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Weiser Beverly Lockable Cupboard Door Knobset

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  • Brand: WEISER
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Weiser Storeroom Knobset, the outside knob is always fixed and is unlocked by key. You cannot lock the knob from the inside. Operation Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by key from outside and knob inside. Outside knob is always fixed, inside knob is always free. Additional Info Supplied with anti-thrust latch which automatically deadlocks... Read more »

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Satin Chrome Finish
- - - -
Brass Finish
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Weiser Storeroom Knobset, the outside knob is always fixed and is unlocked by key. You cannot lock the knob from the inside.


Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by key from outside
and knob inside.

Outside knob is always fixed, inside knob is always

Additional Info

  • Supplied with anti-thrust latch which automatically
    deadlocks when door is in the closed position.

  • Adjustable backset, 60mm or 70mm.

  • Suitable for door thickness 35mm - 45mm.

  • Outside keyed knob treated with the Weiser
    ?Brilliance? anti-tarnish finish.

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


Main photo of Weiser Beverly Lockable Cupboard Door Knobset

Keys Supplied2
FinishSatin Chrome, Polished Brass
Knob Projection60mm
Case FinishZinc Plated
Door thickness35mm - 45mm
Forend Length57mm
Forend Width25mm
Mechanism5 Pin
Knob FunctionStore
Knob Diameter51mm
Rose Diameter67mm

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Weiser Beverly Storeroom Knob Set

Hi guys my name is Darrell. I'm head of the tech team here at We're doing product reviews today, and we're going to
have in front of us here at this moment in time, we've got the Beverly
Privacy, well, it's the what they call they the storeroom knob set.

Now, they do arrange different knob sets. You'll find these on American
buildings more so than in the UK, but they are quite popular and they used
to be used very much on hotels back in the 80s and the 70s. So, they still
have a good following in the U.K. even to these days. There have been a few
changes in regards to the way that they've been made, and I'll try and
explain a few of those that is generic across all of the range of the
Beverly or the Weiser Locking Knob Sets.

This particular one I have in here is what they call the storeroom knob
set, and it's the functionality is what is different between this one and
maybe a privacy one or an entrance knob set or a passage set etc. So, more
or less going to be speaking about the functionality of this particular
lock. And we're going to get some dimensions on this particular type of
lock. The principles and the dimensions will be the same throughout the

So, what's different about the, what they call the storeroom? And the
difference is on the front here, is that you've got a key way. And this is
always, always in the locked position. So, the only way that you can get
this door opened from the outside is by inserting the key into the keyhole.
And then by utilizing that key, that allows you to turn that. And if I turn
the key, look, you can see that that is turning there. Okay?

Now, from the inside, you've always got exit. So you can't lock yourself in
the storeroom effectively, or nobody can actually lock you in the
storeroom. So, even though they call it storeroom, it doesn't necessarily
have to be just in a storeroom. It can be wherever you want it to be. it's
the principle behind the locking solution. And in this particular case it's
always key to get in and you can get out at any time that you want.

Now, these particular type of latches is, this is the actual tubular latch.
There has been a change in the style of the layout of the latch over modern
times, compared to the older times. So, if you're thinking of changing one
of these Weiser locks, what you may find is that you may have just a square
hole here.

So, whereas the backsets are roughly the same, what you'll find is that
this particular set of the old square ones, and these won't work, so if
you're going to change it, you've got to change the whole lock. It used to
be in days gone by, you used to be able to get long ones. And they used to
go considerably long and you used to be able to get extensions on these, so
you could have the handlock actually on the centre of the door and the knob
set on the outside. They're quite difficult to get hold of in the U.K., I
got to be honest with you. I'm sure they still make them. But not a lot of
people are stocking them , not a lot of wholesalers are importing them.

