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Era 904 Snap Metal Window Lock

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The ERA Snaplock can be used on most types of windows including casement, side hung or top hung. Closing the window locks the Snaplock automatically - the key is only required to unlock. Available for metal frames and in a variety of finishes. The mechanism is designed to allow for any subsequent movement of the window frame. Plugs conceal and protect... Read more »

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Era 904 Snap Metal Window Lock
£29.91 + VAT
(£35.89 inc VAT)
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The ERA Snaplock can be used on most types of windows including casement, side hung or top hung. Closing the window locks the Snaplock automatically - the key is only required to unlock. Available for metal frames and in a variety of finishes. The mechanism is designed to allow for any subsequent movement of the window frame. Plugs conceal and protect the fixing screws. Manufactured from coated steel, ERA Snaplocks are designed to withstand years of use.

Size: 50 x 35 x 39 mm.
Supplied as one lock and key.
The Era 904 Metal Window Snap Lock is designed for installation on either METAL or WOODEN outward opening casement (side hung) windows.
The best feature of this lock is that it locks automatically when the window is pulled shut, making securing your property easier and faster than ever.

It is very easy to fit this lock and only takes a couple of minutes for even the most inexperienced DIYer.

Positioning & Operation
The main body of this lock is mounted vertically on the fixed frame of the window (screw holes vertically). There is a cutout in the rear of the main body that lines up with the edge of the frame to easily recognise the correct way to position the body.

When attached correctly the screw holes on the body will mounted to the fixed frame of the window but a portion of the lock will overhang onto the opening frame, this is to allow the receiver plate that is attached to the opening frame to engage with the lock body.

Fitting Instructions:
1.) Close the window and select the position you want to mount the lock. LocksOnline recommend you mount it around halfway up the window frame to maximise security.
2.) Position the Striker Plate on the opening frame, 1mm from the edge. The striker is the smaller piece of metal with a V or hook shapped protrusion. This is the piece that locks into the body of the unit, it is V shaped to allow it to close by simply without the use of the key. Mark screw holes.
3.) With a 3.5mm drill bit, drill the marked holes to a depth of 4mm on the opening edge of the window. LocksOnline top tip is to wrap a small piece of tape 4mm up the drill bit, this will let you know when you are at the required depth. CAUTION: ensure drill bit does not touch glass.
4.) Position Lock Body onto fixed frame ensuring that the strike plate snaps into the lock body correctly. Mark the whole on the main lock body.
5.) Drill holes into the fixed frame on your markings to the depth of 10mm.
6.) Check lock operation, it should snap together easily when the window opens and unlock smoothly when the key is turned.
7.) Tighten all screws and place white cover caps over the holes.

And you're done! As easy as that.

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


Main photo of Era 904 Snap Metal Window Lock

Era 904 Snap Metal Window Lock

Type Of WindowMetal
Type Of WindowMetal

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel, I'm head of the tech team here in and today we're doing product reviews and more importantly, we're doing a product review of the Era 904 metal window snap lock. And here's the packaging it comes in.

I've actually got the lock out so we'll have a look at that in a little bit more detail. But let's talk a little bit more about what the benefits of this particular lock are, over quite a few of the others.

Now, if you can imagine a window lock, our window, casement window always swings outwards. So this particular part here, I think, if you can zoom in here because it's quite critical, what I'm trying to explain is quite important. If you can see that there is a step there, guys. And the idea of that step is to allow you to sit this particular part on the frame.This particular part then sits against the window. Because, if you've got a metal window or an aluminium window there's a step between the actual casement window part and the actual frame itself.

This way that this works is it compensates by having this jutting out there like that, to make sure that that the fixing gate is in exactly the same parallel line by projecting it a bit more in towards the actual casement. One of the benefits of this particular type of lock also is that it's a snap lock. And the idea of it being a snap lock is that every time you actually close your window it will actually lock automatically.

You don't need to have a key in which to actually lock this particular type of window lock. In the back here, it comes with screw fixings. And a lot of people ask us, is, 'What is the problem?' or 'How do we actually fix this to metal windows?' And quite simply, you would drill yourself a hole. And what comes with this particular type of lock, I'll just get this out here a second now.

It comes with a key. Just for your information, we can get these keyed alike in groups. So if you're looking at putting half a dozen of these or a few of them and you would want them all on the same key, we can make sure that all of them are on the same key.

But, going back to the fixing. The actual screws that come with these, I don't know if you can – that's quite a meaningful task, if you can get into that Lee. These are machine screws. And the idea is, is that you drill a hole that is slightly undersized compared to this thread. And the top of the tread there is slightly chamfered. So what these actually do is actually machine-, they actually create their own thread as you screw them in.

Of course, most of the metal windows that are around, the glass is quite close to the frames and so forth. You need to make sure when you drill in, you don't drill in too deep. There is actually instructions on the back here of how far you need to drill in and they're suggesting don't drill in any more than about 4 mil.

So if I was to take this particular lock now and put the key in and operate that. I've now taken out this little clasp here. This is the part that would actually be fixed onto the window itself. This is the part then that will actually sit on the actual window casement as well. So the idea is, when the window comes in to be locked, that clips into position like that and clips itself in like that. I'll see if I can do that a little bit closer. I don't know if you can zoom in there for us Lee. So what we have here is we've got these little clasps here. And the idea is, is that when you push that in there, like that, they then automatically lock themselves into position like that. Simple as that, okay? So that's the auto-locking feature.

So let's get some measurements for you, to give you some sort of idea. This step here, what we were talking about before. That actually step is about 3 mil. When you're thinking whether or not this will fit there, this will actually project in by 3 millimetres. The actual width here is 50 millimetres, the height here is 35 millimetres. The fixing centres between the centre there and the centre there is 35 milllimetres. And from this step here down to those fixing centres is 14 millimetres. It's designed, like I say, for metal doors, metal windows. So it's an ideal lock for that particular type of application.

A little bit more information on this particular clasp as well, because you need to know whether or not you've got enough surface area on some metal windows. When I was on the tools, that was quite critical. 
So the height of this here guys, that's the height from here to there is 10 millimetres. The overall length of that there is 43 millimetres and the fixing centres for these is 32 millimetres.

Now if I get one of these screws that were designed to work with this, I don't know if you can zoom in there Lee, again. I'm going to try and get you at an angle to see how deep that's going in there. As you can see guys, it's not a lot at all. Hence the reason why they say about only fixing in for 4 millimetres. That's roughly around about that I would suggest. Its only fixing into the actual metal itself. You don't need to drill into the glass. So a top tip there is to get yourself some tape on your actual drill-bit so you don't actually go in too far.

So there you go. This is the 904 from Era, available on LocksOnline and really appreciate it if you'd come and add to the cart on our site. But in the meantime from me, Darrel, take care and come back and visit us real soon. Bye-bye now.

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