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Asec 5 Pin Satin Chrome Screw in Cylinder
£11.99 + VAT
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Asec 5 Pin Polished Brass Screw in Cylinder
£9.57 + VAT
(£11.48 inc VAT)
Asec 5 Pin Satin Chrome Keyed Alike Screw in Cylinder
£11.99 + VAT
(£14.39 inc VAT)
Asec 5 Pin Satin Chrome Screw in Cylinder Pack of 2
£24.48 + VAT
(£29.38 inc VAT)
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Random Coloured Key Tag with Label Window
£0.26 + VAT
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Kaba Cleansing Silicone Lock Lubricant
£13.79 + VAT
£10.34 + VAT
(£12.41 inc VAT)

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Keys Supplied3
FinishSatin Chrome, Polished Brass
KeyedKD, KA
Mechanism5 Pin

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Hi guys, my name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune into one of our product review videos and more importantly, the product we're having a look at today, is the screw in cylinders, a range of screw in cylinders from ASEC Security. This is the actual screw in cylinder here. Now, you might not be that familiar with the screw in cylinders, they're quite an oddball in regards to general security and they're more designed for commercial applications than you would see in a domestic application to be honest with you.

These are used a lot in shop fronts, so like the aluminum doors that you got in a load of shop front doors and stuff like that. That's what they're designed to be used in. What you may find is that on the outside you may have a key like this and on the inside then, you might have a thumb turn. Or perhaps you might have another cylinder. These are actually sold in pairs or actually as singles, it's entirely up to you.

Now, they come as standard with three keys like that. Here are the three keys as standard. They also come then as well, with this rosette that sits then, over there like that, to give you a little bit more of a finish.

Now as a little bit of a top tip secret, what you want to do, is when you screw these cylinders into place, when you've changed them over, swapped them over, what you want to do is to try and make sure that this outer rose is slightly loose. Not too loose, but it will turn. The idea then, is that if anybody tries to attack it, then they're going to attack this rose and the rose will help then, the security of the actual cylinder.

Now, if you're thinking you want to change the cylinders on your shop front door or if you've been asked to do a job and it's the first time you've ever looked at this particular type of cylinders, you need to know how to take them off. So, what I've done is, I've got myself a lock here now, that you would typically find. It may not be the lock that you have, but the fixing's functionality of it, is exactly the same. Here is the typical type of lock that you may find in an aluminum door, in a shop front door. It might be a different bolt configuration, but you'll see these big holes here where the cylinder sits there like that. The cylinder sits in there like that, okay? So that's what you see.

So you might say to yourself, "Well, how do I get these out of there?" So, what you would need to do, is you would need to take off the face plate that would be covering this. It would probably be a satin anodized finish face plate and you need to take off the screws that take off the face plate. If you can zoom in there for a second, what you would see is that you would see some grub screws. I don't know if you can get right in there. The idea is that those little grub screws there, if I turn that now on its side there, as you're in really, really close, as you can see, that grub screw projects through and sits in this groove here, can you see the groove just there on the cylinder? That's where it sits and holds the cylinder into place once you've screwed it into the correct size, into the correct depth.

So, before you can undo this and take it out, what you need to do, is to take the face place off, undo that grub screw, wind out. Now, be careful now guys. If you wind it out all the way, chances are it will drop, and if there's a bottom on your door, then it's going to be in the bottom of the door and that's it forever. You will be tipping the door upside down, trying to get it out. Only take it out until you can start getting this cylinder out. Now, when you go to take these cylinders out also, because this rose is slightly loose, you get no purchase. You don't want to damage the cylinder if you need to take it out, so what I would suggest that you try to do, is put the key in about... and come back one or two clicks, like that, and use the key as a purchase to undo the cylinder and wind the cylinder up like that.

If it's stiff, loosen off the fixings on the actual lock itself, the lock will sit a bit loose in the door and then hopefully then, with a little bit of purchase, you can undo the cylinder. Of course, if it's so tight that you're going to bend the key, you're going to have to look at other extreme measures at which to get these cylinders out. So there you go, there's a whole myriad of different manufacturers. This is ASEC, there are different ones on our site as well. It depends on where you're sitting in regards to your budget, in regards to quality and so forth. So, these are a good middle of the road grade security cylinder.

So there you go guys. That's a little bit of advice and a little bit of a product review on the actual ASEC screw in cylinders. Again, they're available keyed alike, we can get them master keyed as well if you want. We can sell them to you in pairs, so they're keyed alike pairs. Or we can just sell them to you like singles. Either way, it's entirely up to you.

Listen, if I haven't mentioned anything that you think that you might want to know, pop an email over to us, use our live chat, we love to hear from you and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us at the sales team and the tech team, take care and catch up with you real soon. Bye-bye now. Bye-bye.

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