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Asec Garage Door Bolt Lock

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  • Brand: ASEC
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This is the well renowned garage door bolt that everyone is talking about. It is designed for universal fitting and can be used on 'up and over' or sectional garage doors. They are very versatile and can be used on metal or wooden garage doors. The bolts suit doors up to 38mm thick.  Includes 2x Steel case locks with integral anti-drill... Read more »

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Asec Garage Door Lock
£45.68 + VAT
£23.73 + VAT
(£28.48 inc VAT)
Asec Garage Door Lock Keyed Alike
£48.03 + VAT
£31.23 + VAT
(£37.48 inc VAT)
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This is the well renowned garage door bolt that everyone is talking about. It is designed for universal fitting and can be used on 'up and over' or sectional garage doors. They are very versatile and can be used on metal or wooden garage doors. The bolts suit doors up to 38mm thick. 


  • 2x Steel case locks with integral anti-drill plate on cap & case

  • 3x Nickel plated keys for doors up to 38mm thick.

  • x4 Hardened steel inserts

  • x4 Hardened steel bolts

  • x4 Steel escutcheons

Additional info

  • Pressed Steel Body

  • Hardened Molydenum-Steel bolt with 70mm throw for extra security.

  • xBlack E-coating for rust resistance

  • Super hardened pins that resist drilling


Can be locked from both inside and outside

Can be positioned horizontally so bolt secures in the frame/guide


Can be positioned vertically so bolt secures into ground

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


Main photo of Asec Garage Door Bolt Lock

Asec Garage Door Bolt Lock

Keys Supplied3
Suits ManufacturerAsec
Overall Length186mm
Bolt Projection18mm, 35mm, 53mm (+ 12mm Starting Projection)
Bolt Centres122mm
Body Length168mm
Body Width46mm
Body Height 221mm

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Asec Garage Door Lock

Hi guys. My name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at And today, we're going to have a look at some product
reviews. What I'm going to have here in front of me at this moment in time
is the Asec Garage Door lock. This is quite a popular lock on the website
and we sell quite a few of these. But people ask us questions about how
long is the bolt throw, what's the size of this, what's the size of that,
are the key [inaudible 0:00:27] coming right. So the idea of this little
video is to actually review the product and try and answer all of those
particular issues that customers have over these particular garage door
locks. So let's get the locks out of the box and let's have a look at them
in a little bit more detail.

So, let's see what we get with this lock. We get three keys, there's the
three keys there. Okay, you can see those. We get in here, let's open this
up, pull that open there, you get, these are keeps, these are. These you
would drive into the floor or drive into the wooden sides or into the
concrete. You drill a hole, and then you would actually then drive these
in. And these would be the keeps then in which you put the bolts into. Then
it comes then with some actual bolts. These are blind bolts, as you can see
there. And they designed them that you'd see that on the outside and then
you'd pull through. I'll get some measurements on all of these for you now
in a minute, so you can get yourself some sort of idea as to how thick a
garage door you can put all these on. They also come with some nice little
escutcheons. I'll open the box on these. There they go, there they go. See,
actually quite nice to be honest with you. So those you'd sit on top. We
got some screws as well in the package there, and those screws then you
could fit and you would open that up like that and there's the hole then
that you would then put your key through. Okay, there you go, that's those

Now, they come in standard and key-like pairs, and here's the locks here in
key-like pairs. I'll take one of them out. And here's the actual lock
there. You can use the key from both sides, though if I was to take one of
these keys, take the cover off it, and put it in there, you can use it from
that side and you can also then use it as well from this side as well. So
just push that in there like that and there you go then. So, you can use
them from either side, so you can unlock it from inside or outside. That
doesn't really matter.

So, that's the actual lock itself. Let's get some measurements on this lock
so people will know roughly what the size is and whether or not they will
actually fit your garage door. So, with a ruler, I will get the measurement
here. The overall length of these is actually 165 mm. The height is, what
have we got there? We've got 45 mm, so the height is 45 mm. Now that bolt
that's projecting out there at this moment in time is 15, 16, 17 mm, so it
sits out 17 mm. So if I put the key in here and throw the bolt out that's
its full length extended now. That's now projecting nearly 70 mm. So that's
a good 60 plus, well, about 55 mm that that's being pushed out there. So
it's a good, long significant bolt throw there. These, then, would sit then
into your frame and that's what you'd throw the bolt into, so there's a lot
going on. There's a lot of meat going on into the frame there, to say the
least. The diameter of the bolt, we'll check that for you now, is 10.95, so
say it's 11 mm. So the diameter of that is 11 mm, so that's quite stout.

So that's the actual locks themselves. They come in key-like pairs, so you
get three keys, you get two locks, and then you get these assortments
there. So I'll just put that to one side there. Let's get some measurements
on this. So, if we were to put these in their maximum, so we get a bit of
thread on here, then we can get ourselves some sort of idea as to how thick
the door needs to be or can be in which to screw those on. So that's what
we've go left there, as you can see there guys. So if I get my measure
there, we're maxing out at about 37, yeah, about 37 mm. So the thickness of
your door, the maximum it can be, is 37 mm with the actual nuts and bolts
that are provided. Of course, you can have your own. You can make them as
long as you want. You could use threaded bar and make them a little bit
longer. But the ones that come standard is 37, 38 at a push. And of course
that's with, providing, you know, a decent amount of grip there on the

The hole that you would need to drill if you plan on using these, the
overall diameter of these, let me get this measure for you, is 16 point,
sorry, 17.12, so I'm kind of guessing an 185 mm drill bit will be enough
for these to be drilled into. Or even if you go 17 mm, they're slightly
oversize, you might have to smack them in.

So that's the Asec garage door lock. Of course, they say it's a garage door
lock and to be honest with you, you can fit these on any sort of door, on
any gate or anything. It doesn't have to be a garage door. You can fit them
on your back gate and you can use them that way. You can use them on your
side doors. I think there's a benefit with using these on the old ledge and
brace doors, where you haven't got that much meat because of the ledge and
brace. that you can actually bolt these on. So, you know, they're not just
limited to garage doors, they're quite universal in regards to what you can
actually use them for.

So, there you go. I think I've got every measurement. Just to give you
another measurement that might be critical is the, what we call in the
trade, the back set. So let me just get the back set there. The back set
is, that's the distance from the leading edge to the centre of the keyhole,
and that is 96 mm. And I'll get this measurement as well, because I'll
measure the thickness, and the thickness is 21 mm.

So, there you go. So these are the Asec garage door locks, available from Yeah, by all means, pop online and if you think that
this is what you're looking for then you need to consider buying them off
our site. But in the meantime, you know, what can I say but thank you and
goodnight. Bye bye.

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