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PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

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Works on Multipoint Locks in UPVC - Composite doors and a range of locks in traditional wooden doors :-   Introducing the PROLOK Slimline Multi - available in a stunning brushed stainless steel finish as well as a beautiful clean satin black finish, these smart handles boast a seriously impressive array of features, including biometric fingerprint... Read more »

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PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles - Brushed Stainless FInish
£266.45 + VAT
(£319.74 inc VAT)
PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles - Satin Black Finish
£266.45 + VAT
(£319.74 inc VAT)
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Additional Fob for PROLOK Slimline Smart Handles
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£3.16 + VAT
Duracell 'Procell' Industrial Grade AA Batteries - Pack of 10
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Works on Multipoint Locks in UPVC - Composite doors and a range of locks in traditional wooden doors :-  

Introducing the PROLOK Slimline Multi - available in a stunning brushed stainless steel finish as well as a beautiful clean satin black finish, these smart handles boast a seriously impressive array of features, including biometric fingerprint reader, digital keypad access, smart fob reader (comes with three fobs as standard), as well as smartphone unlocking, remote management from anywhere in the world, and more.  It may be quicker to list the things these smart handles can't do, but let's take a look at the main features it does have.. 

The Basics

Lock compatibility checks

Whereas with its predecessor you had to choose a different model depending on which type of lock you had, this new model takes away this headache and aims to cover the vast majority of multipoint lock setups; just read the quick & handy compatibility testing guide and you'll be able to quickly determine if these are compatible with your existing lock, or whether you'd need to consider upgrading the lock.   Click here to view the lock compatibility test guide.  

We have PROLOK compatible lock cases for non-multipoint setups listed in the product options, but equally for multipoint locks you may wish to consider the GU Automatic Slam-Lock or the Winkhaus AV2 Automatic Slam-Lock.  

How does the smart lock work?

When the smart handle's status is 'locked', the spindle inside the smart-handle is disengaged, so when you pull the external handle down, it will not activate the follower on your door lock, so will not retract the latch allowing you to open the door.  When you use a valid credential (card/fob/PIN/fingerprint etc) on the smart handle, this engages the spindle so that you can pull the handle down and open the door.  After 5 seconds the spindle disengages again so that when you close the door it is automatically locked on the latch by default, as once again the spindle would be disengaged so moving the handle doesn't interact with the latch. If you have a multipoint lock or compatible lift-to-lock mechanism, you can then lift the handle to throw the deadbolt/hooks/bolts (or whatever your lock offers through this action).  Alternatively if you don't have lift-to-lock engagement on your lock, you would rely on just the latch which would not be enaged with the handle unless a valid credential is used as above.  The Slimline Multi does not use the existing euro key cylinder, instead the lock has it’s own built in emergency key cylinder.   Because there is the facility to allow you to use the lift-to-lock mechanisms on multipoints and other similar locks, it is important to note that this means you should not use two-way follower latches on these (latches designed for door knobs to be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise), as this would mean lifting the handle would allow free entry by retracting the latch.  

Tough Stainless Steel Body

Built with a very clean and contemporary stainless steel construction, these handles are weighty and solid, and instantly feel quality to touch.  

With just a 40mm width, these aren't much larger than typical multipoint handles either, making them the perfect option for uPVC doors and similar where there's not a lot of width available on the door stile.   In terms of their depth, they're 23mm thick which is around double that of a typical set of handles but equally still does not appear bulky or over-sized, whilst still providing a very solid and sturdy construction, especially when comparing to the design of typical door handles.   Please refer to the sizing diagram available in the product photos for additional detail on the sizing of these smart-handles.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Just like using your smartphone, you may want to be able to unlock your front door with our fingerprint, and if you want in on this too, you're in luck - these now offer an impressively responsive fingerprint reader that we have found actually reads better than some standalone fingerprint readers designed only to read fingerprints, which really puts these smart handles at a real advantage when considering smart locking technology for your front door.  Not only can you have digital PIN codes and smart fobs instead of keys, but now you can even use your fingerprint to unlock your door, just like unlocking your phone.  Up to 200 fingerprints can be registered*

