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LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock

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This combination lock is a camlock style lock designed for lockers or similar sorts of cabinets where you may require shared access to the locker, but do not wish to hand out keys which may be lost, not returned, or stolen. This way, you can frequently change the combination (which is quick and easy!) and therefore allow only those with permission... Read more »

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LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock - 17.5 mm
£36.15 + VAT
(£43.38 inc VAT)
LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock - 22.5 mm
£36.15 + VAT
(£43.38 inc VAT)
LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock - 29 mm
£36.15 + VAT
(£43.38 inc VAT)
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This combination lock is a camlock style lock designed for lockers or similar sorts of cabinets where you may require shared access to the locker, but do not wish to hand out keys which may be lost, not returned, or stolen. This way, you can frequently change the combination (which is quick and easy!) and therefore allow only those with permission to use the locker it's installed on. Another amazing function this has, is a code-recovery function!

This combination lock offers a 3-wheel combination locking mechanism, giving you a range of 1,000 possible combinations to secure your locker. This gives not only a lot of convenience, but a lot of protection against unwanted, unauthorised access.

How to Change The Code:

Simply enter the current code, hold the code-change button down on the top of the lock, and while holding it down, turn the wheels to the desired new code, then release the change button, and the new code will be set.

How to Recover a Lost Code:

The code-retrieval function on these is a fantastic design, and is very simple to utilise should you ever need to. You would simply use the key-override to open the lock, and once open, keep the key pushed in, and turn each of the wheels on the combination until they stop. Once you have done this for all three wheels, you will have found the new code and can change it, or try to remember it better this time! :)


Main photo of LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock

LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock

LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock

LocksOnline Locker Combination Lock

Darrel: Hi guys, my name is Darrel and I'm the head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a quick look at one of our product review videos. Now, we've put these short little videos together to be able to give our customers the opportunity to see the products that we have to offer and hopefully a little bit more detail, or in the flesh, so to speak.

So today I want to show you a locker type, or a cabinet type, combination lock that we have on our website. It's the LocksOnline; it's the A500 combination lock, and this is the actual product here that you can see. Now, it's designed to be able to be put on a locker or anywhere where you have a cabinet type locking solution. So on the back here - if you want to zoom in there for us - you'll be able to see there the type of setup here; it's kind of industry standard that this particular type of setup here is what you would expect a cam lock to have and therefore then, depending on the thickness of the material that you would have, then you would be able to screw this in and clamp it down against the substrate that you're fixing this on to.

Now this particular one here has got a power handle on it as well here, so if it's a cabinet that allows you then to be able to open the door because invariably you would normally have a key, you put the key and turn the key and you use key then to open up the locker, when here you actually unlock it there and you can then use this pull, so..

There's been a lot of thought gone into the engineering of that particular type of setup there. Now also what they've done as well to make it a lot more secure and to stop the twisting that may occur because you have a lot more bulk here on the front of the actual cabinet, is they put this pin in here, but the pin can be taken out and removed if you don't want to use it. What you would need to do, obviously, is drill yourself a hole there.

So, one of the other things as well that is available in this particular type of lock is the depth of this particular cam here. Now this is the 17.5; it's probably the most standard of them all, but they do, we do do one that is 22.5 millimeters deep, and we also do one as well that is 29 millimeters deep also.

You can also change the handing on this here by undoing the screw there and this will allow you then to move this particular cam around to suit to a particular application. So now that's worth knowing as well. So let's have a look at it in a little bit more detail. So at this moment in time the code has been set to three zeroes,5 and of course that allows me there to be able to move the actual cam back and forth there like that and be able to get in. If I was to, just say, move one of those buttons there and now in the lock position there, so that's basically how it would work.

One thing I'm quite impressed with this particular lock is how defined those clicks are, and I don't know if you can actually hear that - it tends to be quiet - but the manufacturers have really thought long and hard as to how precise and defined those particular digits are, which I thought, to be honest with you, that is quite impressive in that respect.

So to be able to change the combination on these, at least it's quite straightforward. All you would basically do is you would have it there like that and then you can change the numbers. If I change that to say one, two and three, there like that, I'll now change the combination to 1-2-3 and, of course, if I change one of those there, then obviously I can then see by doing that then I can change the combination.

Another key feature with this particular type of combination lock as well, which I think is a major plus as well, is that if the code has been changed or if you've lost the code for whatever reason and you're not familiar with it and you need to gain access to it, if you were to use the key at the override, you do have the ability to put the key in; you will be able to then unlock the door, and now what you will be able to do then is rotate these dials, and these dials will then stop on what the combination lock is, so you have the ability, but the actual system will actually show you, or tell you, what the combination was, if it's ever been changed and you're not aware of it, or you're not familiar. So it's very important to make sure that you keep the keys with you, or at least in a safe position so therefore then you can, if that happened, be able to reset the code and allow you then to change the combination and then you can start using it again.

As I've mentioned, all of this is pretty universal; all of this is pretty standard. Let's get some quick measurements on that; the actual flat pieces there, as you can see there, is a 16 millimeter. The overall diameter there is 18, maybe 19 millimeters overall diameter.

As I have mentioned these particular backsets are available in 17.5, 22.5 and 29 millimeters and, of course, that depends on the depth there, and of course you have this lovely power handle here, which could incidentally be taken off if you don't want to use it.

So there you go, guys. It's the A500; it's available on our website, but listen, if you need a bit more information on it, or you want a bit more of advice, there's all the measurements are on the site as well should you need them. If you want a bit more info, pop us over an email, use the online chat that we have or simply do it the old fashioned way, pick up the phone and give us a call. Either way we look to hear from you, and more importantly, we'd love to see you as one of our customers. So from me, Darrel, and all of us at the team, thanks for taking the time to tune in and hope to chat with you really soon. Take care now. Bye-bye.

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