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Sentry SEN-R 1 channel french rolling code transmitter, red & black casing

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Sentry SEN-R 1 channel french rolling code transmitter, red & black casing Dip switch channel changing.Transmitter Rolling Code. Read Range : 100m direct line of sight. Controller Required : SEN-R-R1.

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Sentry SEN-R-T1 Transmitter 1 channel.
£29.10 + VAT
£26.18 + VAT
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Sentry SEN-R 1 channel french rolling code transmitter, red & black casing Dip switch channel changing.

Transmitter Rolling Code.
Read Range : 100m direct line of sight.
Controller Required : SEN-R-R1.

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Main photo of Sentry SEN-R 1 channel french rolling code transmitter, red & black casing

Code TypeFixed dip switch selected
No. Channels1
Read Range100m direct line of sight
Controller RequiredSEN-RXI
BatteriesGP23 (12V)

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Hi guys, my name Darrel. And I'm head of the tech team here at And today we have in front of us is the SEN R1 Transmitter. Now the idea of these transmitters is if you've got a transmission, you've got a receiver. And the idea is that you can press the button on the transmitter, and that will change a set of contacts in the receiver, and those contacts then control anything. They control your lights, they can control the door, they control a lock, they control a magnetic lock. Mostly because we're predominantly lock online everything that we're talking about is access control, but it can be for a whole multitude of different options and permutations.

This is the actual thought controller here. The receiver that goes with this is available also on our website. Now it uses this thing call it rolling code, and what that means is that every time it transmits a signal through to the transceiver or to the receiver, sorry, it actually changes some of the program and parameters. So that if anybody try to eaves drop onto the code to try and circumvent it, it's actually sending signals backwards and forwards to each other. And is what they call it a rolling code, so it's always changing, and therefore then it's a lot more secured than it being a static code. So that's the principle behind it.

This is the single button version, there are other versions where there's multiple buttons. And the idea is you basically press the button, and you can see then the green, sorry, the red light comes on there, and that's telling the user that it's actually transmitting a signal there. Can you see that? Yeah, fine. So I want to open it up for you so that you can have a look inside. Now as you can see there guys, we've got the battery there, and that's the battery that obviously charges it, and keeps it going. But across, you've got a row of dip switches here, okay? And those dip switches are the dip switches that you'd then change to be the same as what is in the receiver.

So if you switch one on, and two off, and three on, and five off, and so forth, then you would want to do exactly that in the reviver, and therefore then you're pairing up this to the receiver. So there you go, there's not really much to actually say about this particular product other than it has a multiple amount of permutations and options, and what it can be used for. Like you say, we're selling because of access control applications, you can press the button and unlock the door or you can press the button, and open up a garage door. It can do a multitude of different types of things. This is the actual single button.

So there you go guys. If there's more information that you need to know or you need to get some more specs on this or on the receiver, etcetera. Look, pop us over an email, or use our live chat on our website. Either way we'd love to here from you, and more importantly we'd love to see you as a customer that would be really good for us. So from me Darrel, and all of us here at the LocksOnline team, many thanks for taking the time to watch this short little video. Take care now, thank you, bye-bye.

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