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Electric Mini Bolt EB501 Fail Unlock

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The Alpro EB501 electric mini bolt allows for remote access and exit control of most timber, metal and UPVC doors. Suitable for sliding or swing, single and double action operations. It can be fitted in the frame or in the door and is also suitable for narrow profile joinery cabinets and showcases.The EB501 electric mini bolt is a stainless steel bolt... Read more »

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Electric Mini Bolt EB501 Fail Unlock
£151.94 + VAT
£136.71 + VAT
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The Alpro EB501 electric mini bolt allows for remote access and exit control of most timber, metal and UPVC doors. Suitable for sliding or swing, single and double action operations. It can be fitted in the frame or in the door and is also suitable for narrow profile joinery cabinets and showcases.

The EB501 electric mini bolt is a stainless steel bolt and strike plate providing secure locking with 12mm diameter and throw and a strike.

Function - Fail open/PTL

Electrical features - 12vDC ?15%. Activating current 700mA. Holding current 100mA.

Continuously rated solenoid and fully protected against transient & reverse polarity

Versatile installation designed to provide concealed high security locking on any single or double action, hinged or sliding door in timber or metal for vertical or horizontal mounting.

Monitoring - door position switch.

Auto relock function - can be set for 0,3,6 or 9 seconds

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Bolt Diameter12mm
Bolt Throw13mm
Current ConsumptionCurrent @ 12vDC 1000mA 700mA,

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Hi guys, my name is Darrel, and I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a quick look at one of our product review videos.

Now we're putting these short little videos together to give you, our customers, the opportunity to see the products that we have to offer in perhaps a little bit more detail, in the flesh so to speak.

So today I want to talk to you about a nice solenoid bolt. It's manufactured by a company call Alpro. It's called a mini bolt. And it's quite small in relationship to some of the size, the bigger bolts that you may see.

And this is the actual bolt here. As you can see, it is quite a totty bolt. The idea is that this would actually situated in the frame. It can either be situated on the side or in the top of the door etc. And when power is applied this bolt here will shoot out and therefore then lock the door.

The actual keep, this is the keep here and this would actually be situated on the actual door itself. And therefore then as the door closes it sits there for a predetermined time, which I'll mention to you in a second, and then after a predetermined time the bolt will throw into here and then stop the door from opening.

Now because of its smallness, it can actually be used on perhaps some forms of cabinets as well. You may have a cabinet door or something similar where you need to be able to have a little bit more access control or some sort of form of security.

So what I'll do is I'll quickly get you some measurements on this. The actual width of the face plate there is 22 millimetres. The overall length of the actual lock there is 150 millimetres there. The actual depth, how far it goes the into the frame is 30 millimetres. So that's how far it would sit into the frame.

The actual part the goes on the door. I mean there is absolutely no reason why this couldn't be on the door saving except you'd have to get cables and power to it, but this particular part here again that there is 22 millimetres there. And then the overall length of that there is about 84 millimetres there.

I'll get you a quick measurement on the fixing centres as well. The fixing centres there are round about 71 millimetres. And very quickly I'll get you the fixing centres on this unit as well. The fixing centres on that there is about 136 millimetres.

So what when you when the actual door is now closed there's a magnet that sits on here and the idea is, when it's closed then this magnet tells the actual bolt that the door is in the frame and therefore then after a predetermined time, you can then the bolt will then throw out and then lock the door.

The, the time setting's inside here. If I slide this off here we'll be able to get into the, into the unit and hopefully you might be able to zoom in there. I don't know if can actually zoom in there. It's quite a bit of information–there's actually a row of dip switches there and by altering those dip switches there, you can set the settings between 3 seconds or 0 seconds all the way up to 9 seconds depending on how those dip switches are set in regards to the delay time.

Whilst I'm in here also, I can actually operate the solenoid bolt. You can see it there, and as I operate the solenoid bolt there you can see that the bolt shooting in and out there as you can see there. Okay, so that's basically how it works.

Now a few little top tips with these: if you're thinking of fitting this onto a door, try not to use it on a fire escape sort of solution. The simple reason is it's a failed safe lock. In other words, when power is not applied, the actual bolt will retract and the door will open. So that's important to know.

But what you may find in some cases as well if I was to slide that back open again for you, if I was to actually operate that. If there's any force against the side of this bolt, if I put my hand against that there, that bolt is going to stay out.

Okay, so it's very important to make sure that if you're fitting this to make sure that it's very loose in its housing. The actual size of the housing is quite loose, so therefore then you've got that degree of play. So it's important to be aware of that.

We do do fire-rated door solenoid bolts for that particular application. Just, just be mindful of that really.

Now it comes also it has a monitor device on here. So it actually can have a set of contacts that would change state when the door's in the closed position, and it's actually in the locked position, so therefore then you'll know that the actual door is physically locked from a monitoring device on an access control system.

It comes with some fixings as well which are designed that if you wanted to fit this onto a profile door now, a new profile door, then these are the type of fixings that you will use in which to fix it onto as well. Now the manufacturer's recommend as well that you use a 2-amp power supply. It requires about 700 milliamps of rush current to be able to get it to trigger, and then it holds at round about the 100 milliamps. But depending on the voltage drop and everything else like that, the manufacturers are recommending a 2-amp power supply.

Also, be conscious as well, it's not a highly marine-graded sort of bolt, so in harsh environments etc., this may not be the bolt that you'd be looking for. If this is enclosed into a door frame, I don't see there being any problem. But if it was in a, in a, in a harsh steel gate environment etc. exposed, then maybe you need to be looking at a different bolt in that application.

The actual bolt projection is 12 millimetres and the actual bolt width is also 12 millimetres.

So there you go, guys. It just allows you to be able to see it in the flesh. I can see it having loads of multiple uses on even smaller doors, small cabinets or something like that as well. If you've got like a jewellery store or something similar and you want to be able to secure doors by using that access control system so you can log as to which operator or which shop assistant has opened which doors at any particular time, then maybe this is type of lock that you'll be looking for. Obviously works on 12 volts DC.

If you need a bit more info on this or any other products that we have, pop us over an email, use the live chat, or simply do it the old fashioned way and pick up the phone and give us a call. Either way, we'd love to hear from you and more importantly, we'd love to see you as one of our customers.

So from me, Darrel, and all of us at the team, take care. We'll catch up with you real soon. Bye-bye.

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