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Lift & Lock Adjustable PZ uPVC Door Handles - 320mm (283mm fixings)

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Simply lifting the handle on both variants throws the multi-point bolts and deadlocks the door in a single keyless movement. Non-handed - fits right and left handed doors. Sliding escutcheon accommodates 68-92mm centres and door thickness 45-72mm. LOCKGUARD SECURITY Retro-fit armoured handle set for multi-point locks. Armoured escutcheon to shield... Read more »

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Simply lifting the handle on both variants throws the multi-point bolts and deadlocks the door in a single keyless movement. Non-handed - fits right and left handed doors. Sliding escutcheon accommodates 68-92mm centres and door thickness 45-72mm.


  • Retro-fit armoured handle set for multi-point locks.

  • Armoured escutcheon to shield cylinder.

  • Drill jigs available to special order.

  • BS1906: 2002 Grade 4 Security and PAS 24


  • Universal retro-fit handle set.

  • Removes need to carry vast range of
    replacement handles.

  • Moveable fixing lugs.

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Main photo of Lift & Lock Adjustable PZ uPVC Door Handles - 320mm (283mm fixings)

FinishGold, Chrome Plated
Plate Height319.5mm
Plate Width36mm
Screw Distance283mm

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel, I'm head of the tech team here at and today we are going to have a look at some high security locking handles, that are designed to work with uPVC multi-point plastic doors.

There's a phase at this moment in time around the country of people having the ability to smash the handles off plastic doors which then allows access to the locking mechanism far more efficiently and effectively. And it's being recognised now that you should be at least starting to consider beefing up your handles on your doors to maintain some sort of security around your cylinder and around the gear box in the centre.

Lift & Lock, this particular range of locking handle sets or high security handle sets, I mean they're PAS 24 certified and they're also British Standard 1906 as well, certified handle sets. So let's get the outside one out and let's have a look at how secure they are. So this is the actual outside. Now it doesn't, it's hard for me to try and explain to you how heavy this handle is. It's a fair old chunk of weight I mean, I don't know if you can zoom in on that for me, Lee, but this here is solid. The only part that's been milled out is the part here and this part here. The rest of this, this is absolutely a solid chunk of metal here. I mean look at the size of the fixings they're phenomenal sized fixings.

Now one of the distinct advantages with this is that over the years handles and manufacturers of doors etc. have had different size PZs, that's the measurement from there to the centre of the keyhole. And what these guys have done is they made this adjustable. So I have undone the screws there but you can actually move this and slide it up and down look. So therefore, depending on the size of the one that you've got, you'll know that this will fit on your particular lock and on your particular door.

On the outside if I was to slide that up there, you can see it there. That's moving backwards and forwards there and then once you've got it in the right position you would then screw it and lock it in tight. You will also notice as well it's got an anti-drillplate here as well to protect the cylinder. So even trying to attack the cylinder with these sort of handles, this really is the business.

Also the handles on this particular door are sprung-loaded. It's done by this mechanism in here as well because of the weight of these handles having the additional spring inside the handle here obviously has a distinct advantage. This particular one comes in a brass finish, with obviously my fingerprints all over it out. Yeah, absolutely phenomenal.

Let's have a look at the inside one so we can have look a little bit more. Again, you have this ability to adjust them depending on the backset. This one is made out of a lighter construction metal altogether. Purely and simply it doesn't require to have the same amount of security. Again it's bolted through. And one of the distinct advantages with the internal handle as you can see here, it's got this little what they call the Lift & Lock mechanism and the idea is that when you bring it up into that position there which is what you would normally do to lock your door. You lift your handle up and then turn your key.

This actually locks the handle in that position and therefore then supports the security on the outside handle for somebody trying to force it down. It's not going to force itself down against the lock within the door, but it's now also got to force itself down, as well, against the handle on the back. To get bypass that you just push the handle in and you just drop it down like that. So that again is more security again. And of course you have the distinct advantage as well is that you can lift the handle up, lock all the mechanism into place without having to turn the key.

You know from inside, at least, the only way that they can get through the mechanism then is by popping that down and then dropping that down ideal for fire situations I'm guessing. But you should, in my view, still lock the door. So these are a Grade 4 high security set of handles. It's really what you should be recommending these days, on your doors as general security for your plastic doors.

Let me get you some idea on some measurements here. The idea is that the fixings are right there and right there. These fixings here the gear box would sit in between this. So you end up putting fixings way beyond the gear box so you wouldn't really necessarily have to worry about that. But I'll give you some sort of idea what those fixing centres are and I'm registering a measurement there of 285 millimetres from there to there, from the fixing centres. So your gearbox will sit here as you drill yourself fresh or at the top fresh or the bottom and bolt these on. The overall length of these, in fact my ruler is not long enough, so they've got to be talking 320 mill, 325 mill overall.

So there you go guys, fabulous piece of product. I'd seriously recommend to considering upgrading this sort of security on your plastic doors.

From me Darrel Walters, head of the tech team, I appreciate your time. Thank you very much. Come and see us real soon. Bye-bye now. Bye-bye.

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