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CL5010 Audit Trail Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch


The CL5010 Audit trail electronic combination lock has been designed by CodeLock. This model is a part of their heavy duty range that is suitable for installation in interior areas and comes with an audit trail function allowing detailed access control reports and functionality only seen from a professional locking solution such as this. Operation and... Read more »

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CL5010 Audit Trail Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch 60mm - Polished Brass
£348.69 + VAT
(£418.43 inc VAT)
CL5010 Audit Trail Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch 60mm - Brushed Steel
£348.69 + VAT
(£418.43 inc VAT)
CL5010 Audit Trail Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch 70mm - Polished Brass
£348.69 + VAT
(£418.43 inc VAT)
CL5010 Audit Trail Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch 70mm - Brushed Steel
£348.69 + VAT
(£418.43 inc VAT)
Codelocks Intumescent Fire Kit for 30 and 60 minute fire doors
£15.53 + VAT
(£18.64 inc VAT)
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The CL5010 Audit trail electronic combination lock has been designed by CodeLock. This model is a part of their heavy duty range that is suitable for installation in interior areas and comes with an audit trail function allowing detailed access control reports and functionality only seen from a professional locking solution such as this. Operation and use of this model is very simple and effective. Upon valid code entry access is granted from the exterior side. Interior sides allow free access at all times.

Some key features of the CL5010:

Track and control - Manage your access control system, entry and exit can be time and date stamped allowing you to know who accessed the CL5010 and when.
Manage And Program - Codelock management software allows you to customize specific setups such as only allowing entry and particular times or dates.

The CL5010 audit trail electronic tubular mortice latch comes with Codelocks USB stick and software. Some key features of the Audit trail on this model:

  • USB Stick Manage up to 999 individual locks using just this stick and Codelock software.

  • 2000 entries can be recorded and reviewed.

  • 989 user codes that can be recorded and reviewed.

  • 10 One time user codes.

  • Software:

    This software has been designed by Codelock specifically for this series and it allows you to essentially view audit trail information that has been recorded and collected. This data can be exported and saved into excel for later use. While using this software you are also able to do a wide range of administration tasks such as:

  • Change Locks Functions

  • Change Master Code and Sub master Code

  • Add new User codes

  • Manage User codes

  • Record a User name against each code

  • Control access during day/week

  • Manage weekend lockout

  • Suspend or restore user codes

  • Duplicate setting between multiple locks

  • Delete all user settings

  • The CL5010 with audit trail also comes with a tamper time out and low battery warning, giving you plenty of warning when the power is running low. Locking and unlocking is aiding by the built in LED which indicates whether a correct or incorrect code has been entered. This model also has a built in remote release function that can be installed in areas such a reception or offices. The CL5010 Audit trail comes tested to Grade 2 ANSI - A156.2 / A156.25. UK Fire kits are also available for 30minute or 60 minute doors. This model is fitted with two alarm release terminals as standard:

    : This allows the Codelock to be opened from a remote location such as reception.
    REM2: This links to an existing alarm system and allows free access for 30 minutes in the event of an emergency.

    Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


    Main photo of CL5010 Audit Trail Electronic Tubular Mortice Latch

    Max Door Width35mm - 65mm
    Power4 x AA cells
    Battery Life200,000 Operations

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    Hi, guys. My name's Darrel, and I'm head of the tech team at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos. Today we're talking about the Codelock 5000, but a new version of the Codelock 5000. We've done a video review of the older 5000 many, many, many months ago, but this new one now has gotten audit trail, which is really, really fantastic. So let's give it a little bit of an insight as to why an audit trail would be great idea.

    If you're in a security type of application where you need to know who is coming into the property via the code that you give them, then this bad boy here will actually record the information, and time and date stamp it. And so, therefore, you can review that fact via a USB stick on a laptop. So that's really, really great information. It's something that I personally have been shouting about in regards to access control solutions which are totally battery orientated, and that have the ability to see when somebody comes in.

    So Codelock have taken on board not only my view, probably an industry idea, and tried to implement it into this particular type of Codelock 5000. Now one of the standard features, which is basic standard features that you have with this particular type of lock, is that you have the ability to use a push-to-release button behind the counter.

    So let's say, for an example, you have a reception. Somebody comes up to the door, the receptionist can have on under the counter a push-to-release button that will allow them to release the lock remotely from a distance. So that's a real benefit that this particular type of lock has. It also has the fire interface as well, so if the lock is on a means of escape or route to a means to escape, etc., when the fire alarm goes off you could interface this particular type of lock with the fire alarm to release it, and it becomes free access mode so people can get out quickly, easily, and effectively. And that's what you really want in a fire application.

