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Cylinder Locks

Cylinder Locks are the most commonly recognised type of pin tumbler lock. This means that the lock mechanism uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock opening without the correct key being used. The greatest advantage of using cylinders locks over lever locks is the number of key differs available. There are millions of key differs available which allows extensive master key systems as well as a high degree of key security for thousands of locks. A master key system is where the "master key" (override key) will open a number of locks which also have their own different keys. The cylinder key system is therefore well suited to commercial property where key security may be an issue.

For a more in-depth look at master key systems, have a look at this article and video:

Cylinder locks are also ideal for use in situations where you have a need to have a keyed-alike suite. For example, you may wish to have your front and back door on the same key, or perhaps you've a set of storage rooms that you would like to be able to lock and unlock with just one key. Cylinder locks can be used to operate a variety of different locks including nightlatches and deadlocks, simply by utilising the cylinder lock in an appropriate lock case.

Evva Complete Range of Cylinders

Evva Complete Range of Cylinders Image LocksOnline are pleased to offer the complete range of Evva Security Cylinders. These include the Evva 3KS, Evva DPS and Evva MCS. Other Evva ranges are available on special order. The Evva cylinder range ensure the necessary levels of protection and security for all locks in buildings and facilities. If you have a particular requirement or would l..

Custom Built Master Keyed Systems To Suit You!

Custom Built Master Keyed Systems To Suit You! Image Need a economical master key system but not sure where to begin? Don't know exactly how many or what you need to order? Not too sure what a master key system is? Let us help! We don't bend you to the system, we bend the system to you. Master Key systems allow you to create a suite of locks that have varying levels of access for different key hol..

How to Measure your Security Cylinder

How to Measure your Security Cylinder Image If you need help measuring or finding out what cylinder you need to replace an existing or install as new. Then we're here to help! Check out our handy little guide to measuring...and it doesn't cost a penny! Bargain!..

Find a Suitable Rim Lock

Find a Suitable Rim Lock Image Rim Cylinders are designed to be used with Rim Locks, a locking device that attaches to the surface of a door, most rim cylinders are of a 'standard diameter' and only require the tail part cutting to length...

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