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The Yale Keyless Digital Door lock is a revolution in the world of door entry because it can be retrofitted to any wooden door that has an exisiting rim nightlatch lock. Simply enter your 4 digit pin code onto the attractive, backlit keypad, an audible signal is heard if the code is correct. Simply turn the knob to enter.This model of keyless digital... Read more »

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The Yale Keyless Digital Door lock is a revolution in the world of door entry because it can be retrofitted to any wooden door that has an exisiting rim nightlatch lock.

Simply enter your 4 digit pin code onto the attractive, backlit keypad, an audible signal is heard if the code is correct. Simply turn the knob to enter.

This model of keyless digital lock, Manufactured by Yale, a company that has been in the security industry since 1868, they have locking solutions installed in over 125 countries. (Now Owned by Assa Abbloy).

This model allows you to access your front or back doors using a touch screen pin entry, that is mounted onto the outside frame of the door. The screen is a touch model and has no mechanical buttons, leaving no trace of your secure pin. The Yale Keyless digital lock is most suitable for timber doors, if you would like to retro fit and have a 60mm Yale night latch, you will require a very minimal installation. The code lengths available are 6-12 digits, giving a wide variable amount of choice, these can be changed quickly and easily at any time. For added security there are 3 types of codes that can be used with the Yale Keyless Digital lock, these are:

House Code (The code you give to family members)

Guest Code (A Guest code for close friends that can be changed without having to change your family code)

Fake Code (In cases where you think someone might see you pin entry, you can enter for example 123456, where your actual code is 3456).

Overall this digital lock has a very low power consumption and states you can have up to 10,000 uses with 4x AA batteries, although Yale recommend they should be changed at least every 12 months. In the event that you do not replace the batteries a low battery warning is supplied. They have also provided a 9v battery connection on the underside of the keypad to allow entry even if you do forget to change the batteries. All codes remain even in the event of power failure. The Yale Keyless digital lock is weather resistant and has a IP 5,5 rating, meaning it has been tested against water and dirt particles, under strict testing conditions.

* Fake pin code
* User Codes And Setting remain if Batteries are replaced
* Emergency Battery Connection
* Low Power Consumption & Low Battery Warning
* Outdoor weather resistant keypad

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


Main photo of Yale Keyless Digital Lock

Hi guys. My name's Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline.co.uk. And today we have in front of us the new Yale keypad that's designed to work on mortise night latches.

It's a fabulous product. Let's get it out. We've got one here on a demo stand as you can see here. I like this demo stand. It's quite nice actually, lovely piece of wood.

But the idea is, is to actually display what it is. On the outside here, this is the actual keypad. I'll go in a little bit more detail a little bit later. What I want to do is turn it around to see what you have on the inside which is more important.

What we have here is, as standard, we've got this particular night latch. Now I wanted to explain a little bit more about night latches because they have – there is two critical measurements that are available on night latches. And the measurement that's important is what we call in the industry, the backset. That's from the faceplate here which you would know as standard. That's where the latch and so forth is to the centre of the handle here. Now there's two industry standards for those. There's the standard size and a narrow style. The standard size is 60 millimetres and the narrow style is 40 millimetres so it's a little bit less.

Now if you already have this particular type of latch here on your door, a Yale type night latch on your door and you're thinking that 'Oh, I wouldn't mind upgrading to one of these', then if you've got a 60 mil one, then to fit this is quite straightforward. The hole in the door is in exactly the right place for you to do so. The standard features that you have with these particular night latches is pretty universal. You can hold the latch back if I was to just pop that up a second. There you go. That's now held the latch back, again standard with Yale. Drop that down and the latch comes back. If you push it back up again, it dead locks the door. So, it's all pretty standard stuff.

The one thing that's unique about this particular lock is that at the top here, you'll have what they call the battery compartment. They've actually decided to fit the batteries on the inside of the door. So if you wanted to get at the battery compartment, you just basically press your handle down with your fingers like that and you can pull the cover off. It's really that simple. It's really, really unique. There's your batteries, sits in there. The manufacturers claim that this will work up to 10,000 operations per charge. They also say, in the manual as well, that you may need to consider changing the batteries or they recommend changing the batteries every 12 months.

One distinct advantage though, I'll go and have a look at that again. I'll just put the cover back on there for a second. One distinct advantage with this is that we all say, 'Oh yeah, we'll change the batteries.' and we never do. It will indicate on the front if the batteries are getting low. You say, 'Oh, I'll do that tomorrow.' and then you forget about it and then one thing or another and then you'd end up not changing them.

