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AES Prime GSM Wireless Door Intercom & Door Opener for Up To 10 Flats

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  • Brand: AES Global
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These GSM-based wireless door entry systems combine the security and convenience of an audio intercom system and door controller, allowing you to both interact with visitors and open the door either for the visitor or for yourself, all via your phone - whether it's your landline or your mobile, or both! These can be set to call three different phone... Read more »

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One-Way GSM Intercom / Door Controller for 1 Flat
£460.72 + VAT
£414.65 + VAT
(£497.58 inc VAT)
Two-Way GSM Intercom / Door Controller for 2 Flats
£645.91 + VAT
£581.31 + VAT
(£697.57 inc VAT)
Four-Way GSM Intercom / Door Controller for 4 Flats
£673.18 + VAT
£605.85 + VAT
(£727.02 inc VAT)
Six-Way GSM Intercom / Door Controller for 6 Flats
£700.47 + VAT
£630.42 + VAT
(£756.50 inc VAT)
Eight-Way GSM Intercom / Door Controller for 8 Flats
£728.90 + VAT
£656.01 + VAT
(£787.21 inc VAT)
Ten-Way GSM Intercom / Door Controller for 10 Flats
£756.18 + VAT
£680.57 + VAT
(£816.68 inc VAT)

These GSM-based wireless door entry systems combine the security and convenience of an audio intercom system and door controller, allowing you to both interact with visitors and open the door either for the visitor or for yourself, all via your phone - whether it's your landline or your mobile, or both!
These can be set to call three different phone numbers in series, so if you're not home, it can phone your mobile after trying your landline, or perhaps another resident's mobile who may be in the property if you don't have a landline.

The great thing about using the a GSM wireless intercom system is that because it uses the mobile network, there's no limit on the range of wireless reach on this intercom system. You could be anywhere in the world and still interact with your intercom system - so say goodbye to pesky 50m wireless ranges - the GSM intercom breaks down all these barriers!
What's more, you can even control the door via text message, smartphone app, or a free phonecall direct to the door, which detects if your phone number is on the 'whitelist' to allow the door to unlock - so no need the mess around with keys!

Feature List

- Three finish options (on single-button model only)
- Suitable for up to 10 flats
- Uses the GSM mobile network for unlimited range wireless communication
- Can call up to three phone numbers per flat (landline or mobile) in sequence if call is unanswered
- Programmable to stop ringing after x seconds to avoid reaching answerphone
- Allows up to 100 registered users to open the door via a quick phonecall to the unit
- Can be programmed via SMS text message
- Mobile app for iPhone and Android devices available - Allows for controlling the door (open, close, hold-open), monitoring the door status, checking signal strength, and viewing the list of stored numbers allowed to open the door via phonecall.
... and much much more!

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.




Main photo of AES Prime GSM Wireless Door Intercom & Door Opener for Up To 10 Flats

AES Prime GSM Wireless Door Intercom & Door Opener for Up To 10 Flats

AES Prime GSM Wireless Door Intercom & Door Opener for Up To 10 Flats

Guarantee2 Years
MaterialStainless Steel
Weather Resistant1
Supply Voltage12v-15v DC (adaptor included)
Outside OperationCall Buttons
IP RatingIP55 Weather-Proof
Number of Ways1, 2, 4, 6, 8

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. And thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a quick look at one of our product review videos. Now, we've put these short little videos together to be able to give you, our customers, the opportunity to see the products that we have to offer in, hopefully, a little bit more detail or in the flesh, so to speak.

Today, I want to show you a range of intercom systems that we now have launched on our website. The manufacturers are a company called AES. They've been around now for right around ten years and they're a Northern Ireland company, so it's great to be able to support a British company here on LocksOnline.

The particular benefit of this particular type of intercom system is that it uses the mobile network. So to be honest with you, once you've actually fitted this here by your door or by your gate or by a block of flats, et cetera, you don't necessarily have to put any wires to the actual flats themselves. There's no need for any handsets or anything like that, so therefore then fit in this, get some power to it, connect it up to a strike release, and to be honest with you guys, you're done. It's as simple as that.

So one of the distinct advantages with this is it uses the mobile network. So what you do is you get a pay-as-you-go SIM or a contract SIM card, you pop it into the back, and effectively then it becomes a mobile phone in its own right.

Now, as you can see here, we do have one button, but this particular range can actually extend up to ten buttons. So if you've got a block of flats with up to ten apartments in it, no problem at all. You can just punch whatever button represents whichever flat and you would be able to then phone a mobile phone or phone the land line or anything that you want to do inside this actual system itself.

