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Asec - Push Pad Panic Latch

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  • Brand: ASEC
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Max Door Width : 1300mm Max Door Height : N/A BS EN Operation : BS EN 179 Finish : Silver Handed : Left or Right Features : - Pad operated rim latch - Suitable for use on single doors and the first opening leaf of double rebated doors applications - Can be used with a rim cylinder fitted to the out side of the door - Supplied left or right... Read more »

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ASEC Push Pad Panic Latch - Reversible Handing
£126.52 + VAT
£107.53 + VAT
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ASEC Push Pad Panic Latch - Old Handed Design
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Max Door Width : 1300mm

Max Door Height : N/A

BS EN Operation : BS EN 179

Finish : Silver

Handed : Left or Right

Features :

- Pad operated rim latch

- Suitable for use on single doors and the first opening leaf of double rebated doors applications

- Can be used with a rim cylinder fitted to the out side of the door

- Supplied left or right hand, but can be reversed on site

- Includes fixing pack for timber and metal door sets

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FinishSilver Enamelled
Max Door Width1300mm
HandingLeft or Right Hand
Conforms To Standard 1BS EN 179

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at, and thanks for taking the time to tune into one of our product review videos, and more importantly, the product that we're reviewing today is the Asec Single Panic Latch Lock for fire exit doors, as you can see there on the end there. So without further ado, I'll open it up now, get it out of the box, and we'll go through its basic operation, its features, how it works, and how you actually fix it to the door.

So, let's get it out. You get some fixing instructions there on how to actually fit it, which is great. You get the plate here. This is the actual striking plate that would go on the frame of the door. Here it is there. This is then the latch itself here.

Now, you'll see here that it can be multi-handed. You can either, you can open up the back here and take the back out and you can put this latch on this side, which you can see just there. Can you see that there? Okay? And that allows you then to be able, depending on which way the door opens, of course this works on doors that open outwards. It doesn't work really well on doors that open inwards because the way the mechanism, you want to push, and on a fire door it's a push to escape so the door needs to open outwards. But if the door is hinged here on the left, then that's the way that that'll work, but if you've got the door working this way then you would need to change that latch there and move it on to the other side here.

Now, to keep this in when they're transporting it, the clever little people here have put a little nail in here so if I was to take that out, I can now open that latch open to its full extent. All right? So, that's a significant bolt there and to give you some sort of idea of the projection, you're nearly talking 20 millimetres, so that sticks out quite a way, which allows you, if you're fitting it, quite a degree of diversity in regards to how you would actually fit that on to the door.

It comes with fixing screws and there's four fixing holes there on the top and the bottom there up there as well. And of course then it's just the single panic pad latch for which to get out. There's no bar with this one that you see on some fire doors. Now, obviously a bar is better, but in some applications you may just want that particular type of latch there.

Also on the inside here as well, I wanted to show you guys, is you've got a little turn here and that's what we call an eight millimetre follower. And you can buy outside locking devices to work with this latch. So, on the outside, if you were on the outside, you could have a turn with a key that'll allow to override this latch from outside should you want to do so. And the idea is that the spindle will go through the door and engage in there. And when it engages in there, by turning the handle, you would actually withdraw the latch at the same time.

So the idea is that if somebody was to push that down like that, by me pushing that down, you can see there the operation there of the latch working. You can also see as well that if I was to put that down there, if you look at that follower, then that follower is turning there and mimicking the operation. So, when you're turning the handle on the outside, if you've got a handle, lock, and knob set then you can see that by you turning that handle, you can turn that follower and consequently withdraw the latch.

So I quickly, without further ado, is I'll get some measurements for you because the size on this particular panic hardware is quite universal. So the chances are it can either fit over if you've got one broken or it can actually have the same size measurements in regards to its screw fixings. So let me get those for you to give you some sort of idea. I'm thinking of the best way to do this is, we're talking there of centres of, I'm going to say about 145 millimetres. So, from there to there, is about 145 millimetres give or take a millimetre or so, guys, because it's not that accurate in which I'm measuring there.

The centres then between those two holes there is going to be around about 36, 37 millimetres between those two there. So there you go. That's the actual body of the lock there, this is the actual keep there, I don't know if you can zoom in on that, and you can see the keep there. And that's designed then to screw on to the frame of the door etc. And of course it comes with its fixing kit as well. So there you guys, that's the Asec Panic Latch, it's available at

But listen, if there's something that I haven't mentioned there that you think, "Oh, I could do with that measurement," or, "Exactly how does that work?" etc., or, "Can it work with this?" or, "Can it work with that?" you know, give us a call, pop us an email, use our live chat that's on our website now. Either way, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of the team here at LocksOnline, many thanks for taking the time to watch this video. I hope it's been informative and come back and visit us real soon. So from me, take care, bye now, bye-bye.

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