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LocksOnline 1225 Universal Timer Relay

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Asec 1225 Timer Relay 4 selectable time ranges variable time ranges (potentiometer).. Toggle mode operation. Latch or pulse operation. Ideal for controlling lock open times to magnets, electric strikes, etc. Additional Features Timer: Delay time: 0-62 secs or 0-62 mins Trigger Input: AC/DC trigger input (NO/NC)

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Asec 1225 Timer Relay 4 selectable time ranges variable time ranges (potentiometer).. Toggle mode operation. Latch or pulse operation. Ideal for controlling lock open times to magnets, electric strikes, etc.

Additional Features

  • Timer: Delay time: 0-62 secs or 0-62 mins

  • Trigger Input: AC/DC trigger input (NO/NC)

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Depth25mm, 40mm
Relay Rating12/24V AC/DC (dbl pole) = 5A
Time Delay0-62 sec or 0-62 mins
Trigger InputAC/DC trigger input NO/NC
Current Consumption30Ma max @ 12VDC
Supply Voltage12/24V AC/DC
Height66mm, 100mm

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos.

Today we're talking about time relays and we've got in front of us today is the 1225 timer relay. It's a very, very comprehensive timer relay and I'm going to use this video for a couple of minutes and so forth to talk you through some of its unique features and what it is capable of doing. It's a quite comprehensive timer relay and of course it can be used for multiple applications. Because we are an access control company and a lock company, then the timer relay is used in our industry around those particular types of setups.

So, for an example, if you're looking at an access control, and a classic example would be like a magnetic lock that you have on a door, and you've going to push the release button say, behind the counter, or by the side of the door, it's normally the access control system that controls the time from when you press the button to how long the magnet or the lock would stay de-energised or energised for allowing you to gain access through the door.

But in some applications, you might not necessarily need all of the paraphernalia that goes with an access control solution. You may just want to be able to release the door from a remote location and not necessarily bother with an access control solution but more to do with restricting access and allowing people to come in and out. Now if that is the particular case, when you press that button, of course you send power through to the magnet or release the magnet or strike etc. It will only effect during the time that you're pressing that button. So for an example, if you press the button and let go, the lock of the magnet is going to re-energise so you need to be able to press the button and at the same time open the door. And if you've got something in your hands, it kind of becomes all cumbersome.

So, the idea of the timer relay is that it allows you that when you press that button it's actually the timer relay that you trigger and then you can program the timer relay to stay on for say, I don't know, three to five seconds. So now, press the button, the door will release, and it will stay released then for three to five seconds. That's the normal rule for when it comes to access control. Now this particular timer relay can be used obviously for that application but it can be used for loads and loads of different type applications, and one of the diverse features of this particular timer relay is that the manufacturer really sat down and thought about the functionality of it.

So it can work between 12 and 24 volts AC and DC, which is a great plus for us in our access control industry. It also has 5-amp relays. And it also has double sets of relays. So if you can zoom into those back there, I don't know if we can get in that close enough clearly. In the industry you've got the common the normal close and the normally open, and those are the dry sets of contacts that you see there. On the right here then you've got your power, which you connect to permanently. You've got your 12-volt power supply there. and then you have there your AC triggers and your DC triggers to start the timer cycle. It also has a toggle function, which allows you then to use those two reset buttons there to reset it should you want to. So it can stay on, and it can stay off. So it's got a myriad of different permutations. It also has two sets of functions in regards to the time that it can take. For an example, the standard setting is zero to 60 seconds or 62 seconds and then you can alter that then, by using these dip switches.

Or you can have up to zero to 62 minutes, depending on how you want it to be used and what type of access control or any other timer function that you might have. It also comes with some feet. It comes with three plastic feet, which allow you therefore then to sit that on whatever you think you want to or because there's a self adhesive on the back it allows you to fit that into a power supply, circuit board or anything like that so it can all be sitting in nice and tidy.

Personally, I like this product. I think the manufacturers, I'm looking at the printed circuit board here, the build quality from when I used to be in college doing electronic engineering, you can tell that the build quality is there. This isn't something that's been built in the back of a shed, so to speak. It's actually got a little bit of degree of quality and panache about it. So there you go, guys, I hope that gives you a little more information in regards to timer relays and what they're used for and of course this particular timer relay, the 1225 that we have available on our website.

But listen, if you need a bit more information, or you're not 100% sure, or you're looking for a little bit more of advice, by all means use the live chat on our website, get in contact with us. We'd love to hear from you and, to be honest with you, we'd love to see you as a costumer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us here at the sales team I hope this little video has given you a little bit more information in this particular product. But if you need more, like I said, give us a go. Take care, thanks. See you soon. Bye-bye now.

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