Enfield Security Euro Escutcheon

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Enfield Security Euro Escutcheon Protects cylinders from attack with "molegrips" or similar breaking tools. Die-Cast with concealed screws to provide more security.

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Chrome plated security escutcheon
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Gold Plated security escutcheon
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2mm Spacers for exact fit
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Enfield Security Euro Escutcheon Protects cylinders from attack with "molegrips" or similar breaking tools. Die-Cast with concealed screws to provide more security.

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel and I'm the head of the tech team here at LocksOnline.co.uk. And today we have here in front of me a security escutcheon made by Enfield. Now, what is a security escutcheon and why do you think that you might need one?

Well you may be familiar now with this particular type of cylinder. This is what we call in the industry a Euro profile cylinder, and these are most commonly used now a lot in uPVC doors. You'll see this particular shape used extensively in uPVC doors. but it's not only limited to uPVC doors. These can be fitted on wooden doors, and one of the biggest problems with these particular types of cylinders is that they are vulnerable to attack.

So what the security escutcheon does, it's basically a cover that would actually sit over the projection, over the outside of the cylinder to give that particular cylinder a lot more protection. So that's the idea. That's the principle. So let's have a look at the actual product itself.

So this is the outside part of the cylinder, sorry, the security escutcheon. This is what you will see. As you can see, it's quite thick. If I get a measurement on that and give you an idea exactly how thick that is, yeah. We're talking 11.5mm thick. So it's a significant thickness there. It's chamfered, so if anybody tried to attack it, then hopefully it'll knock the blows away from the actual cylinder. It will push them away.

It's actually held on, instead of being screwed through the front it's being held on by screws that are fixed from the back here and they would then hold this cylinder into place from the back of the door. Now these screws you would need to cut depending on how thick your door is. And this here is the security plate then, or the escutcheon, that would sit at the back of the door, which is therefore then supporting the security escutcheon at the front of the door.

If I was to have this cylinder, this is what you would eventually see on the outside, once you've fitted the security escutcheon. This particular type of setup here works with, typically, dead locks that you may find Euro profile or oval profile, this is a Euro oval type dead lock. And if you notice here you've got some holes there and there and there and there. And those holes are designed to accept bolt through security escutcheons.

Now this particular security escutcheon is available in a brass finish as well as its chrome finish here, so what we're displaying here today. So without further ado let me get you some measurements on this escutcheon. So if you're thinking that you're . . . Want to say, "Oh yeah, I'd kind of like that and I'd want to use those." let's make sure that they'll fit. I mean, they're designed to fit with this particular lock which is also an Enfield lock, but they can also fit with others.

So some of the critical measurements that you would need to know is the overall diameter is 52 millimetres, thereabouts, and one of the most critical measurements is the centres of these screw fixings here. So if I measure those for you, we're not far off 38 millimetres, there, centres. And you'll find that that's quite a universal measuring centre. So if you find a dead lock and it will have bolt-through furniture, you want to make sure that those centres or these holes here are apart by 32 millimetres, and then you will know that these escutcheons will fit with your particular dead lock. Or just buy this dead lock and then you don't have a problem.

So there you go guys, that's the idea. I think I mentioned that they're also available in brass, but if I didn't, then I have. And what more can I say? Other than I hope very much that this video will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not this particular set of security escutcheons are suitable for your application.

But feel free to give us a call or pop us an e-mail. We'd love to hear from you, or even better, add it to your cart. But in the meantime from me, Darrel, thank you very much and take care. See you real soon. Bye bye.

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