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PJB Garage Door Defender PJB 302

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PJB Garage Door Defender Incredible Deal the complete PJB unit as featured on BBC1 TV programme 'To catch a thief' PJB Garage Door Defender, Designed for solid concrete floor areas only. Padlock concealed when fitted. Supplied c/w rawbolt type fixings. Finish: Red (Black Plate). Ground Plate: 215mm x 80mm x 5mm. Height (fitted) : 145mm. Pillar:... Read more »

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PJB Garage Door Defender PJB 302 (Padlock Not Included)
£64.76 + VAT
(£77.71 inc VAT)
Cisa Lim Series Padlock (straight shackle) - 66 mm Keyed Differ 28550-66
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(£98.98 inc VAT)
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PJB Garage Door Defender Incredible Deal the complete PJB unit as featured on BBC1 TV programme 'To catch a thief' PJB Garage Door Defender, Designed for solid concrete floor areas only. Padlock concealed when fitted. Supplied c/w rawbolt type fixings.

Finish: Red (Black Plate).

Ground Plate: 215mm x 80mm x 5mm.

Height (fitted) : 145mm.

Pillar: 30mm x 20mm x 20mm.

Overall Width: 260mm. Max.

Shackle Dia: 12mm.


Kit comprises rectangular ground plate which is fixed permanently into position and large 'T' shape restrictor which slots over the square pillar and is secured with an appropriate padlock.

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


Main photo of PJB Garage Door Defender PJB 302

FinishRed (Zinc Plate)
Pillar30mm x 20mm x 20mm
Plate Height5mm
Plate Length215mm
Plate Width80mm
Shackle Diameter12mm
Is it Sold Secure?1
Sold Secure Category 1 RatingBronze

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos. Now we've put these short little videos together to be able to give you, our customers, the opportunity to see the products that we have to offer in hopefully a little bit more detail or in the flesh, so to speak, to help you make a bit better of an informed decision as to whether or not this is the particular product that you're looking for.

So today I want to show you the garage door defender made by the company PJB and this is the actual garage door defender unit itself here, as you can see. Now, the idea is that this is bolted to this plate here, I'll go through it in a bit more detail, and if you've got yourself an up and over garage door this would actually be situated at the base and obviously the garage door would be here so therefore then if you've undone the handle here and tried to lift the garage door up out of the up and over, then this here is going to stop the garage door from swinging.

And of course, it doesn't necessarily have to be just with those particular garage doors. You may want to consider if you've got a set of hinged garage doors as well, then you could obviously have this in the centre to stop those particular types of garage doors from operating as well. So the idea is it produces this barrier to stop the garage door from being able to be lifted up. So let's go have a look at it in a bit more detail for you.

So this is the actual plate, here, that you would actually bolt then to the concrete floor that you would have underneath your garage door, so to speak. Now, it has three bolt fixings. The manufacturers have supplied two raw bolts to fix into concrete, there as you can see M10 raw bolts there. So you can choose as to which fixings you want. You may want one here, there, and so forth but also what you will see is if I was to put that on the side, and then mount that onto there like that, if your garage door was situated here, at least one of these fixings are going to be underneath the garage door.

So therefore then trying to physically attack that is going to be a lot harder as well as this particular part then is going to impede this particular hole as well. So to be honest with you, that's a good sound fixing there onto the actual concrete floor that you should have there. Now, once you've actually got yourself this and it's all bolted down into position, this gets clamped on here, and then you can then use a padlock, and the padlock there would go through the eye.

I don't know if I could offer that up a little bit into the angle there of the camera. There you go. So you can see that there is a hole there to allow you then to be able to put a padlock through. Now, we recommend that you use a Lim series or a rectangular padlock similar to the one that I have here by the side of me here and we have as an option on the web page. So there's the actual type of padlock there and as you can see, it's a rectangular padlock and it allows you then to be able to lock that bar into position.

So if I was to pop this in here and open this up here like that, I'll try to get this in here now for you. I probably can't see it that well, but that would actually be situated in there like that. I can then throw the bolt in there like that, operate the key and now, all of a sudden now that's actually in there now, all secure and to be honest with you it's going to take a month of Sundays to be able to hack through all of that because there's no way of physically directly attacking that actual padlock.

So quite easy to fit. So if you've got an expensive car or even if it's just your garden equipment in your garage, guys, this might be something that you might be wanting to look at to give you that extra degree of security. Now, as you can see here, one of the distinct advantages of this particular product it has a bronze sold secure standard as well. So therefore, this has been tested to a relatively great degree and therefore then being able to establish that, you know, if it has some former certification then you can be rest assured that it's been tested and therefore then has come up to an acceptable standard when it comes to a security related product.

So that's absolutely brilliant there. So there you go. What I'll do is I'll just undo this now quickly and then what I'll do is I'll get some measurements for you. Just in case you're thinking, "you know what, that's absolutely ideal, that's what I'm looking at wanting, what sort of size and measurements are they? and so forth. So, let's have a quick look at the plate.

I'll just pop this to one side here like that. Let's have a look at this plate. So the actual size of the plate itself there is about 213 mm there overall, as you can see there. The actual width there is 80 mm. Now, from the fixing point there, if I use that as a datum, from the fixing point to the first hole there, we're looking at right about 45 mm. To the second fixing point there we're looking at about 102 mm and then from the final fixing point there we're looking at around about 165 mm.

So that gives you an idea from that fixing position there. Now, the actual height that this actual projects up as well if I was to pop a ruler on there, like that, you're kind of looking at around about 145 mm or there about, maybe there's a slight angle perception with the camera, but that gives you an idea of how far that's going to sit up off the floor and of course it's going to be sitting up on its plate as well.

So if I was to mount that there like that and that gives you some sort of idea probably pushing near now 150 or just over 145 mm there. So it gives you an idea of the overall projection. The actual width of this particular part here then as well is about 265 well, 260 mm, sorry. That's from there to there. So, you could, if you had a set of hinged doors, if you position this in the centre then of course, this isn't going to open or that door isn't going to open neither. The actual size of the padlock that you actually have in here, if we were to have a little bit more information on the detail on the actual sizing. That hole there is right about 13 mm. The actual size of that post there is about 20 mm squared, I would have thought. Yeah, around about 20 mm squared.

So you can get a reasonably good sized padlock in there. But as mentioned, these are probably the best type of padlock that you could consider for this particular application.

So there you go guys. That's just one of the products that we have on our website, but listen, if you need a bit more information or you want a bit more of advice, boom, pop us over an email, use the live chat that we have on our website, or simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Either way, love to hear from you and more importantly, we'd love to see you as one of our customers. So from me, Darrel, and all of us at the team, thanks for takin the time to tune in and I hope to catch up with you real soon. Take care now. Bye, bye.

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