Asec A21/A25 Electric Strike Release

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Asec A21/A25 Low duty Electric Strike Release. Electric Strike Release voltage is 12vDC continuously rated and has an adjustable jaw.

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A21 12vAC F/L Release
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A21DC 12vDC F/L Release
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A25 12vDC F/U Release
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Asec A21/A25 Low duty Electric Strike Release. Electric Strike Release voltage is 12vDC continuously rated and has an adjustable jaw.

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Adjustable JawYes
Faceplate Height160mm
Faceplate Width25mm
Jaw Height42mm
Jaw Width13mm to 17mm
Jaw Depth6mm
Body Depth28mm
Padlock Body Height105mm
Current Consumption12VAC (0.65A) 12VDC (0.16A)
Supply Voltage12V AC/DC
Holding Force295kg / 650lbs
Access OperationFail Locked/Fail Unlocked

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Hey, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos. Today we're looking at strike releases and, more importantly, we have the strike release that is in front of us here. It's manufactured by a company called Asec.

It's quite a very popular a strike release as strike releases go because one of the distinct advantages that this particular strike release has is that it has an adjustable jaw. Now, in the industry if I've undone those screws, I can actually move that out there. In the industry, when you're fitting a strike release, to be able to have this jaw that can be adjusted by one or two mils on either side can pay dividends when you're try to line up the lock or the latch to the actual strike release.

Sometimes when you're fitting one of these you're only going to be out by a little bit and you'll find that this can jam up or the latch won't work correctly. So having an adjustable jaw is certainly well with paying that extra few bobs more and getting the ability to adjust the jaw. As the door swells in the winter compared to the summer, then you can, if you want to, adjust that jaw to suit the seasonal changes that you find happen to most locks and most doors. So a real distinct advantage to that application.

Now to go to a little bit more detail with this, what the versions are available is it's either available in an AC or DC. And it's also available in the failed locked or failed unlocked scenario. Now they only do a failed unlocked DC version not an AC version, for your information. Have a look there at what options are available. Let me talk to you a little bit more about whether or not and what's the difference between failed locked and failed unlocked. Technically, if you looking at putting this on an access control door, the chances are you want it to be failed locked. So in other words, if power was to fail to the actual strike release or to the access control system, then your security isn't compromised.

But there are some applications where you need a failed unlock version. For an example, if it's part of an escape route, you may want it to be that if the power were to fail then the door would be an open access. So in other words, people in an event of an emergency can get through the door. So you need to think about whether or not that is suitable for your application.

If you're thinking of changing the strike release that you have and you're thinking to yourself, "Oh, is it AC or DC" one of the easiest ways to tell is that if you press the button and it goes [buzzing noise], the chances are it is AC. If it just clicks, goes [clicking sound] then you know then the chances are it's DC. That's a really easy way to tell. Obviously take is out have a look at it. It might have stamped on it AC or DC. So that's a real bonus in that respect.

So what I'll do is I'll get some more measurements. Obviously this is a morticed version. It's designed to be morticed in to the door as opposed to sitting on the door. But I'll get more measurements for you now. So the fore end length overall is 160mm there, as you can see. The fore end width is 25mm, as you can see there. The depth, in other words, the depth from the leading all the way to the back of the lock is 30mm, as you can see there. Okay. And the depth there is about there, just a smidge around about the 20mm, as you can see.

The fixings, or the terminals, sit underneath there, as you can see. Okay. So if you wanted to get to the terminals, they're sitting there underneath, no problem at all. The actual lock position there, I'll get the depth of that jaw for you. The depth of a jaw is 6mm. That's how you measure the depth of the jaw there, as you can see. And as standard, I'm going to try, if I can measure, what the difference is in regards to if it's 16mm there, we can adjust that there if I pop that one out. It's now 19mm. So you've got good 3 to 4mm bit of movement there. As you can see, I don't know if you can zoom in there, but you can see that the base is ridged. So it actually sits in grooves so you can move it in little increment steps there.

So there you go, guys. That is the Asec, the A21, the A25 strike release. It's available on our website. But if you need a little bit more information or you want a bit more technical advice, by all means give us a call. Use the live chat on our website. That's totally free .You can speak to me or any of the guys. We are all pretty knowledgeable on this particular range of products. Ultimately, if you need a bit more info just come and pop over and have a chat with us. More importantly, we would love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us here at LocksOnline, take care and catch up with you real soon. Bye-bye now.

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