Cylinder Locks / Lock Barrels

Cylinder Locks / Lock Barrels

These days, locks operated by cylinders (commonly referred to as 'lock barrels') are becoming more and more popular due to the diversity and scalability cylinder locks offer, both in terms of security and practicality

Looking at the practical side of cylinders, the simple ability to remove the cylinder and replace it with a new one, without having to remove and replace the entire lock out of the door, is a huge benefit.  In addition to this, the cylinders can be colour-matched to other door furniture, and of course can be supplied keyed-alike and more widely master-keyed than lever-operated locks ever could.  And in addition to these benefits, you also have the diversity of cylinder size, especially with modular based cylinders like our high security EPS cylinders, to suit any door thickness (within reason!)

When it comes to security, if we look at the basics of how cylinders work, using different length pins which sit into the grooves on the key, these days using six different cuts, and normally around 10 cut-depths on each, the amount of differs available is substantially greater than that of most lever-based locks.  And that's just the beginning.  Once you start looking at high-security cylinders (such as our high security EPS cylinders), you start getting anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-drill features, along with a whole host of different defence mechanisms in place against common manipulation methods.  In addition to this with our EPS range you get protected registered keys which only you can have cut, so you can maintain the security of your keys too. 

When it comes to master-keying, we're building master key cylinder systems for companies and individuals on a daily basis.  To us it's second nature, but if you're unfamiliar with how they work and you want a more in-depth look at master key systems, then please have a look at this video and article we have put together explaining how master-keys and master key systems work.

Evva Complete Range of Cylinders

Evva Complete Range of Cylinders Image LocksOnline are pleased to offer the complete range of Evva Security Cylinders. These include the Evva 3KS, Evva DPS and Evva MCS. Other Evva ranges are available on special order. The Evva cylinder range ensure the necessary levels of protection and security for all locks in buildings and facilities. If you have a particular requirement or would l..

Custom Built Master Keyed Systems To Suit You!

Custom Built Master Keyed Systems To Suit You! Image Need a economical master key system but not sure where to begin? Don't know exactly how many or what you need to order? Not too sure what a master key system is? Let us help! We don't bend you to the system, we bend the system to you. Master Key systems allow you to create a suite of locks that have varying levels of access for different key hol..

How to Measure your Security Cylinder

How to Measure your Security Cylinder Image If you need help measuring or finding out what cylinder you need to replace an existing or install as new. Then we're here to help! Check out our handy little guide to measuring...and it doesn't cost a penny! Bargain!..

Find a Suitable Rim Lock

Find a Suitable Rim Lock Image Rim Cylinders are designed to be used with Rim Locks, a locking device that attaches to the surface of a door, most rim cylinders are of a 'standard diameter' and only require the tail part cutting to length...

Get maximum-security anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-snap, anti-drill cylinders with a restricted & patented key profile for your doors! Don't take a chance, get your home or business secured today!

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