Keypad & Smart Card/Fob Reader

The keypad is a back-lit touch-screen digital display, which is nicely responsive to the touch without being overly sensitive - this is a fine line which we feel the manufacturer has found a good balance on.   We found absolutely no issues with the keypad detecting accidental false-touches, whilst equally having no issues with getting positive feedback from intentional touches.  Housed within the keypad is the smart card/fob reader (note the word 'CARD' detailed amongst the keypad numbers in the photos); so by simply presenting your card or fob (three fobs supplied as standard) to the centre area of the keypad, the fob or card will be detected and scanned by the reader in order to check whether it has been registered onto the handles and whether it is a valid credential to open the door at that particular time (as it could be time-restricted, see section 'IC Cards (Proximity Cards / Fobs) & Android NFC' further below.  Up to 150 codes and 200 cards can be programmed.  

Bluetooth / WiFi Connectivity

These Smart Handles use bluetooth as the principle method of communication.   Supplied with a WiFi bridge as standard, this can be plugged into a plug socket somewhere near the door which the handles will be fitted onto, to allow your smart handles to connect to your WiFi router (a UK mains adaptor is supplied as standard, but any standard 5v USB output will work).  This allows you to manage your lock from anywhere in the world via your phone, as long as you have internet connectivity at both ends - so as long as your WiFi connection at the property is active and you have a mobile data internet connection on your smartphone, you can remotely manage it from wherever you are in the world.   Even if you're on holiday you can still make any necessary actions via your smart phone which can be a real benefit if you have security concerns over someone who already has access that you wish to revoke, or indeed if you need to allow someone into your property temporarily while you're away.  

Battery Life

These smart handles can be powered by 4x AA batteries (not included) which are neatly housed under a cover-plate on the inner handle body.   As with any battery-driven product, the battery life does of course depend on usage, the enabled features, and of course the quality of the batteries being used.  However, on the assumption of good quality batteries being used, the manufacturer suggestsa battery life of around 10,000 operations - a substantial battery life expectancy which we feel is not an unrealistic possibility based on our usage when testing these handles.   

If you would like to get some perspective on how long this will last you in your setting, you can start to take note of how many times the door is used in a day, and by dividing 10,000 by this number, you'd have an approximate amount of days your batteries are likely to last - however, this is heavily dependent on the quality of the batteries and how far into their shelf-life they are.   We recommend avoiding discount stores for batteries as these are often purchased from wholesale clearance due to limited shelf-life left, which impairs the overall performance and longevity of the batteries.   

Of course, you can always check the battery status in the app, and if you do ever forget to change the batteries and it runs out of power completely, you can still gain entry with the key-override feature, or additionally, there is a micro-USB jumper port alongside the key override of the universal model, which allows you to power up the unit using a USB power bank or similar.  

TT-Lock App for PROLOK shown on a smartphone

Smart App Features

One of the most important things to get to know is the features of the app; of which there are many!  And what we really appreciate here is that there is absolutely no feeling of any of these features being rushed or compromised in an effort to pack in more features - we have found historically that so many great products have 'clunky' apps that we often feel let the products down, but we've tried and tested every feature on these and have been mightily impressed with just how easy and reliable the app is.   This is a huge thumbs up from us!  So let's take a look at the principle features of the app...

Fingerprints (Biometrics)

Likely one of the first things most people will want to explore on the app is the enrolling of fingerprints.   This is a very straightforward process that involves pressing your finger to the reader on the handle multiple times at slightly different angles to allow the reader to get a good impression of your overall fingerprint - just like you would with your smartphone.  This process makes the read rate far more reliable than standard readers that don't map multiple reads to a single record.   You can store up to 200 fingerprint records, which in reality is over-specified for most applications, but this can be very useful for registering multiple fingerprints from the same person.   As a precaution you may wish to register multiple fingers to not only allow you to unlock with both hands, but equally in case for any reason your usual fingerprint cannot be used (maybe you've cut your finger and are wearing a plaster for example). Equally, some people's fingerprints are more readable than others, so you may even find that for certain people it helps to register the same finger a couple of times to enhance read rates for those people.  

