Codelock KL1500 Kit locker lock


The KL1500 Kit locker lock has been designed by Codelock to provide an access control system to sectors such as hospitality. The aim of the system is to remove the need for keys and at the same time provide a unique and interesting way to improve security for the owner and customers. This model reduces the need for administration time used on dealing... Read more »

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Codelock KL1500 Kit locker lock
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The KL1500 Kit locker lock has been designed by Codelock to provide an access control system to sectors such as hospitality. The aim of the system is to remove the need for keys and at the same time provide a unique and interesting way to improve security for the owner and customers.
This model reduces the need for administration time used on dealing with keys and mechanical locking systems that is commonly wasted due to repeat problems such as losing of keys or cards. The KL1500 comes with all of the features seen in the KL1000 and KL1200 series with additional features only found with this model.

Installation of the KL1500 has been made easy with its simple and quick installation which can be retro fitted onto older models using an 8mm square spindle. The KL1500 Kit locker lock comes with a "Real Time" clock that allows the user to programme set times for automatically opening the lock. It also boasts other features such as double entry which is suitable for areas such as hospitals or areas with sensitive information.

The KL1500 Kit locker lock is a stylish and contemporary locking solution that can perform a wide number of operations before power replacements are required.

The KL1500 has 4 different types of codes:

  • 8 Digit Master Code

  • 8 Digit Sub-Master Code

  • 4 Digit User Code

  • 6 Digit Technician Code

  • Private Function:
    This code setup is useful for areas such as school lockers or gym lockers where the same code will be used in succession for longer periods of time.
    Public Function:
    This code setup is excellent for hospitality sectors as it uses a single user code. Guests enter a personal 4 digit code which locks the Kitlock. Upon entering the code again it unlocks. This code can then be erased ready for the next user.

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    Door thickness25mm
    IP RatingIP54 Rated

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    Hi guys. My name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos, and today we have in front of us quite an exciting new product from Codelock. It's their 1500 range of KitLocks as they call them. They're designed to work predominately on lockers but any sort of cabinet or box or medical cabinet, and I think this one is slightly geared towards that, and I'll give you a few reason as to why, but obviously it's not exhausted in that respect.

    One of the distinctive advantages of this particular type of combination lock is it allows in its locker function for you to use the code. So it's an absolutely great little bit of innovative technology in respect to that and it's so simple to use. Let me show you how it is to be used. Here at this moment in time it's open like that. No problem at all. You can imagine this sitting on your locker or cabinet and if I wanted to put my gym equipment into this or my swimming equipment into it, I wanted to lock it up, it's simple. All I got to do is enter my code into it twice, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4. I have now locked that my code. It's as simple as that.

    Now if I comeback and after I've been for a swim or I got a good workout in the gym, etc., I come back and enter my code 1, 2, 3, 4, and that unlocks it. How easy is that? When it's actually in the lock function if I go back and put it into lock function 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, what you will see just here is the little red LED will start flashing. If you can imagine a bank with all of these lockers with these particular locks on them, then you'll know which one is being used and obviously the one that isn't flashing obviously you can use yourself.

    Let me come out of that a second, but I'll tell you what, before I do come out of that, there is also a technician function in respect to this particular type of lock. Let's say for example you've come in and which locker was mine, I can't remember the number, you call the technician, and he can use a one-time code that will allow you to gain access into the locker but it doesn't actually delete the person's code. In this particular case its set up as six fives, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and that allows me to open the locker.

    "Is this your equipment? Yes or no." Yes, it is, great. If it isn't, no, you can lock it back and of course, when the other user comes in, they can enter their code 1, 2, 3, 4 and therefore then that allows them back in. So it's really good in regards to its functionality in that respect. Again, Codelock has a variation on this. It's that you can actually put it, you can change the keyboard around to actually put it on a horizontal application if you wanted to if the locker really doesn't lend itself to be in a fitting of a vertical application.

    They also do an Any [SP] button version as well so if you have an Any button system which is more used in America but is starting to get really popular in the UK for the Any button version. Now this is good for over 50,000 operation on its battery but let's just assume that the battery is starting to run out, then great, no problem. It will actually start alerting you by flashing the blue, and the red LED to say listen guys I only got 100 operation left, you need to be considering changing my batteries.

    Now let's assume worst case scenario is the batteries do fail, then you can use a PP3 or a 9 volt battery and connect them to those tune up there and use the master code will allow in, so it's really great in that respect. It also has a true timer built in so you can actually program that this particular lock goes in free access after midnight in which case then it could be that cleaners can arrive and clean all of the cub-bards and cabinet, etc., and they can then go in and make sure everything is cleaned depending on the application.

    Now one of the other distinctive advantages with this is for the medical industry. You know how important it is to make sure drugs are kept safe. What they done here as well is they've given it two code functions, so in other word the lock won't work unless the two codes are used so you can have a Metra [SP] or another nurse etc. they need to have those two codes from those two individual nurses before they can actually operate the locks, so that's a distinctive advantage there for the medical industry. If you have drugs or anything like that then theirs two nurses can make sure that you can use the code an open up the cabinet or etc.

    Now it comes in different size back sets. In other words these particular spindle can come as part of the kit. It comes in different lengths and therefore can be designed for any particular type of thickness from about 1, 2 mm, all the way up to the door being at least an inch thick, so that's really good and really thoughtful in the respect. In some application and again in maybe a medical application where you want to have a sound lock facility. In other words when the door closes it locks every single time. You don't have to physically turn it to lock.

    You can as an addition, have the sound lock which is design to sit in the back of the actual lock and therefore then every time you close the door, it slams locked into position. This can be handed left or right depending on your particular time of application.

    There you go, guys. There's a lot of thought, and a lot of design and development has gone into this particular product, which is indicative in Codelock in general. They are pure innovators when it comes to combination lock security applications and of course a British company as well, so that's a really good thumbs up for us.

    Listen, if you need a bit more information or you want a bit more advice, by all means, pop over an email, use the live chat that we have on our website or pick up the phone and give us a call. Either way, we'd love to hear from you. More importantly, we love to see you as a customer. Come and say hi sometimes, take care. Bye-bye now.

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