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AES MultiCom Classic GSM Door Entry System for up to 250 flats

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Now with the ability to have optional proximity card access as well as keypad and/or call-in access, the MultiCom CLASSIC door entry system allows you to use your mobile phone and/or landline as part of an intercom system to open the main building door to a block of up to 250 flats! And with 3 phone numbers programmable per appartment, for up to 250 ... Read more »

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MultiCom Classic GSM Entry System with Keypad
£960.55 + VAT
£864.60 + VAT
(£1,037.52 inc VAT)
MultiCom Classic GSM Entry System with Keypad & Prox
£1,013.34 + VAT
£912.00 + VAT
(£1,094.40 inc VAT)

Now with the ability to have optional proximity card access as well as keypad and/or call-in access, the MultiCom CLASSIC door entry system allows you to use your mobile phone and/or landline as part of an intercom system to open the main building door to a block of up to 250 flats! And with 3 phone numbers programmable per appartment, for up to 250  apartments, the MultiCom system can hold 750 different call combinations!

To compliment the high-end functionality of these systems, they have been built to last. Finished with a stylish fully stainless steel body, for its weatherproof build (IP55 rated), these look great and will survive the elements well with suitable maintenance

The MultiCom Classic system functions when a visitor taps in the apartment number into the key-pad. This then calls a mobile or landline num-ber to the flat or apartment, allowing the tenant to lock and unlock the door using the * and # button from their telephone device.
If the tenant is unavailable, the MultiCom Classic system bounces to another phone after a predetermined time-out (this can be shortened from the default to avoid reaching voicemail), then a further phone number, allowing a total of 3 tenants per flat / apartment to pick up the call.

With 3 phones for 250 apartments, the MultiCom system can hold 750 different call combinations. Programmable by a Smartphone App, SMS Text Messages, PC USB Link or on-screen keypad, the system also has a directory system, incase the visitor is unsure of the flat or apartment number via sim card. This is activated with a scroll option using the buttons to scroll up / down.

The keypad offers PIN-entry access, one per flat (250), plus 50 guest codes, plus 20 additional time-restricted codes for delivery timeslots or maintenance teams, as well as 20 temp-codes which will expire after a specified time.  This makes for a very well-rounded keypad with extremely impressive functionality!

The built-in proximity card reader on the PROX model can have up to three cards per flat programmed - that's a whopping 750 cards!  In addition to this, you can register another 50 guest cards, as well as 20 time-restricted and temporary access cards, just like the codes on the keypad.  Again, this is a fantastically diverse proximity system making for a phenomenally well-suited entry system for large buildings.

With regards to the call-in feature, this works by phoning the front door's own phone number that is registered to the SIM card, and if your phone number is registered in the SIM card's whitelist, then it will trigger the relay to unlock the door.  You can register up to 50 constant numbers into the whitelist, as well as up to 20 temporary expiring numbers.

Please note: the videos we have done are on the original MultiCom system which this Classic model has superceded!  Whilst functionality is much the same, the features written on this page may differ from that in the old videos!

Key Features

- Uses GSM Network to Avoid Restrictive Wireless Range
- Up to 250 Apartments / Flats
- Can Register 3 Phone Numbers Per Flat
- Directory System
- Proximity Card Entry
- Keypad Entry
- Direct Call Entry
- Customised Welcome Screen
- Blue LED Backlight
- Stainless Steel Build
- Weatherproof
- Rain hood



Main photo of AES MultiCom Classic GSM Door Entry System for up to 250 flats

AES MultiCom Classic GSM Door Entry System for up to 250 flats

FinishBlack & Stainless Steel
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Door Open TimeAdjustable (1-9999 seconds)
ProgrammingKeypad, SMS or PC Software
Weather Resistant1
Current Consumption100mA (Standby), 350A (In Use)
Supply Voltage12-15v DC (Adaptor Included)
IP RatingIP55

Hi guys, my name is Darrel, and I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a quick look at one of our product review videos. Now, we're putting these short little videos together to give you, our customers, the opportunity to see the products that we have to offer in, hopefully, a little bit more detail, or in the flesh so to speak.

So today I want to show you a brand new product that we have on our website. It's an intercom system with a bit of a twist. Because it actually uses the mobile network in which to be able to talk to the flats, etc. Now this product here, manufactured by a company called called AES, is an absolutely fantastic product when you're looking at multiple flats. So if you've got an apartment say, up to 500 -- yeah, I know, 500 different apartments -- then this particular call station here is going to be able to achieve the result that you're looking for.

So basically, what you can do with this is it comes with software, and it comes with a programming manual as well, and what that allows you to do is to be able to program into there individual telephone numbers per apartment. So for an example, if you've got, say, number one apartment, you can have up to three numbers which can be programmed into that one individual apartment.

