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Time Clocks

Time Clocks

If you have an electronic locking system on your door and want it only to work between specific times i.e 9-5 or Mon - Fri, then you need a time clock.

Want to set up timed access control?

These access control timers give you the ability to control the periods in wich your access control components are active. So if you want to enable access during working hours but disable access out of hours, this is what you need.
If you would like help or advice with this component, the head of our technical team, Darrel (seen on the right) can help you out.

What is access control? Click here for a complete guide!Email Darrel now for help & advice.

LocksOnline Digital 7-Day Timeclock

LocksOnline Digital 7-Day Timeclock

This compact digital timeclock offers 8 daily triggers (56 weekly), and can be programmed to individual settings per day, or in pre-set and custom d..

Prices From: £33.65 + VAT

Universal 7-Day Time Clock

Universal 7-Day Time Clock

This is a self contained cost effective automatic BST/GMT digital time clock. Digital time clock with built in automatic BST/GMT correction, tradesm..

Prices From: £84.22 + VAT

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