So you see on here as well, this particular model has a keypad on the bottom there and you can get them without keypads, it's entirely up to you, but we will demo the one here that has a keypad, so therefore you can come up to the door and you can punch in a code to allow you in.

Now, I do have a screwdriver here and so forth and what I'm going to actually do is I'm going to open up the unit, so actually show then, if you think, "This is absolutely ideal. This is what I'm looking for, how easy is it to be able and install it?" and so forth. And a bit later on in the video as well we're actually going to power it up and we're going to actually get it then to ring our mobile phone.

Another distinctive advantage with this particular unit as well, there's also a mobile app that's available that can actually work as well on the iOS and the Android platforms, so that's really great. And what it allows you to do via the mobile app is it allows you to be able to release the door. You can release it via momentary or you can either switch it so it's either open or closed depending on the application. You can also monitor as to which numbers are programmed into it and you can also monitor other skillsets as well, skills within the actual unit as well, for example, signal strength and so forth.

Now, the way it basically works is that once you've programmed it up it will program up to three numbers into the system. So pressing the button there it will ring number one, call, that could be a home number, you might be out, so then therefore then the second number, could actually be then maybe your mobile, and then finally a third number could be your friend or so forth or it could be another number somewhere else.

You can also program it so therefore when it rings it doesn't actually ring long enough to be able to pick up an answering machine message and therefore then there would effectively be no charge unless you actually answered the call. Once you've actually received the call from the station, you then say, "All right. Hi, Jim. It's Darrel" or Dave or whoever is there. Then by all means by pressing star or the hash key will allow you then to be able to release the door and let the person in. So that's really, really great in that respect.

So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to get this particular unit. I'm going to open it up with a screwdriver here, and actually show you how easy it is to wire and what is actually going on inside the unit itself. So as you can see here, the construction and so forth is all stainless steel. It's all designed to be extremely weather resistant and so forth. There's a row of LEDs along the sides here, on both sides as well. The manufacturer decided to actually put some prettiness to this particular call station as well. So therefore then at night when that's actually mounted on to the wall there you get a beautiful blue glow from either side of the actual intercom system and it really accentuates quality and finesse in that respect. So thumbs up for the manufacturers in respect to that.

So if we start from the top and work our way down, you will see here, use the pushbutton here, but of course if you've got more pushbuttons depending on how many stations or how many flats you've got, then obviously there will be a range of this. This is just the single one. Then you have the output here which is to the antenna. The antenna comes with it as standard. There's the antenna there. It's only about two and half metres worth of lead, so you may be able to get some extension units if you need to. Then you have a SIM. This is where the actual SIM card for your mobile phone is actually connected into there. And then across here then you have your power and then you have your outputs here with which to be able to release the door or open a gate or whatever you decided you want to do.

You also have the ability to monitor the gate or the door as well via a contact, so therefore then it can actually tell you whether or not the door is in the closed or the open position. And you have the ability there as well to be able to put a push release on this particular system as well. It's fantastically feature-rich, this particular device is.

Here then is the standard keypad here. You've got power at the bottom. I don't know if you can zoom in there far enough. It's probably the cover is hiding it a bit. And then you've got two sets of relay output there as well. So, again, masses of diversity with regards to flexibility. So that's the actual unit itself. It measures roughly around about a foot in its length there. If I were to put that on there like that you can see then it's about 300 millimetres long, so that's the actual overall length there.

The actual fixings on the back here as well. You can see here there's fixings here. There's a bit of adjusting so you can move it slightly to the side if you're slightly 'squiff' on your actual screw holes. And then you've got fixings there and there obviously is your cable entry there.

Now, also as well they come with these security screws here, so nobody can go just and undo these and try and circumvent inside. You've got the security screws here, so you need to have a special screwdriver bit to be able to open that up. While I have it here as well, we also have the app on this particular mobile device, so if I was to have a look at this here now, if I was to pop that on. So there you go. So you can see here that you can open and close and you can trigger the gates et cetera and you have other functionality on this particular device. This will obviously run on the Samsung, but it's also available as well on the iOS operating system. So really, really good.

So what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to shoot off now and we're going to power this back up and we're going to actually program in some numbers into it, et cetera, and then we actually show you guys how easy it is to be able to work this particular type of GSM system. Absolutely fantastic product. Loving it already. So do give me a second or two and we'll be back in a moment. Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome back to our product review of the AES GSM door intercom system. We've taken a couple of minutes out now and we've managed to get some power to the actual intercom and we've managed to get it all connected up and programmed into our phone, so we can actually show you actually how it works.

