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Burg Wachter Marble 2595 Doorstops

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Burg Wachter Marble 2595 Doorstops, No screwing necessary Flexible utilisation Solid marble Rubber rings and rubber pad for careful and secure stopping Height 40 mm, ? approx.110 mm

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Burg Wachter TSB 2595 MA S Doorstops - Black Marble
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Burg Wachter Marble 2595 Doorstops, No screwing necessary Flexible utilisation Solid marble Rubber rings and rubber pad for careful and secure stopping Height 40 mm, ? approx.110 mm

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at our product review videos. Today we're looking at doorstops and the manufacturer of this particular range of doorstops is called Burg Wachter. And with the advent now of having laminate floors and going away from carpet and going to traditional hardwood floors, etc. we're finding now in domestic homes that it's probably better for you to have some sort of doorstop that isn't physically screwed down anymore.

You may want to hold the door open and then you want to kick it away and then close the door, etc. Then probably something with a bit of style, a bit of panache, this might be what you're actually looking for. These are manufactured by the company Burg Wachter. This is a lump of marble, as you can see there. It's such a beautiful finish and of course you can see the grains that marble has in its design there.

It also has a rubber bottom bumper that goes all the way around here so if you were to hold your door open and put this by the side door then it's going to stop. It's going to bump up against this rubber bumper and of course its not going to damage your door in any way. So that's well worth knowing. The bottom as well has got this rubber mat to it that's designed to set on the laminate floors that gives it considerable good grip. Whilst at the same time, it doesn't damage or do any damage to your floor. So that's what they're basically designed for.

They're a bit of a weight. This particular one is 900 grams, which is just short of a kilo, so it's a fair old lump. So when you want to keep your door open and you pop it on the side of it there, unless you have a really, really strong door closer that should keep your door open, no problem at all. So there's not much more to say. The diameter of these is 110mm, if you need to be aware of that, if you're considering that as being specific.

But we also do a stainless steel version of this as well so if you don't particularly say, well, maybe the marble isn't your forte, it's a bit out of character with your home, there is actually also a stainless steel version that you will find on our website as well. There's not really much more that I can say about these, other than what they are and what they're designed to do, and of course it gives you an opportunity to see its finish and its design in the video, which you probably wouldn't get by just seeing a picture on our website. So hopefully, this video will give you a little bit more of an informed opinion and hopefully if its the product for you, you may consider buying it.

But listen, if you do need a bit more information or you want a bit more of advice, by all means pop online, use our live chat on our website during the working day or simply just pick up the phone and give us a call. Either way, we would love to hear from you and more importantly, we would love to see you as a costumer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us here at the LocksOnline team, thanks for tuning in and hopefully this has given you a little more insight. Take care, thanks. Bye-bye now.

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