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Viro 3331 & 3332 Oval Bullet Lock

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Viro 3331 & 3332 Oval Bullet Lock the key removable in locked position only. Operation Sprung locking pin on top of cylinder barrel is depressed by a turn of the key, allowing the bullet to be inserted or withdrawn from the housing.

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Viro 3331 Oval Bullet Lock - 43mm Oval Bullet Lock
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Viro 3331 Oval Bullet Lock - 55mm Oval Bullet Lock
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Viro 3331 & 3332 Oval Bullet Lock the key removable in locked position only.


Sprung locking pin on top of cylinder barrel is depressed by a turn of the key, allowing the bullet to be inserted or withdrawn from the housing.


Main photo of Viro 3331 & 3332 Oval Bullet Lock

Keys Supplied2
FinishPolished Brass
Housing Projection35mm
Pin Length45mm, 55mm
Cylinder finishPolished Brass
Cylinder Diameter22mm x 14mm (Oval)

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Hi, guys. My name's Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at and thanks for tuning into one of our product reviews.

Today we're going to be talking about bullet locks and more importantly
we're going to be talking about the range of Viro bullet locks. The Triple
3-1, and the Triple 3-2. Now these are quite, well, popular bullet type
locks that are available in the UK.

If you're not 100 percent sure what a bullet lock is or what it's designed
to do, if you can imagine a roller shutter door, on either side of a roller
shutter door you've got the U-shaped channel that the roller shutter door
slides up and down in. These particular bullet locks with the housing,
which I have a housing here, they use a universal housing, that's the type
of universal housing that will work with these viral arm locks. This
technically would be welded on that U-section and a hole would be drilled
all the way through.

And the idea is that when you push your roller shutter down, the holes
would all line up and then with this bolt you would then be able to push
that in there, let me just push that in there, let me turn that in, and
that would then lock into position. And this bar would go all the way
through the U-section, the frame support, through the roller shutter, and
hopefully out the other end.

And the objective is then that you can't lift the roller shutter up.

What you'll find is if you have a roller shutter door on your premises, the
chances are your insurance will probably request this type of locking

So this universal housing will need to be welded to the U-section that your
roller shutter slides up and out of.

Now the 3331 and the 3332, there's two different sizes. It's to do with the
length of the bolt. Other than that, they're all, the actual bodies, the
actual part of the brass body part there, if I put them up together there
for you, all of those are exactly the same size except the bolts are a
little bit longer.

So I'll get some measurements for you now on these and you can then, if
you're thinking of replacing them, then at least then you'll have an idea
of what the overall measurements are.

So if I use my vernier gauge here, I get the down of the actual bolt is
12.65 millimeters, so 12-1/2 mil, there is down it. This projection on this
particular one, the best way to measure that would be like that. That is
43... say 44 millimeters. The actual thickness of the actual cylinder part
of it is 32.92 mil. That's the length, sorry. And then this particular part
here, the thickness there is 14.24 mil. And the height then is 21.21 mil,
so I'd say 21 mil.

The objective is, I don't know if you can zoom into that, is that you can
see there a little pin that sits up, and when you actually turn the key in
it, it pushes the pin down. And within the casing side, you won't be able
to zoom in but there's actually a channel that sits inside there that
allows that to sit in there so it stops it from being pulled out.

So that's the principle of them. The body cases are exactly the same except
on this particular one, the longer version, the actual bolt then is a
little bit longer. And I'll get your measurement on that now. Right, the
bolt length is, I'm getting it narrows down to 30, 53 millimeters or

So there you go.

Just for your information. If you're not sure whether or not it is Viro, I
don't know if you can actually zoom in close enough there, but if you're
thinking of replacing the lock or you're looking for, to see if it's the
same make, it's got Viro actually written on the actual front of the
barrel. So the chances are it's probably this particular range that you
have or that you need to replace.

Also if you do have keys, it actually has Viro there written on the key as

They are available in key-like groups so you have these in key-like groups,
quite big key-like groups. So if you've got a big run of roller shutters
then at least then you know you can have one key and you can lock them all
which saves a lot of time and hassle at night trying to find the key or in
the morning trying to find the key to open which particular roller door.

So there you go, guys. That's the Viro range of roller shutter doors. Many
thanks for taking the time to have a look at our video. I hope it's been
informative. I hope it's allowed you to make a considered opinion on
whether or not these particular bullet locks are suitable for your

I really appreciate your time, and come and visit our site sometime.

Thank you very much. Bye-bye now.

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