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Glass Cabinets Locks

Glass Cabinets Locks

The idea of fitting locks to glass cabinets can be a headache, and can be a very daunting prospect.  We know this, and this is why we have sourced no-drill glass door locks which are easy to fit and simply clamp onto the glass without anything having to be drilled through any glass.  So you can breathe a sigh of relief now!

All of the glass door locks here require no modification of any glass panels.  So no specialist tools or knowledge is required, and there's no risk of cracking any glass - unless you drop something!  But please do take care when handing your glass cabinets!

The two principle methods of locking cabinet doors revolve around their door types.   Your cabinet will either have hinged glass doors (either one or two), or sliding glass doors (either a pair sliding doors, or on some unique showcase cabinets, a single sliding glass door with a secondary fixed pane).

If you have a single or double hinged glass cabinet, then the black clamping glass door locks are designed for this purpose.  They work just like a deadlock, only on a much smaller and simpler scale.  You turn the key, and a bolt shoots out of the lock with the idea it will shoot into a frame or a lip on the cabinet frame.  These can be positioned vertically to secure into the top or bottom of the cabinet, or can be clamped to the glass horizontally to shoot into the side of the cabinet. 

If you have sliding glass doors, whether it's a single sliding pane against a secondary fixed pane, or a set of double sliding panes then we have ratchet style locks which physically clamps onto the secondary pane (the pane of glass that sits into the cabinet and gets over-lapped by the front-most pane), and then you have a lock which slides onto the ratcheted strip, slides all the way on until it meets the back-end of the primary pane of glass, and secures there in place, until you use a key to release the ratchet mechanism to allow you to slide it off.

If you're unsure whether any of these solutions will work for you, by all means pop us over a message with photos of your cabinet and we can see if we're able to help you - we always like to help and will do our utmost to assist you, just bear in mind we are unable to physically inspect your cabinet so to help us help you, please be as informative as you can!

LocksOnline No-Drill Glass Cabinet Door Lock

LocksOnline No-Drill Glass Cabinet Door Lock

Looking for a lock to secure your glass display cabinet door? This is an incredibly innovative glass door lock, in that it does not require any dril..

Prices From: £10.83 + VAT

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ASEC Ratchet Showcase Lock

ASEC Ratchet Showcase Lock

Do you require a new lock for your glass display cabinet? The ASEC Ratchet Showcase Lock is the ideal product for your needs.The ratchet lock attach..

Prices From: £5.24 + VAT

LocksOnline Showcase Style Glass Cabinet Lock

LocksOnline Showcase Style Glass Cabinet Lock

This Silca 1510 Ratchet showcase lock is completely reversible to suit either hand. Operation Ratchet arm is fitted to rear sliding door, Lock body..

Prices From: £5.18 + VAT

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