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ERA 829 Metlock Window Handle Lock

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  • Brand: ERA
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The ERA Metlock utilises a high tensile steel bolt to prevent the handle from moving. The steel construction is operated by a standard key and is suitable for most cockspur handles on metal windows. To be fitted to Metal type windows 2 bolts supplied and 1 key No drilling or screws required Suitable for most types of... Read more »

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ERA 829 Metlock Window Handle Lock (2 Locks + 1 Key)
£18.60 + VAT
(£22.32 inc VAT)
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The ERA Metlock utilises a high tensile steel bolt to prevent the handle from moving. The steel construction is operated by a standard key and is suitable for most cockspur handles on metal windows.

  • To be fitted to Metal type windows

  • 2 bolts supplied and 1 key

  • No drilling or screws required

  • Suitable for most types of cockspur handles

  • Key required to Lock and unlock


Lock body slides between window handle forks, then the key is used to tighten the steel locking pin against the window frame, thus preventing movement of the handle.
Suitable for most outward opening hinged metal windows.

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Main photo of ERA 829 Metlock Window Handle Lock

ERA 829 Metlock Window Handle Lock

Type Of WindowMetal
Type Of WindowMetal
Overall Length28mm
Body Diameter13mm

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Hi guys, my name is Darrel. I'm the head of the tech team here at and today we're going to have a look at some product
reviews to look at some products that we've got listed on our site, to help
you guys make a more considered opinion as to whether or not this
particular product that I have in front of you will suit your application.

Now there's a lot of buildings out in the U.K. that still have the old,
what we call the Crickle [SP?], the old steel windows. I mean you may
remember them; I remember them back from the '60's and the '70's when they
were the in thing and everybody was having steel windows, and they're
actually coming in now with a bit more retro in having these windows
fitted. Crickle, as a company, is still around and actually still making
windows, but the problem is because the latest insurance requirements now
is to have locks on all external or accessible windows. There's a range of
locks that have been specifically designed to suit these particular type of
windows. One of the benefits with this one that I have here in front of me
is that there's no extra drilling or fixing thus required to actually get
these locks to work.

I'll show you the product now, I've taken all of it out of it's packaging.
I'm wondering whether or not, Lee, you can actually zoom into this picture
here. Unfortunately, I don't have a metal window here in front of me, so I
don't know whether or not you can actually zoom in on that and see how
clear that is. We've got it, okay? If you notice there, that's what we
call a cockspur handle and these particular type of handles have got a
groove in them. The idea is that you use that groove so it can allow you
to open the window and get some ventilation and close it. So, you've got a
little bit of a gap there. But what Era have done is they've utilized that
gap with the ability to put a clamp and put a lock in its place. If you
zoom in, you can actually see that lock is sitting there. So that's how it
works. So let's have a look at the actual product itself, okay?

If we were to amplify that now, there's the actual product there. The idea
is that you've got this groove here, and you've got this screw bolt here at
the bottom. It's in there quite tight; oh, there you go, it can come out.
And the idea is that you would slide that between those two grooves that
you've got on your cockspur handle, and once you've clamped that in really
tight, put a spanner on it and give it a bit of tighten up. When the
handle is then in that position, you then use the key that comes with it
and you push that against the actual frame itself. What you're doing is
you're putting tension on the cockspur handle to stop it from being able to
move, so you can crank this up as tight as you can go; obviously not too
tight, you'll snap it or whatever, but it's designed to clamp up against
there to make it really strong, so that's the idea.

This particular one comes with two window locks and one key. The keys are
pretty universal, they'll fit a load, so if you want to have more one, then
this one particular key will fit a whole range of them. There's nothing
really special about it; the idea and the concept is pretty unique; it's
pretty well thought out. I don't have any problems with the idea; the
concept is great.

Let me get some measurements for you, as to give you some sort of idea as
what the overall measurements are. If I take myself a height here and give
myself a rough height, that height there is 33 mil. The diameter here is
13.2 mil. This bolt here - let me see how far I can push this out before
it falls out. I think that's about safe there, so to give you guys some
sort of idea as to what size that could be; you're talking about 8 or 9 mil
there, so that's more than adequate. And if we were to screw this in tight,
as far as we think that we would like to, I think there would be about
roughly it. So that would actually project then, out by about 17 mil. So
there's significant scope there for this small little lock that's designed
for metal windows, so there you go.

I hope very much that this VT will give you more of a considered opinion as
to whether or not this particular type of little lock will fit your metal
windows and is suitable for your application. So many thanks and see you
real soon. Take care; bye-bye now.

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