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Shop Door Lock & Under-Counter Trigger System

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Protect your business

Protect yourself and your business.

As a shop owner, there may be situations where you need to protect yourself and your customers from unwanted visitors.   The threat of robbery or destruction of property is a real worry for shop owners, and we believe every shop owner should be able to protect their livelihood and have peace of mind that they can maintain complete control of who comes and goes through their shop doors. 

This is where our shop door lock solution works perfectly, allowing you to control your shop door from behind the counter.  You may want your door to be locked at all times to only allow entry as and when a customer arrives, or you may prefer to have your doors open throughout the day, with the simple option of conveniently locking the door via the switch under the counter should you notice a potential threat outside.  

Conduct your transactions privately

Privacy and peace of mind.

The shop door lock system allows you to conduct your transactions with privacy and security; and without interruptions.  If you have a client paying in cash, or looking to take a closer look at valuables out of the display cabinets, then locking down the doors provides a safe environment for both you and your customer to do business.  And with the under-the-counter switch you never turn your back or have to abandon your counter to secure the premises. 

No worries

One less thing to worry about.

With this system in place, you and your customers can enjoy peace of mind.  And we know that in business, security and peace of mind are important.  Protecting your business could not be easier. 

What type of shop can use this locking system?

We've designed this system to be a multi-purpose solution, accommodating the vast majority of businesses which require this type of shop security.  We've many customers already using this system, and it is considered universal.  Some of the most popular scenarios this would be useful for would be:

  • Jewellers looking to secure the shop while allowing customers to view jewelry
  • Late-night off-licenses and corner shops who wish to deny entry to suspicious visitors
  • Overnight garages and petrol stations looking to only allow entry to clearly identifiable customers
  • Estate agents who may require privacy to take large cash payments from clients and tenants
  • Pawn shops who may only allow entry on invitation only

What's included in the Shop Door Locking System?

The system we've put together is a general purpose solution that covers the majority of requirements and installations.  When buying this system, you'll get the following:

  • A regulated boxed power supply unit
  • An Installation Wiring Kit, containing 20m of 6-core cable, 2 metres of 3 core flex cable, a 20mm stuffing gland, 60 cable clips and a fused plug-top
  • An Electromagnetic Door Lock, suitable for the majority of door setups
  • The Under-Counter Door Trigger Switch
  • Please note - this is a day-to-day operational security feature, and is not used to replace your existing locks on your doors.  It is for controlling entry into a shop during running hours, and existing locks in your doors should be used when the store is unoccupied.  The system must be powered down when the store is not in use so you can regain entry via your key as normal.

    When purchasing, please ensure you have chosen the correct trigger switch type.  The lock / unlock switch allows you to switch the lock on or off whenever you choose, whereas the lock release switch is a push-switch which allows you to press and hold the switch to allow the customer in, and the door will return to the locked state once you release your finger from the switch.  A mini buzzer is also available as an added option which can be desirable when using the release switch option, if you wish to have an audible signal to the customer at the door that you are buzzing them in.

    If you have specific requirements or feel this system may not be quite right for you, let us know!  We are happy to put together an altered package just for you, it's all part of what we do every day!

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Shop Door Lock Kit - Release Switch
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(£174.44 inc VAT)
Shop Door Lock Kit - On/Off Switch
£161.52 + VAT
£145.37 + VAT
(£174.44 inc VAT)
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Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.

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