PC Based Access System With Electro Magnets

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Superior over Stand alone systems in a few areas. The PC Based systems allow user tracking, easy user enrollment and deletion, can track door usage and create an audit trail to allow you to see who used what, at what time!

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ACT ACTpro 1500 Single Door IP Controller (First Door Only) - NOW WITH 2A POWER SUPPLY BUILT-IN
£375.48 + VAT
(£450.58 inc VAT)
ACT ACTpro 120e Single Door Station Expansion (Additional Door) - NOW WITH 2A POWER SUPPLY BUILT-IN
£335.79 + VAT
(£402.95 inc VAT)
Card Reader Options
ACT Pro-X 1030 Proximity Reader Slimline
£138.94 + VAT
£104.21 + VAT
(£125.05 inc VAT)
ACT Pro 1050e Proximity Reader with Keypad
£179.52 + VAT
£143.61 + VAT
(£172.33 inc VAT)
Cards and Fobs Options
ACT ACTProx Proximity Card Pack of 10
£32.66 + VAT
(£39.19 inc VAT)
ACT Access Control Pack of 10 proximity keyfobs
£40.81 + VAT
£32.66 + VAT
(£39.19 inc VAT)
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Superior over Stand alone systems in a few areas. The PC Based systems allow user tracking, easy user enrollment and deletion, can track door usage and create an audit trail to allow you to see who used what, at what time!

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Tamper ProtectionYes
Current Consumption250mA, 87mA
Supply Voltage12V DC
Lock MonitoringYes

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Hi guys, my name is Darrel, and I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline.co.uk, and today we're going to have a little bit of a preview about the new ACT Pro. It's the 1500 series Pro Access Control door control systems and so forth. This isn't really to look at each individual product individually, but to give you just a general overview and give you a little bit more thought as to, if you're looking for an access control solution, then maybe the ACT system is good for you.

One of the most, as far as I'm concerned, the innovative things that ACT have done, is they've actually put a web server built actually into the controller. What that means is, there's no software. You don't have to install software on a computer over there, and another piece of software over there, and nothing seems to talk and the database is sitting over somewhere else on a different computer. It's all held within the actual controller itself.

One of the benefits also is that you can just plug yourself a PC in, you can use Internet Explorer, or Firefox, and you would then log in to the actual controller, and you would be able to type away and change codes, add users, you can delete users, you can look at an auditor trail to see who's been in when, et cetera. This is a fully integrated access control system.

Another distinct advantage as well then, if you connect this up to your router, or you've got an intranet system in your business or in your home, et cetera, then great. You can go get any computer, again, open up Internet Explorer, dial in the IP address, and then you can log in and modify and change users and so forth.

It's got holiday times and holiday functions. The list is endless as to what it can do, and if you see on our website, it'll show you exactly what other features and functionalities this system has.

Now, if you're thinking that sounds really exciting, that's just the boy for me, it goes even a stage further. For an example, once you've actually connected it to your intranet or you've connected it to your router, you can then through special opening of ports on your router, you can be able to log in to this remotely from anywhere in the world, and change and add users to suit yourself.

This is a commercially graded system. It can be used in hotels, it can be used in pubs and clubs. It can be used in yacht clubs or cricket clubs or golf clubs, whatever. It doesn't really matter. It has the functionality.

One of the distinct advantages as well is that if you've got a membership or a club membership system, then you can turn around and you can say right, if somebody pays their dues, you can sign them in and say, at this time next year, his card will expire unless he pays his dues again. And if he hasn't paid his dues, simply, he stops being able to gain access. So he would be suing on your door wanting to pay his dues and then get his card reinstated.

So there are a lot of benefits and a lot of plusses to this. One of the most key features is the ability to log on to it and easily control it and you don't need any software.

If you're thinking of installing this, what normally happens is, this would sit on the inside of the door that you wanted to control. It doesn't have to, but that's the idea. And inside here, if I open that up, that's what we've got inside. Now it looks like wow, look at all those terminations, and so forth. But it really is straightforward. For an example, here would be where you would wire in the proximity reader, so that's the connection there. You've got a set of inputs and outputs here, for monitoring and so forth, so that's what those do there. Here are the relays to operate any form of electric lock you may have on the door. And of course you've got functions like anti-pass-back and so forth, which I'm not going to get into detail, but they're all within this system. It has the ability to do it all.

You've got then also, you've got the place here, this has got the power supply all built in, in behind. And you can actually set then, by connect up to here, you can actually set then a battery in behind there as well, just in case you get a power failure, of course, you've got the backup supply. If somebody tried to tamper with it and open it to try and bypass it, you've got a tamper button there. And here, in here, is where you would plug in your network, your TCP/IP network cable can plug straight into there. And if you want to, plug it straight in to your laptop, and then boot up Internet Explorer and you're in programming and you're changing things and so forth.

One of the distinct advantages also with this particular type of system is it has auditor trail, and that's really cool for maybe time and attendance. You might be turning around and saying Well, okay, I want to clock people in on the day time, and then when they leave and they clock themselves out they present their card, and it will register all of that and you can use that then for paying wages and so forth.

It has that functionality as well. It's just amazing, what it can do.

Now, what I've done is I've put one of the readers here. This is the slimline reader. There is a range of readers that are available that ACT do. This is probably the most popular one. And you would screw it here and there's caps to sit over these then, and this would then go through the wall. It comes with a length of cable that runs about 2 metres. This would then wire straight in to here and therefore then you've got your control. You can if, you want to, wire another reader on the inside so you've got a prox to get in and then prox to get out, again, using anti-pass-back features, we can do all of that as well.

Not only that, it uses standard MIFARE cards. These are the type of MIFARE cards that you might be familiar with; these are your blank cards, and of course, you can program them up, and you can print on them if you so wish. You can use them then as ID badges or whatever. So it can use that, it does use MIFARE. If you're thinking of investing in access control, well worth you Googling or going onto Wiki and understanding the flexibility and the diversity of MIFARE, because MIFARE as a card solution, works with a whole myriad of different types of attendance systems like till systems and so forth. It's a very, very generic form of access control technology.

It also has these little ACT fobs as well. Maybe you want to use a fob instead of having a card, and of course that could go on your keyring quite easily. Then as you come up to the reader you just present it, bleep, access, and you're in.

So the idea of us chatting here today is just to give you sort of preview, a bit of an overview of the ACT system. One of its major benefits, as I've said, is it has that web server built in to this. And of course you can extend this up to, I think it's up to about 16 doors. There are bigger systems if you want to go bigger, but this controller, this does roundabout the small-to-medium sized businesses no problem at all.

So there you go. If you need a bit more information, if you think to yourself, that's going to be working for me, I'm liking this idea and it's in budget, and you think to yourself, yeah that's great but I need to ask a few more questions, then by all means pop on the phone, pop me over an email. You can chat with me live on our website during the working day, or just pick up the phone and I grab a cup of tea and I sit down and have a talk with you and explain to you all the other functions and accessories and features that it has as well.

What we'd really love at the end of the day is, if this is what you want to design, we will work with you. We're teaming up with ACT as well, and between us all, we can actually get this installed for you and it'll work for you really, really well.

So from me, Darrel, and all of us here at the LocksOnline team, I really hope that this has given you a little bit more information into the ACT Pro systems, and we hope as well that maybe you might become a customer of ours, and that would be really good also. So from me Darrel and all of us here at the team, thank you. Take care. Bye-bye now. Bye-bye.

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