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Cisa 57120-60 3 point locking rim dead lock

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The Cisa 3 point Multipoint Rim Lock. Has a steel case and striker. Offers great 6 Lever security, these are formidable looking Cisa locks. Operation Comprising 4 deadbolts and 2 vertical rods which are locked or unlocked by key from either side. Each 180 degree turn of the key throws the bolt 10 mm (4 throws = 40 mm total bolt projection) Additional... Read more »

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The Cisa 3 point Multipoint Rim Lock. Has a steel case and striker. Offers great 6 Lever security, these are formidable looking Cisa locks.


Comprising 4 deadbolts and 2 vertical rods which are locked or unlocked by key from either side. Each 180 degree turn of the key throws the bolt 10 mm (4 throws = 40 mm total bolt projection)

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Supplied c/w Rods, Not reversible, check your handing. To secure doors up to 2800 mm high

Note: Italian handing is Opposite to the UK the main image shows the left hand version 

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Main photo of Cisa 57120-60 3 point locking rim dead lock

Cisa 57120-60 3 point locking rim dead lock

Cisa 57120-60 3 point locking rim dead lock

Keys Supplied3
Case Depth35mm
Case FinishBrown Bronze
Case Height150mm
Mechanism6 Lever

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at and thanks for taking some time to tune into one of our product review videos. And more importantly, the product we're looking at today is Cisa 57120 multi-point dead locking lock that's designed to have a rim application.

Now, it's split up into different parts, and what I was going to show you is the centrepiece first and then explain to you roughly how it would go on to a door. So this is the part, this is the centre part here. Now just look at that guys. There's a weight to this. This is designed to be some serious amount of security. Now you may, if you've spent a lot of time over in the European countries like Italy, Malta, Spain, etc., probably the south of France more so, this particular type of locking solution on wooden doors is quite popular.

You have the centre piece here. And when you turn the key, it throws the bolts, and you continue to keep winding it until it wouldn't turn anymore. And it shoots those bolts a massive 40mm into the actual frame, into the keep. And here's the keep here. And again, solid construction, phenomenal security. And that would actually sit then, like that, as it's locked then in between the two. And it's going to take you some time to saw through all of those. And of course, to pick it is going to be a massive problem as well. So, you know, you're talking massive security there.

If you think that's not bad, it goes even further, because this particular type of lock also throws bolts by these two cams here at the top and at the bottom will actually shoot bolts up into the head of the door into the frame and down into the floor as well. So not only have you got this here protecting the centre of the door, but you've got a bolt at the top and you've got a bolt at the bottom.

Now from the outside, this is what you would see. And, if you walk around, because I'm a bit of lock geek, when I'm in Europe I kind of walk round and look what type of locks that there are available, and I see this particular style there quite a lot. So I know what's on the outside, sorry, on the inside, but that's what you'll see on the outside. You may also see this little security rosette that might sit over it like that. So that's what you're going to see from the outside.

From the inside, I mean I've got the keys in there, but I can quite easily take the keys out, and what you've got then basically is just a little thing over there where you would, an escutcheon there for where you would put the keys into. Again, while we're talking keys, if I put that down for just a second and digress slightly, look at the keys. Look at the security that's being enforced on these particular keys here. Again, phenomenal security. It's actually a six lever lock. I mean, in the UK, we normally have up to five lever locks. It's very rare now you'll find a six lever, and seven lever locks is what you would find in safes, etc. So again, phenomenal security. They're really thinking about this. And of course it comes standard with three keys.

Now, to go in a bit further now, and have a look of these poles. These are the actual poles that come that fix to the lock like that and shoot up into the head of the door and obviously down into the floor. These can be expanded, and they pull apart at the centre, but there are little knuckles that come with them, and these can be expanded to about 1.3 metres, that one. And of course it comes with two. That's just the one, and of course here's the other one as well. So from the centre, or just up from there, you can go up 1.3 metres up, and you can go 1.3 metres down. The total size I've measured it up as being, if you've got a door around about 2.8 metres, that's about the maximum. That's 2.8 metres high. That's about the maximum that you're going to get away with, with this particular lock. And that's well within the scope of locks of doors in the UK.

Now another thing as well that you need to be aware of if you're thinking of fitting this, is to know how thick of a door you can actually fit them to. And of course what controls the thickness of the door is how far this plate sticks out there. And 44mm, 45mm is roughly about there. You might just get away with 50 at a push. Let me just have a look there. Yeah, 50 is just on the border there. So most UK doors are 44mm, so this is going to fit on a standard wooden door in the UK up to 44mm, no problem at all. And again, not only that, if you have a look inside here, and if you could zoom in there for us, it's actually stamped here as well. You might not see it, but it's actually stamped "hardened." Which means that this case here is also hardened. So if anybody tried to drill in to circumvent the lock, they're going to end up having to use out your drill bits and so forth, and they're going to have to try and get through drill plates. So again more security again.

Now, it comes also with the keeps. This is the keep that you would put down into the floor at the bottom, and lovely quality, brass finish. These are some slides that you would get to stabilize the bars as they go up and down the doors, and they've got a nylon fillet in there so it will constantly lubricate itself. So that's fine. And then at the top of the door, this is the keep then that would sit on the frame at the top of the door, and this is adjustable then depending on where it's sitting on the actual frame. They're not just going back in or out a little bit etcetera, you've got that degree of flexibility there. And of course it comes then with a myriad of all its fixings and so forth as standard.

So it's the Cisa 57120 multi-point dead lock designed to lock wooden doors. Now you kind of think that this is the sort of stuff that you may see on the likes of films like "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" to protect the cannabis but really this is security. This, in my view, if you're looking for a lock to go on your door, this might be the one for you. I'm laughing about that now, but anyway, there you go. So I get all excited about locks. I know, it's sad, but there you go.

Anyway, from me, Darrel, and all the rest here at the tech team, if there's something that I haven't mentioned there or you need some extra measurements etcetera... I tell you one measurement I will give you because it might be quite important for you, and that's a back-set measurement. That's the distance from there to the centre of the keyhole to tell you how far it's going to go into your door, and that is 70mm. So this is going to sit 70mm from your edge of your door back into the centre there, just for your information now.

So if there's something that I haven't mentioned and you need to know, listen, we have live chat on our website. You can talk to us anytime. Pick up the phone. Pop me over an email. You can speak to me any time, or any of the guys here at LocksOnline. We'd really like to hear from you, and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us here, take care. Thank you very much. Bye-bye. Bye-bye now.

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