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AMF Gate Lock for Wrought-Iron Gates

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This gate lock has been designed and manufactured by AMF, and is designed for wrought iron gates - something that many manufacturers have neglected over the years in their conceptual ideas behind locking solutions for gates. It accepts a euro-profile cylinder for the locking mechanism, allowing you to select a high security cylinder for situations... Read more »

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AMF Wrought Iron Gate Lock - Black
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AMF Wrought Iron Gate Lock - Polished Aluminium
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AMF Wrought Iron Gate Lock - Moss Green
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AMF Wrought Iron Gate Lock - Pine Green
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This gate lock has been designed and manufactured by AMF, and is designed for wrought iron gates - something that many manufacturers have neglected over the years in their conceptual ideas behind locking solutions for gates. It accepts a euro-profile cylinder for the locking mechanism, allowing you to select a high security cylinder for situations where security is key, and boasts a full aluminium body with stainless steel internals, for ultimate corrosion resistance

AMF are a German company producing high quality gate locks for metal gates, and in this case, specifically targetting wrought-iron gates.

These wrought iron gate locks are non-handed, so can be utilised on any handing of gate (left / right handed, inward / outward opening). Both the latch bolt and the dead bolt are both fully adjustable for 30-60mm profiles, offering a high degree of flexibility in the suitability of this lock to a wide range of applications.

What's in the box?

- 1 x Wrought Iron Gate Lock

- 2 x Fixing Bolts

- 2 x Mounting Sleeves

- 2 x 18mm Handle Roses

- 4 x Plastic Caps

- 1 x Installation Instructions

- 1 x Installation Drilling Template

Euro cylinder not included - click here for high security euro cylinders


Main photo of AMF Gate Lock for Wrought-Iron Gates

AMF Gate Lock for Wrought-Iron Gates

AMF Gate Lock for Wrought-Iron Gates

AMF Gate Lock for Wrought-Iron Gates

AMF Gate Lock for Wrought-Iron Gates

FinishBlack, Polished Aluminium, Moss Green, Pine Green
Rose Diameter18mm

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel, and I am head of the tech team here at Locks Online. Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a quick look at one of our product review videos. Now, we're putting these short little videos together to be able to give you, our customers, the opportunity to see the products that we have to offer, in hopefully a little bit more detail, or in the flesh, so to speak.

So today I want to show you a gate lock that we have on our website, that's designed to work with metal gates, etc. And therefore then, being able to secure a set of pedestrian gates or a pedestrian gate, etc. So therefore then you know it's safe and secure. This is the particular lock here. Now, it's designed to work as an engineering sort of lock, therefore then, if you're thinking that you want to make yourself a gate, etc., the idea is that this would actually sit on perhaps something in the region of maybe a 40mm box section or a 30mm box section, and these particular latch here and the bolt here, will therefore then allow...would be able to move in and out in regards, through the actual box section itself.

I have some of the instructions here, just to give you guys a little bit more information. I'll show that to you a little bit later. But depending on how deep your box section is, and I'll get some measurements on this a little bit later, you have the ability to adjust this in and out, from around about 30mm up to about 60mm. Then, depending on the handing, you can see there that that is chamfered there, if I put it there like that, you can see that this is actually chamfered. Once you've got the right position of what you want this particular lock to be able to latch into the keep, or into the frame, around the gate, you can then bolt that down with an Allen key. I don't know if you can actually see down in there, but there's an actual Allen key in there, allows you then to tighten that up, and that will then stay in the position that you want it to be at. Now also, the bolt down here again has the same functionality. You have the ability to screw it in and out, depending on how far you want to throw it. And once you've got that at the position you want to do, again, tighten it up with the Allen key, and therefore then, that will stay in that particular position.

Now this lock doesn't come with a euro cylinder, but I decided just to pop one in, just to be able to give the customer the opportunity to see exactly how it does work. So, if this is the standard state now, if you can imagine this is bolted into a gate solution, I then want to be able to lock the door, lock the gate here. I just move that in here, a little bit there, like that, And there you go, I've now thrown the bolt over, into the actual frame to be able to lock it into position there, as you can see. The cylinder is a bit stiff because it's not screwed in correctly. Therefore then, if I then turn that, and continue to rotate the key, I can actually withdraw the actual latch at the top as well, with the actual key there. Okay, so it may be you might want a handle on the inside and not necessarily a handle on the outside, or by all means we do an optional handle as well that will sit in here. So therefore then, it works very similar to a lock on a door. You have this then, being able to latch to keep the gate in the closed position, and then when you want a bit of security, you will have the ability then to throw the bolt over, to deadlock the door, or deadlock the gate incidentally, take away the keys, and therefore then, now you are nice and secure.

So, it's actually quite well built in that respect. All the internals are all of a stainless steal quality, etc., so you know there is a degree of repairability when it comes to maintenance and so forth, so that's really worth knowing as well. So the way that this is actually fixed, is it comes with some Allen bolts, etc., and it comes with some cowls and it allows you to be able to clamp this. You'd fit this into some box section, and you'd clamp through the box section, and then these two particular latch and the actual bolt there will come through the box section of your particular gate. It's probably easier for me to try and explain it to you actually on the instructions that come with the actual lock there. So by all means, have a look at that there, and you can see there, It has all the measurements. I'm sure we could zoom in enough there. And by all means, pause if you want to, to be able to understand it a little bit better. But in those pictures there, on my right, probably your left depending on the camera view there, but you can see in the middle there, exactly how the box section is actually geared there, and therefore then, you can see it in a bit more detail there. And it also has all the fixing measurements and everything else.

So, that gives you some sort of idea, just by all means, if you need to know that. So, there you go guys. The actual lock is sold as a separate entity, you have the option then for handles, if you want handles. Of course there's an option then for the size of cylinder that you need as well to work in conjunction with this particular application. It's actually a great lock, and it's quite a popular lock on our website. Purely and simply, it does give all the functionality that you would expect with a traditional door on a steel gate. But listen, if you need a bit more information on this or any of the products that we have, pop us over an email. Use the live chat that we have, or simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Either way, we'd love to hear from you, and more importantly, we'd love to see you as one of our customers.

So from me Darrel, and all of us at the team, thanks for taking the time to tune in, and I hope to catch up with you real soon. Take care. Bye bye.

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