What Yale have thought about doing and if I was to pull this up here like that, I don't know if you can zoom in there for us but right at the bottom here, you've got two little nodules. Those little nodules there are designed to accept a PP3 or a 9-volt battery so in the event that you didn't get round to changing the batteries and you were locked out, you need to pop down to the local supermarket, get yourself a battery, stick it on there and that will power up the keypad, enough for you to put your number in and in you go. It's a little bit of a fail-safe system there. So fair dos to Yale for thinking about that.

So as I'm at the front of it now, let's have a look at how it works. I mean, it is pretty straightforward. It's nice. To get it to come live, all you do is use your hand and you tap the screen like that and there's your numbers there. I've programmed into here 1 2 3 4 so if I go 1 2 3 4 and then press the star, that's operated that latch and there you go. I don't know if you can see that there. I'm actually changing the latch there. Then after a small period of time you get a bleep again and now it's now locked again.

So that time of the door being opened is actually programmable. You can actually programme that. You can also, if you heard when I was tapping the numbers in, it was bleeping and so forth. You might not necessarily want that bleep and you want to keep it silent. Again, that's a programmable feature as well. Now it has, it has up to two codes. It has what they call a visitor code and a family code. You can programme in codes as and when you need to do so. There's great diversity there.

It also has this feature where you can use what they call a fake code which is quite amazing. If you think that somebody is watching you punching in your number, you can if you wanted to, select a range of numbers before or after your number of up to, well you can programme up your codes up here up to 12 digits which is phenomenal. But let's say for an example, your number is 1234. What you can actually do is type in 56781234 and people think then that your code is 56781234 when it's actually not. It's only 1234. So it has the ability to fake your number if you think that somebody is watching you do that.

It also, obviously this is all waterproof. It's designed to be on an external application. I can see loads of uses and advantages in regard to using this. What I'm going to do is show you basically how simple it actually is to change the code. What you do is you open it like that, you take that off there like that. Inside there is a little programming button. I don't know if you can see that there for us.

What I'll do is I'll press that button there now and the keypad has gone live. I type in my new number 12345 and then I press the hash. Then I go back and press that there and you hear all these bleeps going on. And that's confirmed now that the code now is no longer 1234 but it's actually 12345. Switch the keypad on, 12345 star key and there you go guys. That's it. The code is changed. It is so simple. Fair dos to Yale. It really is simple.

Now we're selling them on LocksOnline. I do have one here that's in the box. This is the actual lock here. This is how it's supplied in the box here. If I take it out and put that to one side, we'll put that over there somewhere, you can see you've got all the locking combinations and so forth. Here's the typical Yale sort of setup that you would be familiar with if you're thinking of changing this. There's the actual cylinder there. That's the type of cylinder. That's what you'll see on the back of a Yale type rim cylinder. So it's designed to mirror that, exactly like that.

You've got the, there's the compartment there that you would fit there with all the electronics in and with the batteries. Of course then inside here then is also a lock. These are available on LocksOnline. I've got to take my hat off to Yale on this particular product. I think they've done themselves really proud. I can see that there's a load of multiple choices and multiple uses for this, especially if you're finding having keys and so forth, if you've got young children and they keep losing keys. What can I say? This is absolutely ideal.

If you've got a commercial property that you want to have quick access to or you want to . . . you've got a toilet or whatever that you want to have access to or a meeting room or whatever that you want to have access to, then this really is a good product for that. I'm also kind of liking as well to holiday homes. If you've got a holiday home and so forth, instead of hiding the key underneath the mat which is quite common these days, at least now you can turn around and say to people, 'Well here's the code to get in.' Of course you can change the code and it's so easy as I've demonstrated here today.

So yeah. These are available on LocksOnline's website. We're selling them now. We're selling them by the bucket load. If you're thinking that this is really the job for you, hey guys come and buy off us. We'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

But in the meantime, if you need any more advice or you want some more information about it, you can either pick up the phone or pop us an e-mail. We've got a Live-Chat system on our website. We'd really love to hear from you.

So from me, Darrel Walters, many thanks for taking the time to listen to me droll on about this particular product. I hope it's given you a little more information from what a picture and a description will give and hopefully convince you to come along and buy it from us.

But in the meantime, hey, have a good one and chat real soon. Bye-bye.

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