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1001 Mini Series Electro Magnetic Lock (maglock) Single (Holding Force 250kg / 550lbs)

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The 1001 Mini Mag - Great Value :-   .....This great little mini series mag lock is one of the popular choices for passive access control solutions, because of its small size it is easy to fit and not that obtrusive when mounted on a door. Even though small in size it still packs a mighty punch when it comes to holding power at a whopping 250Kg... Read more »

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Asec Mini Series Electro Magnetic Lock Single
£76.14 + VAT
£41.87 + VAT
(£50.24 inc VAT)
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The 1001 Mini Mag - Great Value :-   .....

This great little mini series mag lock is one of the popular choices for passive access control solutions, because of its small size it is easy to fit and not that obtrusive when mounted on a door. Even though small in size it still packs a mighty punch when it comes to holding power at a whopping 250Kg of holding force. Satin Anodised finish is quite popular when it comes to magnetic locks and this is not dissimilar in the category. 

The Magnetic Door Lock has a complete array of accessories to complete any door installation.  Where the door hinges in or out, there is a range of brackets to suite the application. Pulling less that half an amp means there is plenty of scope out of a 1 amp power supply to feed the magnetic door lock and, say, a keypad or small prox system. packing another punch this Slimline Magnetic Door lock is light on the pocket as well :-) 

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Main photo of 1001 Mini Series Electro Magnetic Lock (maglock) Single (Holding Force 250kg / 550lbs)

1001 Mini Series Electro Magnetic Lock (maglock) Single (Holding Force 250kg / 550lbs)

1001 Mini Series Electro Magnetic Lock (maglock) Single (Holding Force 250kg / 550lbs)

1001 Mini Series Electro Magnetic Lock (maglock) Single (Holding Force 250kg / 550lbs)

Armature Depth13mm
Armature Height38mm
Armature Length185mm
Magnet Depth25mm
Magnet Height42mm
Magnet Length250mm
Access Length250
Access Depth25
Current Consumption12VDC (0.48A) 24VDC (0.24A)
Supply Voltage12/24V DC
Current Consumption 124V DC = 0.24A
Holding Force250kg / 550lbs
Access OperationFail Unlocked
Access Height42
Access Armature185 x 38 x 13

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Hi guys, my name's Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking the time to tune into one of our product review videos, and more importantly the product that we're going to have a look at today is the Asec range of magnetic-, of mag door locks. This is the actual product here, as you can see here.

I wanted to talk a little bit about magnets in general. They're used quite a lot now in access control solutions. Normally they're fitted at the head of the door and one of the reasons why they're used extensively is because they're easy to fit. They, you know, if you've got an access control solution and you want to keep having so forth then to fit this, screw this into the frame at the top and get the magnet working and you've got your door locked.

They do have disadvantages and it needs-, you need to be aware of those disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is it creates a lot of twist in the door because the fixing point is up high. But if that's not a problem for your application then, by all means, carry on fitting these sort of type of mag locks. But it's well worth as a top tip to be aware of that.

Now there are different permutations that these magnetic locks can be fitted with. They can use different types of brackets, and we've got those available on our site. And I've got, I've got a Z nail bracket here with me and I'll just go roughly through on how you would fit a mag lock.

But this is the actual mag lock itself. I've undone the screw there so to give you an opportunity this is the, just the basic range. They do a monitored version as well. The idea of a monitored version is it actually knows whether or not the armature plate is actually against the magnet. So it can change a set of contacts that can turn around to an alarm or an LED or something like that so you know whether or not the door is locked. That's the reason for the monitored version.

But the unmonitored version, which is this one here, is the very basic in this form. So I've undone the screw to allow you guys to have a look inside here to see what fixing points you've got inside here. And there's your fixings there, it, it, well, your terminations. It's simple. It's positive and negative. And this is a twelve volt power mag lock, this one is. So, you, you bring your cables in. There's a fixing here at the top. If this was mounted on the inside of your door etc. like that, up in the frame then you could run your cables down through that hole there, and they would come out in here and then you could make your termination. You put your cover back on, like that, and put your screw in like that and that would be screwed up no problem at all.