So for an example, the first number could be the actual flat telephone number. The second could be your mobile, and the third could be your husband or your wife's mobile. So therefore, it doesn't matter if you're actually at site. You can actually answer the front door to the apartment, and therefore then allow somebody in if you wish to do so, even if you're down at the shops, or in the sports gym, or down on the beach, etc. You can actually let somebody in through the front door. So that's the real whiz with this particular type of technology.

Now it does use the mobile phone network, so there is the ability on a system this size that you probably have some sort of contract on a mobile SIM card, or you could have a pay-as-you-go. Of course even though it can use up to 500 apartments, you can only have up to 10 or 15 or 20 or 30 or 40 apartments, you don't necessarily have to use all 500.

Also a few other key features as well with this particular type of system is you can if you so wish be able to use the keypad on the front here to allow you to be able to come to the door and with a predetermined code allow you to punch in, and that will also release the door. So, for example, the postman could come up there and he would just be able to punch in an access code and allow himself in to be able to deliver the post to the individual flats. So there's a really good bonus in that respect also.

Also one of the other features as well it has, it has the ability to be able to scroll through the actual people. So you can program into this, say, Mr. & Mrs. Jones flat 1, Mr. & Mrs. Phillips flat 2, Dave in flat 3, and so forth. And you will then, if you're not sure on where Mr. & Mrs. Jones actually lives, in which flat, you can actually scroll through this functionality in this, to be able to see which actual one that you want to call. But if you know the actual flat number, then it's quite simple. You just punch in that number and therefore then it will start ringing. So what we've actually done is we've set up my phone here. We've actually set up say, flat 15, to be able to phone my mobile. So therefore then, let's try and set that up so we can actually see that actually working.

So you're dialing 1-5 and press the actual bell. And as you can see now, it's saying "calling." Now we're using the O2 now, and that is actually the O2 network now making the call out to the mobile phone. So here's the mobile phone here, and as you can see, we've set it up there for the front door. Now allow that to ring through. I can actually answer the call there so we can clear it, and then I can take that off there because it's obvious then I will be able to talk to the door.

Now from the keybad pad there on your phone, you can then be able to press the star key, and that will actually then release the door from afar. From wherever you are on your phone. Now a couple of other features as well that you have available, it does come with a mobile app that we've got set up on here, and remotely as you're coming up to the door, if you press the trigger gates there, it will actually send a call through to the actual device. But because you're in the whitelist, it recognizes your caller ID, and that allows you then to trigger it, and then this particular device will hold the call. So it doesn't actually cost you anything to be able to phone it. So as you're coming up to the gate or coming up to the door, you can just phone it as you're going in, and therefore allow yourself in. Of course you can program other users into that as well if you so wish. That's well worth knowing about.

Now as part of the install package, you get standard with it, you get the aerial. We've actually set it all up here as you can see. So this is the actual aerial and it's all around about two meters in cable that will allow you then to be able to mount that somewhere in a strategic location, out of the way, so therefore then people can actually...well it can pick up the mobile network. And it comes as standard with its power supply as well that allows you then to connect to the mains. Of course, one of the distinct advantages with this sytem is there are no cables. The only cables you need is power to the device, and obviously then, power to the actual strike-release from this particular device. And that is it. You don't need any more cables. So there's no wiring around the whole flats. You can have a 500-apartment flat and you don't need a cable anywhere. So, a real, real, big plus in that respect.

So this is one of the products that we have from the AES range. We've got quite a vivid range of different products also on our website. So even if you don't necessarily have the ability to want to have something this size, then we have the single call buttons, standard up to 10-button systems as well available on our website. If you need a bit more information on this, or any of the products, boom just pop us over an email. And use the live chat that we have, or simply pick up the phone and give us a call.

But before I go, what I will do is we'll actually open it up to allow you to have a look inside, and therefore then see what's going on inside. So if I was to push that open there like that, what you can actually see here now, is you can see here we've got the SIM card in here that allows you to be able to program all the mobile networks and so forth in there. Here's the aerial connection here. You also have the USB connections in here as well that allows you then to use a laptop and you can then program this device. So therefore then you don't have to sit there punching it all in via the keypad or sending text messages. You can actually use the software on a laptop and be able to program it all up. And also you have here then is your set of normally open contacts there to allow you to access your strike-release and so forth.

And then in reality, that's basically what it looks like inside. In regards to construction, as you can see here, it's a solid stainless steel set up here so it's obviously designed to cope with the most of the harsh weathers of the UK and Ireland can have to offer in that respect. And of course then, also, you have a key then that locks the actual unit off here to be able to therefore then only people have access to the key, and allow you to the inside.

So there you go guys. Well worth considering, if you're looking that you need to upgrade, or you're looking at a new system for a block of flats, consider this one. Like I said, if you need a bit more information, pop us over an email. Use the live chat, or simply do it the old-fashioned way, pick up the phone and give us a call. Love to hear from you, love to see you as a customer. So from me Darrel, and all of us at the team, thanks for taking the time to tune in! Catch you real soon. Bye bye now.

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