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CHUBBSAFES Air 15 Safe £1K Rated

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  • From Only: £118.63 £94.90 + VAT
  • Brand: Chubb
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Chubbsafes Elements Air 15K home and office safe with a Cash rating or ?1,000 or valuables rating ?10,000. High security double bitted key lock supplied with two keys, another advantage the Chubb Air is also available with Electronic Lock. Steel construction with a 4mm thick door and 2mm thick body. 2 live 18mm diameter locking bolts. Suitable for floor... Read more »

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CHUBBSAFES Air Safe 15K Key Lock
£118.63 + VAT
£94.90 + VAT
(£113.88 inc VAT)
CHUBBSAFES Air Safe 15E Electronic Lock
£139.79 + VAT
£118.83 + VAT
(£142.60 inc VAT)

Chubbsafes Elements Air 15K home and office safe with a Cash rating or ?1,000 or valuables rating ?10,000. High security double bitted key lock supplied with two keys, another advantage the Chubb Air is also available with Electronic Lock. Steel construction with a 4mm thick door and 2mm thick body. 2 live 18mm diameter locking bolts. Suitable for floor or wall fixing (bolts included).

  • Two basic sizes available 9 and 16 litres

  • Choice of key lock or electronic lock

  • CHUBBSAFES Air Safe ?1K Rated

  • Steel door and body with dual, plated steel moving boltwork

  • Air safes offer entry-level protection for your valuables in the home.

  • Compact safe for the home or office


Main photo of CHUBBSAFES Air 15 Safe £1K Rated

External Depth250mm
External Height250mm
External Width350mm
Safe TypeStandard safe, Electronic safe
Cash Rating?1,000
Safe Volume16 litres

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Hi, guys. My name's Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos. The product that we have here today is the Chubb range of safes. It's the air range of safes, in regards to their new range of Element Safes that are available now on the market and, of course, available here on

So we thought we'd seize the opportunity and get one of the base models that are available and give you an opportunity to see exactly, in the flesh, what these safes are like. Now, this is the key-operated version. I've put it to the side here so you can actually see it. It does come in, also, an electronic keypad version as well. So this is the real base model here utilising a key. And some people actually think, "Well, a key's not a bad thing and keypads and key codes and combinations all can be lost." Well, with a key, of course, you've got a better chance of keeping that safe somewhere else so you know where it is. But, of course, it depends on what your application is. You may change it for a keypad or variations instead of a key option.

While I'm taking the key out I'll give you a bit more information on the key. The key has a key number that's stamped on it, I don't know if you can actually zoom in there enough for us, Lee, but that key number is registered against this actual cut on the key so even if you were to lose the key slightly, you should be able to get a new key via that key code. So top tip here from LocksOnline, mark that down somewhere safe and keep it safe in case you lose your keys.

Now this is a double-throw lock so when I put the key in and I try to open it, it actually takes two revolutions before you actually get it open and it also, what we call in the trade, it's a key retaining lock. In other words, you can't take the keys out until you've actually locked the bolt into position like that and now you can take the keys out. So there's a whole facility on the actual key itself.

Okay, so this is the sounded 15K version. It's got a little shelf in there as you can see, and if I bring it forward for you to have a look at it a bit better there, and it comes with a little bit of a felt pad as well. I don't know if you can actually zoom right in there but you might see that there's some holes right in the back there. There's four holes in the backing plate and there's also four holes under the belt pad that allows you to bolt it down into the floor or into the back of the wall and it comes with four rawl bolts as well that you can use in which to fix it. You may want to fix one or two to the back and a few to the bottom. It's entirely up to you or all four to the bottom or all four to the back.

Now, what we recommend and what the insurers will recommend is this safe here has what we call a 1,000 pound cash rating on it, which is ten times that in jewellery and product, so if it's a 1,000 pound cash rate and that's what the insurers will cover overnight is 1,000 pounds of cash in the safe or ten times that in jewellery or other products, so there's 10,000 Pounds of the jewellery. So there's a substantial cash rating on this particular safe.

Now, what we do recommend and what the insurers will expect is that you do actually secure it to the substrate of the building. You can't just sit it there, it only weighs 11 Kilos, it's heavy enough, but it can be lifted and walked away with it so you need to consider fixing it to whatever the building is. Concrete floor: brilliant. Concrete wall: even better. You know, in between the two. And try and hang it somewhere where people can't attack it and maybe underneath the cupboard or underneath the stairs or something like that, at the bottom of a cupboard, out of the way. So anything to actually get at it, it makes it more harder and therefore then, the safe is going to be more secure for you.

But I've got myself a tape measure here just to get you some sort of measurements, just if you think, "Well, you know, this is the guy for me. This, I'm loving this, this is exactly what I want. Does it fit in the hole that I have or in the space that I need?" Well I'll give you those measurements now. So its width there, it's 350 millimetres. Its height is 250 millimetres and its depth there is 250 millimetres.

Okay, the size of the opening here, if you're thinking of putting something in there, if I was to open that as far as it will go, from there then all the way just to the inside leaf there, you're going to have something that's maybe 260 millimetres wide that should be able to sit in here, that's the width of the opening there. Of course, when you notice as well, if you were to zoom in on this particular part here, the actual door sits in behind the frame so, therefore then, that protects the hinges as well on this particular safe so, if somebody was to try and attack and cut these hinges off, of course, the doors are actually secured within the frame which is another plus for this particular range of safes. And, of course, Chubb is Chubb and we don't need to say how good the quality of a Chubb and the brand of Chubb safes are in here in the U.K.

So, if there's anything that I haven't mentioned, you think, "Well, I could do with knowing that or wanting a bit more information" then pop us over an email, use the live chat on our website. You can either speak to me or any of the guys on the sales team. We're pretty knowledgeable on this product, all of us, all the same. Or just pick up the phone, give us a call. Either way, we'd love to help you and, more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel and all of us here at LocksOnline, I hope this has helped you make a more informed decision as to whether or not this is the product for you and we'd love to catch up with you and see you real soon. So, from me, Darrel, take care, catch up with you, bye. Bye, bye now. Bye, bye.

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