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LocksOnline No-Drill Glass Cabinet Door Lock

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Looking for a lock to secure your glass display cabinet door? This is an incredibly innovative glass door lock, in that it does not require any drilling or screw-fixing at all. It simply clamps onto the edge of the glass panel using screw-down fittings onto the glass with a protective plate between them, and secures the door by shooting a small deadbolt... Read more »

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Non-Drill Glass Cabinet Door Lock
£10.83 + VAT
(£13.00 inc VAT)
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Looking for a lock to secure your glass display cabinet door? This is an incredibly innovative glass door lock, in that it does not require any drilling or screw-fixing at all. It simply clamps onto the edge of the glass panel using screw-down fittings onto the glass with a protective plate between them, and secures the door by shooting a small deadbolt into the frame or cabinet body. It's designed to be used on 6mm glass, but if you wanted to use this on a 4mm glass panel for example, nothing would stop you replacing the clamping screws with longer ones for a deeper clamping ability

The idea of drilling glass to fit a lock can be very intimidating, and can cost more than is desirable to hire someone with the skills to do so. This incredible little deadlock simply grips the glass at any edge of the glass panel, and shoots a small 8mm x 2mm deadbolt into the frame. Ideal for adding some security to your existing glass display cabinets such as those purchased from IKEA.

If routing out a groove to shoot the bolt into is not possible, you could also fit a small metal lip plate or similar, to allow the dead bolt to sit behind when in the closed, locked position.

It comes with two keys as standard, and is non key-retaining.

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


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Keys Supplied2
Door thickness6mm
Bolt Projection9mm

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a quick look at one of our product review videos. Now, I'm putting these short, little videos together to be able to give you, our customers, the opportunity to see the products that we have to offer in hopefully a little bit more detail and help you make a bit better of an informed decision as to whether or not this is the product you're looking for.

Today I want to show you a glass cabinet lock that we have on our website. It's actually quite interesting inasmuch as you don't need to drill any holes to be able to use this particular lock on your glass cabinets. This is the actual lock itself. Now it's very, very simple in design. The idea would be is that you would clamp this onto the glass (there's a bit of a self-adhesive pad there), but you'd basically clamp it onto the glass and you'd tighten it up then here with these two screws. There's also a packet here that would sit in behind here like that, therefore then clamping the actual glass via the screws.

Now this isn't a high security product, by no means, and it's more designed as a passive form of security. In other words, just stopping people going into the glass cabinet without your permission, so to speak. So here's the actual keys and the idea is quite simple. You push that in there like that and it throws this small, little bolt out. Now that bolt can go into the floor. It can go up into the head. It can go wherever you think that that would be able to be projected to. So the principle is quite straight forward. That's basically all it does, is throw a bolt across like that.

Now just to give you guys some sort of information, it's designed to work with 6 mm glass. The size of that hole there, that space altogether, the maximum there is 7.7 mm. The screws, as you can see there, are totally screwed in tight, and then by the time you pop this plate here as well that would be stuck onto the glass, etc., then that gets you you're 6 mil. There's actually no reason why you couldn't swap the screws here if it happens to be a slightly smaller glass. Therefore, then you can clamp slightly smaller glass if you need to.

Yeah, we get a lot of customers, believe it or not, who have IKEA displays and stuff like that from IKEA for jewellery and so forth. So maybe something similar like this might suit those particular type of glass cabinets that you can get from IKEA. We get quite a lot of inquiries for that.

It comes as standard with two keys, but very quickly, let's get some measurements on it for you. The actual overall depth of the actual lock itself there is about 45 mm from one end to the other there. The size of the projection of the bolt, because that's probably quite important for you, is about 8 mm. The width of the actual bolt there is, I'm getting that in at about 8 mm also. And the actual thickness, let's get an exact thickness off of that. That there is 2 mm thick.

Now another important thing to look at as well, is if I hold that stiff, you can see there (if you zoom in across there, where the glass would sit there) you will see, if I was to put that on there like that, the glass would actually sit up there. So that there shows you that you will get about 2 or 3 mm backset there on the pole. I don't know if you can see that, but that's quite important. And it will give you an idea that if you plan on fixing it to, as to how far away the bolt will actually project.

So there you go, guys. Interesting product. The beauty is that it can retrofit. You can actually fit it onto your existing glass display cabinets, or anything that has glass doors on it, and obviously you don't need to drill any holes. So that's a good plus.

So if you need some more information on this, or any of the products we have, pop us over an email, use the live chat, or simply do it the old-fashioned way and pick up the phone. We'd love to hear from you, and we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us at the team, thanks for taking the time to tune in and catch you real soon. Take care. Bye, bye.

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