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Videx 8K1 Series Audio 1 Way Coded Door Entry Kit

  • From Only: £366.10 £329.49 + VAT
  • Brand: VIDEX
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Videx 8K1 audio kit allows one apartment to control one main door also has a coded entry. If required the occupant can then release the door/gate by pressing the release button on the telephone handset.Kit Comprises Of: Videx 836M/1 Speaker Panel Videx VX800-2L Keypad Panel Videx 881 Surface Box Videx 321 12V AC Transformer Videx 3011A Handset Operation: When... Read more »

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Videx 8K1 Series Audio 1 Way Coded Door Entry Kit
£366.10 + VAT
£329.49 + VAT
(£395.39 inc VAT)

Videx 8K1 audio kit allows one apartment to control one main door also has a coded entry. If required the occupant can then release the door/gate by pressing the release button on the telephone handset.

Kit Comprises Of:

  • Videx 836M/1 Speaker Panel

  • Videx VX800-2L Keypad Panel

  • Videx 881 Surface Box

  • Videx 321 12V AC Transformer

  • Videx 3011A Handset


When a caller presses the call button this will produce an electronic call tone at the
telephone handset. When answered, the caller and occupant can have a two way
conversation. If required the occupant can then release the door/gate by pressing the
release button on the telephone handset. The door can also be opened upon entry of the correct code.

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Main photo of Videx 8K1 Series Audio 1 Way Coded Door Entry Kit

FinishStainless Steel
Access Width140
Access Depth62
Weather Resistant1
Lock Relay5 amp
Number Of Codes2
Outside OperationSingle button / digital keypad
Inside OperationSpeech & integral release
Programming instructions?/fitting_instructions/Videx800N.pdf
Access Height289
Number Of Cores4 Core
Number of Ways1
Wiring instructions?/files/pdf/DK1.pdf
Lock Voltage Supply12V AC

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Hi guys. My name's Darrel, and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos.

Today we're talking about Videx, a dual intercom company manufacturing dual intercoms and access control solutions. Videx as a company have been around as long as I've been in the industry, in excess of 13-odd years. And to be honest with you, one thing you always find with Videx is quality. Yes, it's not the cheapest intercom. We can accept that. But in any sort of industry, you want to install systems, like we do locally, systems that we know that when we install them, we can walk away from them and we're not going back because this doesn't work or that doesn't work, etc.

So, we'd love to sell something. Yes, it's not the cheapest, I will say that, but at least you're going to get something you know that is going to keep working and you're going to get fantastic tech support from the manufacturer, Videx. So, we love Videx. We want to promote Videx because we believe that it's a sustainable solution for an access control solution.

So this is the 3K1, this is the dual intercom system that has also has a keypad built in. So the idea is that if you come up to the door and you have right to access which means that you have a key or sorry a code, then you can punch in that code and you can allow yourself in. But somebody who hasn't, like on a gate or something like that, they can then call for assistance via the intercom and then the person on the other side can actually release the gate or the door to allow somebody in.

So, this is the actual call station itself. It's in two parts, so I'll just hold it up there like that. So what we've got here in effect is we've got the little call-in indicator here where you can have your name: Mr. Jones or whatever the company name is, etc. there. We have got the call button there that allows you then to call and speak to somebody at reception or something like that, press the speaker then speaking back to you.

And then we've got here nice little lighting underneath there that illuminates this keypad here. These are little indicator lights to say whether you've got the right code in, etc. These indicator lights also allow you to program the system as well while you're in programming mode.

But if you're thinking of actually installing this, what we're going to try and do is take this cover off and see how easy it actually is for you guys to install it. So if I pull that out of there like that, on the back of this now, you will see here, you've basically got two systems. This is the system up here, which is your intercom system. This is keypad part down here. We have wiring instructions that will come up on the screen here in a second and allow you then to see the wiring configurations, etc. They are technically treated as two individual systems.

So the keypad, even though it's part of the same unit, you wire it as if this is the keypad like an ordinary keypad. This is the actual intercom like you would a normal intercom. You've got microphone, speech, and audio there, that allow you to make it louder or quieter depending on your application.

When it comes to actually fitting this, you would have this plate here and of course it comes with fixing screws here. And all the different forms of indicators, etc. And this is what you actually fit onto the screen. It's got some knockouts there, there's one up there, there's actually one on the bottom as well, depending on if you're coming up with a piece of conduit, etc. And they do this, they can also get a fresh kit for this as well guys. You don't necessarily need for it to be surface on the surface like this. They can get in a fresh system if you want to.

So you would fix that, you would knock these out, or you'd drill yourself a hole, put a grommet in it, bring the cables in, fix your tube. So this then would sit there in its sleeve, no problem at all. That's the two parts that you would actually see then by the gate or by the front door.

Now, what's powering all of this is this transformer. And it's designed also that you can actually put a small magnet on it. It's got enough power on here to feed a small magnet or a strike release depending on your particular type of application. So it's well worth you being aware on that. It also comes with some various discs that are designed to stop back-EMF from your locking solutions if you find that you might need to use those.

And this is the handset that would see then on the inside. And of course you can have up to four handsets on these systems if you want to. But this is the standard handset that comes with the kit. So that's what it looks like there and of course that is the push to release button there sitting on the side.

When it comes to wiring up these systems. What I'm going to do is hold that up there now for you. And hopefully, Lee can actually zoom in there and have a quick look at that. By all means, pause the video screen if you want, the video. And that will give you a little bit more information in regards to, if you're thinking about wiring or you need a little bit more information, you can have a look at that.

I think you should get it all there by now. Yeah, we're alright there. So that gives you a little bit more thought if you're going to wire it, etc. By all means have a look at that and you can then turn and say, alright, say I understand how that works.

If I was wiring this, when I was on the tunes, the way that we would wire it is we do everything from a transformer. So you would run a cable from here to this particular box. And then everything then from this box then goes out, goes out from here to the strike release and goes out from here up to the phone, etc. And then to the other phone, what we would normally do, is you can either daisy chain that or you can star configure it if you want, depending on how you want to wire it.

Now, we can also get bigger solutions here. You may want more than one call button. We can have up to many apartments, etc. And if you're thinking, well that's exactly what I want but I want half a dozen call stations or something like that, Boom, just give us a call, and we can put a quote together for you. So that will be great.

And one thing Videx is saying as well, is that when you're actually fitting these units as well, they're recommending here as part of the instructions as well to use a little bit of sealant around to ensure that you don't get water or moisture into the back end of the box so it gets inside, etc., so it's well worth you being aware of that.

Now, as I've said before, Videx, I like Videx. We've been installing it locally here for over 15 years. And so, we as a company, as an installing company locally, we can recommend this product if you're thinking of fitting it yourself.

Listen if you need a bit more information or you want a bit more advice, by all means, use our live chat that we have on our website. Give us a call or pop us over an email. Either way, we'd love to hear from you and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer.

So, from me, Darrel, and all of us at the tech team, may I say thanks for taking the time to watch this video and we'll catch up with you real soon. Take care now. Bye-bye.

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