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LocksOnline EPS High Security Single/Half Euro Cylinders

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LocksOnline's EPS Single Euro profile cylinders provide some of the highest levels of security available for doors that accept a euro profile cylinder. Our single euro cylinders can be Keyed Alike or Master Keyed; this is completed on site by our team of locksmiths. This model uses a single style of cylinder that allows it to be used from one side... Read more »

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LocksOnline EPS High Security Half Euro Cylinder
£35.01 + VAT
(£42.01 inc VAT)
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LocksOnline's EPS Single Euro profile cylinders provide some of the highest levels of security available for doors that accept a euro profile cylinder. Our single euro cylinders can be Keyed Alike or Master Keyed; this is completed on site by our team of locksmiths.
This model uses a single style of cylinder that allows it to be used from one side with a key. This is useful for industrial or storage room doors and also allows you to choose interior side hardware.
In addition to this our range of single euro cylinders comes with Lifetime Guarantee's. Sizes range from 32 - 62. We also have patent protected and key caps available for these models.

LocksOnline EPS Single Euro Cylinders - These models lock and unlock from one side only. This allows a different form of hardware to be used on the interior side.

These models can be Keyed Alike and Master Keyed to suit complex or simple installations.

Single Euro Cylinders are typically installed onto doors that do not require locking from the interior side such as store rooms or industrial buildings. This model utilizes a euro profile which is one of the most common profiles used around Europe and the UK. We are able to design complex or simple master key systems with all of our high security EPS cylinder as well as keying alike. All of this is done on site by our team of trained professionals.

The advantages of using this cylinder include:

Anti Bump - This technique has unfortunately become commonplace as access to information has increased significantly over the past few years. Bumping keys allow a criminal to unlock your door by tricking older cylinders into unlocking by manipulating the mechanisms inside. Our high security EPS cylinders avoid this by using more advanced mechanism that prevents this.

Anti pick - Pin tumbler systems used in older models are more susceptible to picking, one of the most common and oldest forms of compromising a locks security. LocksOnline's high security EPS single cylinders avoid this by using more complex and advanced pin tumblers.

Snap Resistant - Much like bumping, snapping cylinders has become a more common method of attack as access to both good and bad information has become more available over the last few years. This method exposes the cylinder; extreme force is then used to "Snap" the cylinder. Stainless steel bars in LocksOnline's model reduce the chance of the happening which has been specially manufactured into its design.

Patented Profiles - The design of the key with these models is patent protected. This means that they are unable to be cut without your express permission. They are also not able to get cut from anywhere in the event that you lose your keys.

BS EN1303 - British standard EN1303 is a European standard that states testing criteria. The key testing areas when looking at BS EN1303 approved cylinders is physical attack, durability and overall key security.

Supplied with 2 Keys - Again these models are patent protected, this ensures that keys cannot be cut without your permission. This reduces unwanted circulation of keys which is especially helpful withy businesses.

Life Time Guarantee
- All of our High Security EPS cylinders come with Life time Guarantee's!




Main photo of LocksOnline EPS High Security Single/Half Euro Cylinders

LocksOnline EPS High Security Single/Half Euro Cylinders

LocksOnline EPS High Security Single/Half Euro Cylinders

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Hi guys, My names Darrel and Im the head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. Today we're doing product review videos I wanted to spent a couple of minutes and have a chat with you guys about the evva lockonline range of cylinders we are doing on our website. We have done a lot of article writing about them and how secure they are etc... And that they are patent protected. They comply with EN1303 british standards and so forth so when it comes to cylinders in the pecking order they are quite high up there in regards to security and compared to some.

