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Combination Code Locks

Combination Code Locks

Combination locks come in different forms, with both digital and mechanical operation available depending on your requirements and of course your personal preferences.  

The benefit of using combination locks on your doors over an electronic access control system is the overall simplicity.  If all you require is to enter a code to gain access rather than using a key, then an access control system would be overkill and may be considered uneconomical for this purpose.  Whereas with a combination code lock they work independently on the door to directly operate a latch or lock without any separate systems or components required. 

Digital code locks will require batteries to operate.  This can sometimes be off-putting and steers more people towards mechanical combination locks, but there are distinct benefits to battery operated code locks.  The most useful features mentioned by users which are only offered by digital combination locks includes audible beeps, backlit buttons, smartphone connectivity, and easy code changes.  Of course these features are not all present on every digital combination lock, but they are amongst the most sought-after features which are available on many.

Mechanical combination locks do not require any power or batteries, as they operate mechanically using wafers in a combination chamber behind the keypad, so as you press buttons, the wafers are moved in the combination chamber, and when only the correct wafers have been pressed into place by the push buttons, the chamber will allow the integrated handle or knob to operate the latch / lock in the door.  While mechanical combination locks do not demand much routine in terms of changing batteries etc, changing codes does usually involve opening up the combination chamber to set a new code.

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Combination Door Locks are commonplace in access control now, whether it's a mechanical or electronic combination lock, as the ability to control access via a code makes things very easy. Access codes can be changed as & when you need to, making their security very durable.
If you need help locating the right combination lock for your building, speak to our technical specialist Darrel!

What is access control? Click here for a complete guide!Email Darrel now for help & advice.

Mechanical Combination Locks

Mechanical Combination Locks

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Battery Combination Locks

Battery Combination Locks

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Locker Combination Lock

Locker Combination Lock

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