But before we do that we're going to show you some features now that we have it powered up. As you can see here, we have this beautiful blue glow around the pushbutton there. So for the aesthetics of this particular system, it absolutely does look a treat in respects to that. And as I mentioned before, on the side here now also you can see that we have these beautiful blue LEDs there. It glows then at night. It emanates a nice blue hue around the actual intercom itself.

Now, we've just managed to get some power to this. We haven't connected it up to any doors et cetera, but we just wanted to be able to show you now from inside here exactly what is actually going on. So we connected up an aerial. Here's the aerial here. It's just sitting here, so the signal strength isn't the greatest. It would normally be open up in the free open space somewhere and you can see that there are some little LEDs here underneath here now. The red actually indicates that there's power that the actual unit is on. Underneath that is a green LED and that LED indicates whether or not it has a signal and it should be flashing something, like 10 or 15 seconds to say it has a signal, et cetera. And then you've got a flashing yellow light which is to indicate to you that the actual printed circuit board here and the computer or the chips and all in there is actually working correctly. So that's what you would see from the inside.

I'm more or less concentrating on the GSM side of this and not necessarily the keypad, but the keypad is just basically, you'd be able to program that and so forth. So there's a lot of functionality in that respect which would be in the documentation and the PDF that's on the site. So that's now powered that all up, so that's absolutely great. So if I close that back up there like that and pop that on to there like that and just prop it up there a little bit like that. There you go.

So now we're in a position, I have a phone here and so if I was to actually go ahead now and press the button here like that it will start going through its sequence there. So now it's actually starting the ringing of the actual phone and in a couple of rings now we'll start to see it coming up here. And as you can see, we've programmed this up to show it's been the front door. Now, I'll answer it. We may get some feedback because it's so close to each other. As you can hear now, we're getting some feedback, but it is actually talking to each other. So you'll be able to now speak to the person at the door.

Now, if I was to operate here then, I can then actually by pressing the star key, you might hear this click if I be quiet. Okay, so that there then actually operated a set of dry-contact relays inside which would obviously then be used to be able to control a set of doors or whatever you want, a gate or a front door, et cetera. So I'll just press that again. The microphone may pick it up. Okay, so that's the actual relay then hitting and triggering the device. So by all means, finished with them, speaking to the person, take the call off, and now it goes back into its default mode.

Another few benefits I want to mention to you as well is that this actually acts as what we call in the industry a GSM switch as well. I may have not mentioned it to you before. So you as the user could actually program into this particular unit anybody's mobile device with which to actually operate it. So, for example, if you were saying to, I don't know, let's say a cleaner, and the cleaner wants to be able to come in and clean the communal part of a house or the flats, et cetera, if you plan on fitting it into a set of flats. By that you can program into what they call its whitelist that telephone number. So when the cleaner comes up to the door, they don't have to call anybody. They won't need a key. All they would need to do is to be able to phone the door and the front door unit would recognize their number, hang the call up, and then release the door and allow the people in. So that can actually store up to a 100 numbers on that, so absolutely fantastic.

If you can imagine perhaps a marina entrance where you've got loads of users of the marina, you can actually program their numbers and be able to release the gate to a marina, for example, and somebody who is just a visitor may want to phone the operator to say, "Can I come in?" So it has a whole list of different permutations and options. And of course then you have the mobile app that comes with this particular system as well. I'm really serious impressed with this. When it comes to flexibility and the ease of being able to install such a system like this, there's no cabling involved other than the mains and so forth, but no running cables throughout the building. I mean it's just a major bonus in respects to trying to fit a system into say an already block of flats that's been built.

Again, if you look at the manufacturer's manual here, I mean it's all done out in nice text and layouts, et cetera, on how to program the unit and so forth. They've really taken a lot of time to be able to explain to you step-by-step how it is all programmed, et cetera. Here's another example here of having this information here telling you all the strengths and weaknesses of the actual signal strength here, for example, and what to look for. Absolutely A-one.

So if you're looking for an intercom system, if you're thinking that you don't want to bother with some wires, you want to have it up to 10 apartments, guys, consider this. There are variables. As I've mentioned before, you can have it with or without a keypad, et cetera. There's also a prox system as well, so if you wanted to present cards or fobs then they also do a range of those. Absolutely first class biscuit.

So if you need to know more information about it, if there's something I haven't mentioned and you need to know a bit more, boom, just pop us over a call, use the live chat that we have, or simply do it the old-fashioned way and pop us over an email or pick up the phone and give us a call. We'd love to hear from you and, more importantly, we'd love to see you as one of our customers. So for me, Darrel, and all of us at the team, thanks for taking the time to tune in. Catch you real soon I hope. Take care. Bye, bye.

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