But believe it not there are two different types of EPS and we know because we have seen video of people manipulating and bouncing and picking EPS, but to be honest with you they dont tell you which type they are actually picking.
So I wanted to try and explain to all of our customer and future customers that there is actually two different types. The traditional EPS is built on the old DPS and they actually use small pins inside the cylinders and the little pins its exactly the same as any other type of cylinder that is out there these days from the times when linus yale began making pin tumbler locks. What they effectively did is that the pins are sitting there exactly the same as they would in a different make of cylinder.
But, there is also a range of eps cylinders that they call modular and a lot of people are not aware of these modular designs, what I wanted to explain was that I must advocate euro. All of our euro cylinders that we sell on our site are actually modular. This means that the way the cylinder is built is completely different and it uses technically a detainer style locking mechanism compared to the pin tumbler. Im sure if you did a bit of research on how a pin tumbler cylinder works im sure that you will find out.
What I have here (2:11) is a range of different products and some different parts of a cylinder on the bench here. I would like to try and go through them with you. So inside the cylinder there is two critical factors, a pin tumbler system you would have a row of pins here (2:25) and then depending on the shape of the keys those pins would level up to what we call the shear line and that would allow you to turn this (2:32).
The difference with these ones though is that they would have pins that actually sit inside the cylinder. Only when the pins are moved up to this level will it allow the sidebar gate to allow the cylinder to work. So the way the cylinder works is that its slightly different and is similar to a chubb detainer in terms of princibles. But what this means is that it is much harder to pick, its much harder to manipulate and its harder to bounce because of the attitude in regards to this shear line pin. One of the things that makes eps different as well is that on the key if we can grab ourselves one (3:25) You will see the side bar indents here. These indents allows this particular sidebar gate to to sit flush inside the chamber so when you turn the key it doesnt interfere with it. So if you dont have the sidebar that fits the profile on your cylinders one, even if you get the cut right on the key it still will not turn. If you take the sidebar and just cut it all out then what will happen is this drop in and snag the cylinder at around 45 degrees.
So the security on these you could is pretty good. I mean there are some more secure such as the EVVA MCS which we will talk about another day but for your run of the mill home security these are the boys to have.
One of the advantages as well with this type of cylinder is that its patent protected, meaning there is patent protection on the cylinder meaning that nobody can duplicate, or lawfully duplicate it. So you will never find this blank anywhere except locksonline. I will explain that in a bit more detail later.
The beauty with a modular system is that Ive got a brass and chrome cylinder, we can actually build these cylinders to suit your application. If I was to take this one here, we can alter the size of this modular depending on the size of your cylinder. If you have a 55 x 55 which is what this is (5:14) then this will be the 55 side. Then you get these solid steel bars that will then sit like that (5:22) in between and this helps to reduce the attack of snapping the cylinder because its made out of solid steel. So theres another benefit in that respect as well. The cylinders as standard will have anti drill pins in the plug to help prevent anyone trying to drill attack as well so what important is to know that there is two different types of EPS. The standard pin tumbler version which has the side bar profile and patent protection and then you have the modular version that has a completely different pinning arrangement built inside. Which is a lot more secure.

And of course like I have said we can alter the size of these particular type of bars. One of the benefits we offer as a company locksonline is that we can actually build these to suit you. Should the cylinder size change in the future because you want to remove it and put it into a different door you can always post us the cylinder back and we can actually change the size of it for you.
One thing we do as well is that we register every single key number every time you buy a cylinder from us against your order. So that becomes your unique reference number for your set of keys. So if you wanted extra keys you can order via that reference number. If you wanted an extra cylinder or two or three year down the road and we can key it alike to that reference number.
We as a company want to keep your security and key numbers safe so whereas we register this, we will not duplicate this to anyone other than the addressee that originally had it from us. We are quite strict in respect to that. We don't mind also registering the key to any key with protocols you have such as passwords, which will allow you to have a simpler way of getting more keys cut in a secure way. So we as standard will register the key and we won't send them anywhere except the addressee. So if you sell your house and someone else picks this up we can only do is to that address. We do not charge for this service. But we do it as a thank you for coming and buying from us.
So of course thats what I wanted to try and emphasize in regards to EPS and in regards to coming to buy from us. One is that we have the totally modular version, two its different in its mechanical set up in respect to the pin tumbler version. And of course we have the ability to secure your cylinder a little bit more than just the standard ways you expect from other companies. So if you're looking that something a bit extra special consider locksonline EPS as being the solution for better locks on your door.

Thank you for taking the time and listening to our video and feel free to browse. If you have got any more questions, pop me over an email, come onto live chat or give us a call.
So, my name is Darrel, the head of the tech team, take care and bye for now.

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