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Adams Rite 4036 Screw in Cylinder

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The Adams Rite 4036 Suitable for use with Adams Rite and most other mortice type metal door locks.

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Adams Rite 4036 Screw in Cylinder
£45.89 + VAT
(£55.07 inc VAT)
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The Adams Rite 4036 Suitable for use with Adams Rite and most other mortice type metal door locks.

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Main photo of Adams Rite 4036 Screw in Cylinder

Adams Rite 4036 Screw in Cylinder

ManufacturerAdams Rite
Keys Supplied2
FinishAnodised Aluminium
Cylinder finishSAA
Mechanism5 Pin Cylinder
Rose Diameter35
Face Diameter34
Overall Length29
Body Length26
Body Diameter29

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at And thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product reviews. The product that we have here today is the Adams Rite screw in cylinders. Now to give you a little bit of history about screw in cylinders, you normally find these type of cylinders on aluminum doors like shop front doors or commercially graded doors. And some people find it's quite difficult on how to get these cylinders in and out of the doors because there's a little bit of a technique to that.

So this is the actual cylinder itself here and as you can see the Adams Rite particular type of cylinders got this satin finish here. And you can tell if you lift it up there's a bit of weight to it, it's meaning something. It's also got this satin finish here which is quite indicative of Adams Rite, the satin and the dice aluminum finish. It's quite unique, well not unique but it's kind of a thing in regards to Adams Rite.

This particular type of cylinder, it comes with this cowl and the idea of this cowl is that it sits there as a spacer but it also acts as well to assist to the security of the cylinder because it sits slightly prouder. If you can zoom in there, Lee, because it sits slightly proud. If you would to try and attack this cylinder and you try to wrench it out, etcetera, then this is designed to spin. It's designed to spin so therefore it means that you're going to be spinning on that and not necessarily on the cylinder. So that's the reason for this cowl as well as for packing as well.

Now the thread on this is universal throughout. It doesn't matter whether or not your lock is an Adams Rite or whether or not it's Aviro or whether or not it's a Yale. The thread, the course in this sort of thread, etcetera, is all pretty universal in the market. So an Adams Rite will fit in Aviro and Aviro will fit in Adams Rite and these other manufacturers like Asec and Yale and Union will do a range of screw in cylinders as well. And they will also multi-facet, they all change, etc. but it's always better if you can, if you got Adams Rite on the face plate of a lock then choose an Adams Rite cylinder. It just keeps it all nice and tidy and it's all designed to work with each other.

Now if you're not 100% sure how to get these particular cylinders out, one thing you'll notice on the side and if you can zoom in there but there's a little bit of an indent there. If I put it in a slight angle you'll probably see it a little bit there. There's a slight indent across the side there. There's also one on the other side as well. And when you screw these cylinders in, that's meant to sit horizontal. I've taken the liberty, I brought a particular lock up here. This is a typical lock. I'm not saying it's the lock that you have. It maybe that you have half bolt of shoot bolt that might slide up, etcetera. But how this cylinder actually sits inside the lock is exactly the same.

So if you're to take the face plate off the lock and probably two or three screws holding the face plate on. You will see this oval slit here. And inside over the slit, if I was to hold that on there for you, inside that over slit there you might be able to zoom in there and see some grub screws in behind the back of that. And its those grub screws that sit in that groove that I mentioned to you before. So if I put it on its side in which you might probably see it a little bit better now. If you can have a look in there you can actually see the grub screws projecting out.

So what you would need to do is undo those screws and then with your key put it in halfway and use the key then to turn the cylinder out, that's how we would normally do it. If it's then slacking off the bolts that's holding the lock a little bit, I mean it makes it a bit loose and then they will come out a little easier. If it's rusted or corroded, soak it and then you might have to force them out a little bit more aggressively but that's should be okay to get them out. Once you got it out and you changed the cylinder, put the new one back in, screw the grub screw in and that's it.

One thing you're going to prepare in mind is though is that these grub screws, if you keep on screwing will fall out and they may fall down into the door and then you may end up losing them because they might be sitting in the bottom of the door if they don't fall out from the bottom onto the floor. So be aware of that. So you need to screw out enough so you can start undoing the cylinder and that's as much as you need to do. Just a little bit more of an advice if you want to try and take the cylinder out of the door.

So this is Adams Rite one, I get you some quick measurements for you. The size of the actual barrel there is 29mm, the size of the face plate there is 34.5mm, the backset there or the thickness or the depth of the actual lock there is 21.6mm. And if you zoom in there you can see the cam configuration there. Now some you may need to file this cam slightly. It has been known that if it's a bit clonky when you get around the full fulcrum, maybe sometimes just to take a little bit of a smidgen off there but be warned if you take too much off then you might end up losing the operation all together. So just a little bit of advice there from a locksmith though, they have to do that in the past.

So it comes standard with two keys. We can of course re-key these if you like. If you want them you can buy them also in groups where the front and the back is all one key, that's no problem at all. If you had to buy them in single or in pairs, all we can buy them in multiple keyed like groups. We can even get the master key and of course if you need extra keys you can order those online with us as well. So I hope very much that that has given you a little bit more insight, a little bit more information into this particular product and also how easy it is to take the cylinder in and out of the door should you so wish to do so.

But if there's any bit more information that you may need or you want a bit more advice then pop on the phone, use our live chat on our website. We'd love to hear from you, and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. That would be really good for us. So from me, Darrel, all of us here on the LocksOnline team, thanks for tuning in and catch up with you real soon. Take care now. Bye-bye.

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