Now, it has a fixing plate. This comes as standard. This is the fixing plate that sits at the top there. I don't know if you can actually see it. There's actually a distance between the two. So you can actually fix this plate up, and then there's bolts then that sit in underneath there that would actually bolt this mag lock then to the fixing plate. So, whoops, the fix the-, I'd best take that off I guess. But the fixing is pretty straightforward in that respect.

The armature plate, this is the, this is the plate that you'd normally fit on the door, but it doesn't have to be fitted on the door. Again, it's depending on the Z nail bracket applications. And there are different types of applications in regard to how these are actually fitted onto the door. But a little bit more detail about this.

This little button here that you can see, is actually a, underneath that is a spring that's under a lot of tension. And the idea is, the problem with some certain magnets is that they create residual magnetism. So, if they haven't been unlocked for a long period of time, then residual magnetism builds up inside the cores. At what that little button there is for is that when this magnet drops its power, that physically breaks the seal between the two to reduce the field effect of electromagnetism. I'm not an expert in it, but that's the basic principles of it. And I could be stood corrected if somebody gives a bit more information about that. But that's the idea of that.

It has a fixing point in the centre. And when you actually fit these, on the back here as well, just for your information, is, you've got these two little nodules. And inside the fixing kit that comes with it you have some pins. And the idea is that you want this, when you're fitting it, you want this to float slightly. And it has some rubber bushes as well in the fixing kit there that are part of the installation kit. And the idea is that, because you, if you want it to flex slightly, like that, so that when the magnet comes up, this mag, the magnet needs to magnetise the whole length and that's when you get your maximum strength. If it's stiff, and the door's slightly out or there's an imperfection then you're not going to get full strength. You need this to slightly float when you go to fix it onto the door. So a little top tip there. It comes with installation instructions as standard. It also comes with templates as well in regards to the fixing positions.

This is typically a Z nail bracket application. And it comes, this is sold as a kit and sold as an option extra kit. But the idea is, is that it gives you all different types of permutations in regards to how you can actually fit the magnet. And you know, it, you'd so, depending whether or not the door's inward opening or outward opening, I'm not going to sit here now and try and put them all together, but there's a fixing screw there for an example where you can fit the armature plate like that. And therefore then the magnet can, can be on the door, or you'd fit that on the door and the magnet can be on the frame and therefore, then, the armature plate can sit on there like that and then the door would open like that. There's loads and loads of different types of applications that are available with these different types of Z nail brackets.

So, we do have on our site some links etc., that will actually show the different types of fixings that, you can have when it comes to actually mounting a mag on a door.

So there you go, guys. This is, like you say, this is the, this the Asec version. We do do a whole host of different ones and they all come with different sizes and different specifications.

I'll measure this one for you very quickly just in case you're thinking, 'Oh there's one I need to replace and will it fit?' or something like that. So, the overall length of this particular mag is 250 millimetres from there to there. The height of it is 46 millimetres. And the depth there, guys, is, 25 millimetres. Those fixing centres, for your information, let me just get a quick measurement on that now, yeah, we're not far off, 235, 236, 237 millimetres. So there you go, like you say, 237 millimetres. Get that right now.

So there you go, guys. Many thanks for taking the time to have a look at this product review. I hope I've explained a little bit more about mag locks and how they're fitted, and whether or not this is the particular choice of magnet for you. It's a very, very, very popular product on our website, and they go out by the bucket load. So it's great now that if you're thinking of putting a mag lock on your door or any application like that then this might be the product for you.

But listen, it doesn't really matter if you're not 100% sure because you can e-mail us, we'd love to hear from you. You can use our Live Chat on our website. Great, you can just pop on to our Live and just speak to either me or any of the guys here in the team. Or you can actually just pop us over an e-mail, and we still accept mail these days. That means you can drop us over a letter.

One of the most important things as far as we're concerned is to see you come back time and time again and become a true good customer of ours, and we'll look after you and so forth.

So from me Darrell, and the rest of the team at LocksOnline, many thanks for taking the time, and catch up with you real soon. Take care now. Bye-bye.

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