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Standard & Rechargeable Batteries

Standard & Rechargeable Batteries

From Duracell Industrial grade batteries to Rechargeable Yuasa Batteries, we've got it covered.  

The Yuasa rechargeable batteries will fit within appropriate size boxed PSU. Only assume a maximum performance of 75% to allow for cell deterioration. Batteries should be replaced every 3 years.

Do you need rechargeable batteries?

If your access control consists of battery-powered devices, you may need to upgrade or renew your batteries after some time. These batteries do last a long time but over a lot of use, rechargeable batteries do lose some charge capacity.
So if you're looking for rechargeable batteries but don't know whether these are suitable for your application, do not hesitate to contact Darrel, our technical expert seen in the photo to the right.

What is access control? Click here for a complete guide!Email Darrel now for help & advice.

Yuasa Rechargeable Batteries

Yuasa Rechargeable Batteries

The Yuasa Batteries will fit within appropriate size boxed 12vDC PSU. N.B - Only assume a maximum performance of 75% to allow for cell deterioration..

Prices From: £17.07 + VAT

Duracell 'Procell' Industrial Grade Batteries

Duracell 'Procell' Industrial Grade Batteries

We supply packs of industrial grade AA (LR6), AAA (LR03), 9v (6LP), C-Cell (LR14) & D-Cell (LR20) Duracell batteries in packs of ten.  ..

Prices From: £6.90 + VAT

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