Now, this particular one has the options of either having a 70 ml backset,
and the backset is the measurement from the faceplate to the centre here or
60. And it's easily done by having this little pivot point here, where I
can lift that up, turn it over, drop it down, and I've now reduced the
backset by 10 ml. I don't know if you can get in and see that. I'll put it
back to 70 ml, so I lift this up push that out and now it is now 70 ml. So,
you do have the choice of either, whatever you want the handle to be
positioned at either 60 ml from the leading edge to the centre or 70ml. So,
if this was to be fitted now on the door, if I was to look at trying to get
this on here now, that would be what the front would look like, and then
this then I would sit here and so forth, and this is what the back would
look like. So, the idea is from the inside I'd be able to operate but of
course I need the key then from the other side.

So, one thing I want to mention is where which, a lot of people may not be
familiar with is there's this little snip here. I don't know if you can
zoom in on that. And that little snip there is a dead locking snip. So, if
I was to pull this apart a second, that little dead locking snip, actually
when that gets pressed down it actually deadlocks that latch. Just off
anybody trying to jimmy the lock by putting a slip [inaudible 0:04:37] or
anything like that to try and push this like that. So, when it comes to
actually fitting the key, use the key here. You need to fit it so that
deadlocking slip sits like that. Okay. So, the dead locking slip is pressed
in by the side of the faceplate here. Okay. So it needs to sit like that.

So, that functionality is the same on the entrance and so forth and the
privacies and so forth, this is pretty universal. What is also pretty
universal is this ability to change the backsets pretty universal
throughout them all.

So, let's get some measurements for you to give yourselves some sort of
idea as to if you're thinking of changing this with one you already have
and you wanted to try and work out how it would fit, let's see if I can
crunch some measurements for you to make that job a little bit easier. So,
the actual diameter of the tube is 21.35, say 21 and a half ml. Of course,
these are American, so there's going to be an Imperial equivalent to that,
but we'll stay in metric for the UK. The faceplate is 25, 25 ml point .1,
that's fine. The fore-end height is, let's get a measurement on that, is
56.7, say 57 ml. Yeah, 57 ml is good.

The projection here, to give you guys some sort of idea on the amount of
projection there, is round about 12 ml. It will be a bit more accurate if I
do it this way. Let's try that. Okay. Yeah, we've got 12.5 ml, so the bolt
will come out 12.5 ml. I've measured the backsets, the backsets can either
be 60 or 70 ml. One another critical measurement is the oval diameter of
these, because obviously you've drilled a big whole and will they actually
go in the place? So, If i can get my centres there roughly. Okay, the
overall diameter of that is 67.4 millimeters, so 67 and a half millimeters.
So, of course you need to make sure that will cover.

Now, when the time you put the screws in, what's important is to ensure as
to how thick a door that this will all go together with. So, if I was to
put one of these screws in here, we'd get ourselves some sort of idea. If I
put one of that screw to get a bit of meat on that. So, we can pull that
out to roughly about there.

So, if I was to get myself a bit of a measurement there guys, yeah, I'm
getting 55 millimeters there. So, 50 millimeters, this could sit
comfortably on a door that's 50 millimeters thick. And again that's pretty
universal throughout the whole range of Weiser Lockings Knob Sets. So, this
one's obviously in the stainless steel finish. They do a brass finish as
well, it's the Beverly range. Yeah, I mean, there's still a bit popular in
the U.K. to these days.

So, just to reiterate, this is the privacy, sorry, the storeroom version.
You need a key to get in at all times but you can get out at anytime. What
else can I say? I don't think there's much more I can say about that. The
faceplate, it's there. I'll get some quick measurements on those for you,
just to give yourself some sort of idea. 57 millimeters is the height
there, the overall width there is 44 millimeters. Let me give you a fixing
centre there to give you an idea on the screw centres. We're looking there
at 41 ml. So, the screw centres, that's the centres between there and there
is about 41 ml.

Okay, guys. May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to
listen to this VT. I'm sorry for driveling on a little bit. I try to get as
much in as I possibly can to give you guys a considered opinion as to
whether or not this is the right lock for you. Thank you very much and if
you're thinking of getting some, hey, pop on to our site. I'd really
appreciate your business. Take care now and thanks a lot. Bye-bye.

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