it, Abus. It's quite important.

    Now you can order them keyed-alike as well. You can get them all on the same key, or you can get them all part of master key system. They'll only work in conjunction with themselves because of the type of cylinder it is, but hey. That's not a problem. And always, Abus recommends also to buy it with its shackle and hasp and staple that it's designed to work with, so that's quite important as well.

    Of course, it goes without saying that the key retaining. This particular one that I have, thanks to Abus, they've actually dropped this down for us to have a look at in a little bit more detail. And one of the distinct advantages with this one, if you look at it, you find that there's actually parts that have been cut away. And what they've got, this is basically a demo model of how it actually works. And you can see there, the shackle actually drives all the way around, so it's like a solid ring of hardened steel all the way around inside the actual body there. If I turn it around as well, you can actually see that you're driving all the way around there, as you can see, as you put that there.

    So again, it's a weight. It's solid. It's there. When it comes to security, guys, it might be well worth you seriously considering going with this. Don't go for the imitation. Go for the real thing. It may cost you a quid or two more, but at least you'll know you're buying proper stuff. As I said, it comes with its shackle, this is the actual, sorry, the hasp and staple. This is the hasp and staple that they recommend. This is also hardened and as you can see, it's purely shaped exactly to allow the shackle from the Diskus padlock to go in there nice and tight.

    So there you go, guys. If you're looking for a nice little padlock combo, you're not going to get far wrong by going with this particular range here from Abus. The original manufacturers of the Diskus padlock. And of course, it's available on our website, But listen, if you need a bit more information or you want a bit more advice, by all means, pop over an email to us, use the live chat that we have on our website, you can talk to us during the working hours. Talk to me or any of the guys. We're all pretty knowledgeable on this particular product. Or simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Either way, we'd love to hear from you, and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us here at the Locks Online team ,come in, and we'll catch up with you real soon. Take care. Bye, bye.

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