Passcodes (PIN Codes)

Through the app you can  add, edit and delete codes at will.   Up to 150 passcodes (PIN codes) can be stored in the system which can then be used to gain entry via the digital keypad on the handle.   These codes must be 4-9 digits long, which means there's more variety in the possible code combinations than your 4-digit bank PIN!  There are several options in terms of different types of pin codes, and equally these can be either auto-generated or custom values.   You'll see the tabs for each of these methods below when you tap 'Generate Passcode' in the app.  

Permanent codes - these are of course your persistent unrestricted codes.   If you're fitting this on your house, then this would likely be the choice you'd make for your own codes which would not limit you to timeslots or an expiration date on the code.   You can of course edit this at a later date if you feel it necessary to have a change of your code.  By default this is an auto-generated code but you can create permanent codes under the custom code tab too, and equally auto-generated codes can be modified later once they've been used once on the keypad to verify.  

Timed codes - these codes are set up to only work from a specified starting time and date, to a specified end time and date.  So if you had workers at the property who need to have access for a couple of weeks while they complete the job, you can set them up their own code to use which will expire at the specified time and date that you set when creating the code.   By default this is an auto-generated code but you can create timed codes under the custom code tab too, and equally auto-generated codes can be modified later once they've been used once on the keypad to verify.  

One-time codes - for total one-off codes where you need to allow someone access just once as a one-off, you can generate them a code that will work only once.  As a security feature these codes are only valid for 6 hours, so if the code is not used within this temporary time window, it will automatically be deleted after 6 hours.   These are auto-generated codes that cannot be customised as they are only intended as one-off usage.  

Erase codes - this is a maintenance function to allow you to erase all existing codes so should exercise extreme caution when considering using this function.  This auto-generated code is an erasure code, which lasts 24 hours.   If this code is used within its 24 hour active window, it will erase all existing codes off the device to allow you to start from scratch.   This simply allows a quick and convenient method for you to erase all codes if you have ended up adding so many codes over time that it's easier to start back from a blank canvas so to speak.  

Custom codes - this is where you can create your own custom codes rather than allowing the system to automatically generate one like the above options.   Custom codes can be set as either permanent or timed codes, 

Recurring codes - these allow you to generate a code that will work only between two certain times on a particular day, which will repeat every week thereafter.   So if you had a frequent attendee who needs access on Tuesdays between 9am and 5pm, you can create them a code to work only during this period each week.   Of course, there is nothing stopping you from creating several of these for multiple days of the week.   These are auto-generated codes but once the code is used once to confirm, it can be edited later to a personalised code.  

IC Cards (Proximity Cards / Fobs) & Android NFC

As well as offering a digital keypad, these Smart Handles also offer a built-in prox-reader, allowing you to gain access without having to input any code or use your phone, you can simply have a small key-card / fob on your keyring, or even use your Android phone's NFC function*, and just present it to the middle of the keypad for quick access.  

Whilst 3 fobs are supplied as standard, up to 200 fob/cards can be added to the system, and this can be done in two ways - if you're present at the property you simply choose to add a card, enter a name to record against the card, and you will then be prompted to present your card to the Smart Handle, which will then announce whether or not it's been successful or not.   If you're not present at the property, and you have an Android device with NFC, you can still add cards if you're meeting up with someone and decide you want to give them a card using your phone as the card reader (NFC must be enabled).   This allows your phone to read the card, and the app will then transmit the unique ID of the card over the internet to your smart handles (only if using the WiFi Bridge at the property of course), and will notify you on screen of success or failure.  When that person then visits the property with the card you've handed them, if it was successfully read and registered, their card will unlock your smart handles.  

Permanent and timed access options are available with card access. 