    Again, Codelock are pure innovators in regards to these particular types of styles and activities that you'll find with their product. They really think about the customer and they think about the application. And, of course, it's a testament here in the 5000, one of the big boys in regards to the range.

    So, on the back of this particular type of lock, we've actually taken off the cover that holds the batteries, etc. Normally you have a cover on the back here and down in the bottom there, I don't know if you can zoom in enough there for us, Lee, but you'll see that it's a USB portal. And that allows you to send data to this combination lock and retrieve data from it as well.

    Later on we'll have a look at the software, and but basically that's where you would actually program the actual lock from. Now one of the advantages when you program from a USB stick is that let's say, for example, you decided to have 20 or 30 of these in a hospital or in a college, etc., then you have now the advantage of going around with your USB stick. It's all programmed via the computer, so you put, "James' got this code, Dave's got that code, Anna has got this code, etc." When is Dave allowed in, when is Anna allowed in? Anna is not allowed in on weekends and she can't come in after 5 o'clock, etc." You would program all of that onto the software, upload it on to the USB stick, and then casually walk around and download it to all of the combination locks that you have around your establishment.

    So really, really have made a forefront in regards to changing codes. The old-fashioned way would be that you'd be entering codes into every single one. So, again, this really comes up trumps when you've got loads of different types of combination or doors with combination locks on them.

    So there you go, the code as it stands in this moment in time, we'll quickly go through it. As we've said, it can have up to 999 codes which is absolutely fantastic. And, oh I've got a code here. On a simple operation, you've got a mechanical key override here which is quite straightforward, but if I was to put in 1266, that indicates blue, that allows me to open the door. It's as simple as that.

    That's also now logged me as a user on the audit trail that I used at this time, and then you can review that information back by the audit trail when you decide to download it. Again, it's non-handed, so this hand can go the opposite way. So, again, it doesn't matter what handing your door is, you can change the handing on the actual lock itself.

    So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to shoot off for a couple of seconds, I'm going to come back into the video with the software, and you can actually have a look now. We try and go through that here on the bench to give you some sort of idea as to what you would expect to see in regards to the other side of this fantastic lock.

    So catch you in a short while.

    Hi guys, and welcome back to the Codelock 5000 audit trail review we have on our website. What we're going to do now is we got the computer by the side of us here, and we've got the software open. We've got the USB stick inside the laptop. And come on have a look at the audit trail, and see what you think in regards to giving you the information and the knowledge that you need to know as to when and who has been in.

    So here we go, so if I was to look at this now, all right, you can actually see here is an audit trail of when people are coming in. I'm sure that you can zoom in close enough there to see that I came in there, there I am there on their dial, on Tuesday, 10:17, there's my code, and which user's ID, etc., and whether I used the correct code. Of course, if somebody tries punching the wrong code, it actually audit trails that as well. And if somebody updated the data, every single transaction that has occurred on this particular type of lock gets recorded on the audit trail, which is really, really great.

    When you've come to programming users, if I was to click on the user ID settings up here, as you can see here, you can add up to, like I've said before, 999 users, which is a significant amount. And after you zoom over and have a look over here, you can actually set up as to which days and what time of the days, etc., that you want that particular person to come in. I mean, it may be that after 5 o'clock at night in an office, you may say, "Well, nobody's allowed in, only the manager." In which case then you would actually switch everybody off.

    It gives you all of that information. You can then, copy all of these settings. The idea, the easiest way to do it is set up all the users on code number one and then when you've got other combination locks in the building, is you copy those settings and you say like, "He's not allowed, or she's not allowed to be in this particular type of door." It could be to a laboratory or it could be to a storeroom, etc. Well maybe, Dave, doesn't necessarily needs to go in there. In which case, then, you would take him out of that particular type of lock. Go in there with your USB stick, stick it in the back of the lock, download the data. It really is as simple as that.

    So this gives you an insight as to the software that you're going to have. Of course, you don't necessarily need to run the program on the computer, all steps within this USB stick, which is given free as part of the actual lock itself. So, you know again, Codelock being innovative. They want to be able to around and say, "This product is exactly what you need and we don't want to charge for individual bits on top of everything else like some other companies do."

    So there you go guys, if you're looking for a combination lock that's a Codelock 5000 with audit trail, then you need to be seriously considering Codelock as a serious investment in regards to your security and your integrity, and having the ability to see who's been in and when and where.

    Well, listen, if you need a little bit more information on this particular product or any range of Codelock range that we have on our website, pop us over an email, use the live chat that's on our website. It's totally free. You can talk to me or any of the guys in the tech team. We're all pretty knowledgeable on this particular product. Or, by all means, simply pop us over an email.

    Either way, we'd love to hear from you. And, more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us here at the team, take care, and we'll catch you real soon. Bye-bye.

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