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PIN & Prox Door Access Kit with Maglock

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Looking at putting access control on your doors using electromagnetic locks?  This could be just the solution for you!  Utilising a monitored slimline maglock to secure the door, controlled by the substantial vandal-resistant 2-in-1 keypad & prox reader, this kit contains all the devices needed for a single-door access solution, including... Read more »

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PIN & Prox Door Access Kit - Maglock Version
£189.00 + VAT
(£226.80 inc VAT)
Optional Extras
Standalone VR Pin & Prox Reader Rain Shield
£16.99 + VAT
(£20.39 inc VAT)
Cards and Fobs Options
Standalone VR Pin & Prox Reader User Cards (Pack of 10)
£7.50 + VAT
(£9.00 inc VAT)
Standalone VR Pin & Prox Reader User Key Tags (Pack of 10)
£15.00 + VAT
(£18.00 inc VAT)
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NP 7.0 Ah Rechargeable Battery
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Looking at putting access control on your doors using electromagnetic locks?  This could be just the solution for you! 

Utilising a monitored slimline maglock to secure the door, controlled by the substantial vandal-resistant 2-in-1 keypad & prox reader, this kit contains all the devices needed for a single-door access solution, including a push-to-exit button and emergency callpoint unit, and of course a professional boxed power supply unit to power the system. 

So if you're looking to put maglocks on doors, and want to allow access via a keypad and/or prox reader (which allows you to just present a card or fob just like you do when making contactless payments in the shops), then this kit should be considered.  Below you will find all the necessary information about the components included in the kit, including technical data you might need to make a decision on whether the kit is right for you.

The Keypad & Prox Reader

LocksOnline DG500 KeypadThis device can handle up to 500 users, offering the ability to gain access using codes, cards, or fobs.  You can also opt to offer dual-authentication for higher security, assigning both a PIN and a card or fob to a user, so that they can only gain access if they provide both their PIN code and a valid card/fob. 

With backlit keys offering audible feedback, and LED indicators on the face of the unit, usage is made nice and easy for end-users, and to top it all off the manufacturers have ensured it's made with a robust vandal-resistant housing fitted with an anti-tamper switch for added peace of mind.  

5 user cards are supplied with the unit to get you started, and we of course offer additional packs of cards at great prices to go with them. 

Downloads:   Full programming guide | Quick programming guide

The Electromagnetic Lock

LocksOnline EM02 Monitored Slimline Maglock With Armature PlateThe maglock supplied is a slimline type maglock, designed to be able to fit into restricted overhead spaces above doors, for maximum compatibility with a wide range of doorsets from traditional wooden doors and frames, to aluminium door sets on shop-fronts and similar. 

The lock offers monitored outputs, allowing you to wire back to a monitoring device or door status indicator (such as an LED indicator or similar), to alert you to the current state of the maglock (ie, is it locked or unlocked).  This can be of great benefit to businesses and other settings where lock monitoring is important.  You will also notice there's an LED indicator on the side of the maglock, which can also be used as a direct visual indicator of the lock's current status. 

Note the maglock is also supplied with the necessary Z&L brackets for mounting the maglock and armature plate to the door and surround.

The Power Supply Unit

LocksOnline Paxbox Power SupplyYou might think this is just a typical boxed power supply unit, but you'd be wrong!  It's not often you can get excited about the features of a power supply unit but in this case it does offer some fantastic features that may prove very useful in many applications.  

Not only does this power supply deliver up to 5amps of regulated and controlled 12v DC supply with surge-protection, but it also offers the ability to house up to two backup batteries to keep your access control operational during power outages. 

In addition to all of this, these unique boxed power supplies are also deliberately designed to have the space to house a Paxton NET2 controller which means if you use NET2 systems (or similar systems with a similar physical design to the control board), you can house the controller inside the power supply for a professional and clean install. 

The Push-To-Exit Button

LocksOnline SPB004S Stainless Green Dome Exit Button MainIt's a green dome type exit button, which are recognised as being one of the most user-friendly forms of exit button, allowing for easy use by those with disabilities and also allows for unconventional operation, such as a nudge with your hip or elbow when you have your hands full carrying boxes or similar.  This is why you see this style of exit button in so many settings. 

Another advantage with this particular green dome exit button is that it's been designed with a ball joint, allowing for correct operation from various angles.  This can be critical for some users who may not be able to make a firm and direct press in a controlled way.   Instead, with this button you can apply pressure from a wide range of angles and still successfully trigger the microswitch sitting beneath. 

The Emergency Callpoint

LocksOnline CP22 CallpointWe are all familiar with the principle of an emergency callpoint.  You might also know them as a 'break glass' unit but this is just a common term that has been adopted by many, and in this particular case it would be inaccurate. 

Instead of using glass which has to be replaced after every activation, the callpoint supplied in this kit is a resettable one.   Where you'd normally expect the glass to be, there is instead a rigid plastic screen which can be pushed in to disengage an internal microswitch.  This then cuts the power to the maglocks as you'd expect from one with a break-glass panel.  The difference is, that you can come along with your reset key after and reset the plastic screen back to its normal state, reactivating the system and resetting the callpoint allowing it to be used again in the event of an emergency.   This can be repeated, but of course you'd hope not to have that many emergencies!  


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