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Capitol Industries

Capitol Industries Inc. is a family owned Canadian manufacturing company based in Montréal, Quebec renowned for their high-end die-casting in a wide range of industries, from consumer focused furniture hardware and security products, right through to high end applications for military projects.  

To give a perspective of background in our industry, the story begins with Aaron Fish, a 17 year old young man at the time, who began his entrepreneurial journey doing rounds on his bicycle selling security products and keys.    Mr Fish went on to purchase a die-casting factory (Capitol Industries) but more recognised here in the UK, he developed the ever-popular push-button type mechanical combination lock, later to be built up into a global company called Unican Security Systems - this is where most of us in the security industry start to get an idea of the bigger picture!   The Unican series of combination locks remains arguably one of the best combination locking systems on the market, being utilised in all manner of applications from security doors, to storage lockers and toolboxes.  

Unican Security Systems later became Ilco-Unican, which was then some years later bought out by Kaba (who more recently merged with Dorma to form the now 'DormaKaba').   So if you're familiar with Kaba and/or the Unican brand, you'll already be well aware of the quality and reputation these combination locks hold to this very day, and it all began with Mr Fish.  

In 2007, Mr Fish bought back majority control of Capitol Industries in order to bring the company back to a family based ownership and maintain the positions of the long term employees in order to push the company forward.    Today, under its long-standing and proven leadership, Capitol Industries has been restored to its former glory and clearly has as bright a future ahead.  

We at LocksOnline are very proud to have introduced the introductory line of keyless magnetic padlocks into the UK market; but equally if you are looking for a product from Capitol Industries which is not yet stocked in the UK, give us a call and we'll see what we can do! 

Keyless High Security Magnetic Fob Padlock

Keyless High Security Magnetic Fob Padlock

With Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel shackles and magnetic key-fobs instead of keys, these industrial general-purpose keyless padlocks are bui..

Prices From: £104.00

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