* in order to use NFC on Android as a proximity access device, contactless payments in Google Pay must be switched off.   Unfortunately contactless payments require randomisation on NFC which therefore means it cannot be used as a prox card due to lack of permanent ID.  

eKeys (Unlocking via App)

In addition to physical authentication (pin codes or access cards), the app can also be used to control your lock.   You can simply tap the lock button in the app to unlock your smart handles, or equally if switched on in the settings, you can also have a touch to unlock feature, which allows you to simply press a key on the keypad to unlock the door if you have the app open.    For security reasons it's not possible to have this set up so that it works when your phone is locked, as it would mean anyone could potentially unlock your door if your phone is still in range from inside the property or indeed from close by outside.  

You can send unlimited eKeys to your family and friends through the app using their email address to send it to, which will prompt them to install the app on their device.  Once this is done they will have the access rights you have granted them.  Again this can be permanent access, timed access, one-time access or weekly recurring access for a specific time and day.  

Passage Mode (free entry)

A commonly desired feature for any locking solution is the ability to put the door into free-passage mode.   This can be handy if you're out in the garden on a nice sunny day and want to be in and out through the door without having to use your code, or equally in any similar scenarios where you do not feel a code is needed for a certain duration, you can put the handles into passage mode which will allow them to remain permanently engaged so that they can be used just as handles to freely open the door.  

Reports (usage logs / audit trail)

One of the most sought after features with any access control system is having the ability to view who has gained access at what times.  This is a feature offered within the app, and even shows you failed access attempts - and more importantly will show you the code they tried to use, which can be very helpful in determining if somebody has been watched entering their PIN, as you may find the code is very close to a valid code suggesting it may be close to being compromised.   In this instance it would be best to change this code in case the culprit continues to make altered attempts in the hope of getting the code right.  Without this audit trail feature you would have no way of knowing this was happening.   Please note these logs must be loaded over Bluetooth.

Attendance (time & attendance logs)

If enabled, you have the ability to set up a company name for your smart handles and have staff members assigned to that company.   You can specify your office hours etc, and view logs of late attendance, top attendees and so on.   It's not quite a full time & attendance solution you'd get from a high end commercial access control system, as there's no export process to pull the data over into any staff management system, but equally this is an exceptional feature to have on such an affordable smart locking device and far exceeds the typical offering on this type of device.  

General Lock Settings

In addition to all of the great features above, there are of course some lock management settings too, where you can change the admin password, enable or disable remote unlocking (unlocking over the internet from anywhere), you can adjust the automatic re-locking time (or switch it off entirely), enable passage mode for free access, enable and disable the audible lock sounds, enable or disable the tamper alert alarm, and much more.   

You can even import settings from another lock registered on the same account, so if you have two of these on the same building for example and want to share the settings between both, you don't have to program both separately, you can program one, and copy the data over to the other.  

Alexa & Google Assistant Compatibility

These smart handles are compatible with the TTLock control solution, which means you can lock and unlock your door with Alexa and Google Assistant controls.   For this you will need to use the TTLock app on Google systems or the TTLock skill on Alexa devices.  

* To help ensure accuracy and security, fingerprint readers require clear and defined prints in order to form an accurate and strong biometric profile.  There are many factors that can impact the level of definition available in your fingerprints; cleaning products and abrasives can reduce the definition of your fingerprints as well as age and dry skin as some common examples.   In instances where a fingerprint is not strongly defined enough to form a secure and reliable biometric profile, the reader will not allow you to register that finger print to avoid introducing potential security issues.  

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


Main photo of PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

PROLOK Slimline Multi Digital Locking Smart Handles for UPVC - Wooden & Composite Doors

Backup BatteryAccepts Micro-USB Power Pack
Key OverrideYes
Guarantee2 Years
IP RatingIP55
Code TypePermanent / Timed / Temporary / One-Time
Handle Length127mm
Door thickness35-65mm
Handle Projection49mm
Code Length4-9 Digits

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Please double-check with us if you're unsure of any individual product specifications.

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