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Weiser Beverly Lockable Privacy Door Knobset

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Weiser Beverly Privacy Knobsets ideal for bathroom and bedroom use, the external knob on the Weiser Privacy Lock has an emergency release, combining safety and privacy. Operation Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by either knob, except when both knobs are locked by turn button inside. Both knobs remain locked until turn button is released or outside... Read more »

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Satin Chrome Weiser Beverly Privacy Knob Set
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Brass Finish Weiser Beverly Privacy Knob Set
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Weiser Beverly Privacy Knobsets ideal for bathroom and bedroom use, the external knob on the Weiser Privacy Lock has an emergency release, combining safety and privacy.


Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by either knob,
except when both knobs are locked by turn button
inside. Both knobs remain locked until turn button is
released or outside knob is freed by operating the
emergency release externally.

Additional Info

  • Supplied with plain latch.

  • Adjustable backset, 60mm or 70mm.

  • Suitable for door thickness 35mm - 45mm.

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Main photo of Weiser Beverly Lockable Privacy Door Knobset

FinishSatin Chrome, Polished Brass
Knob Projection60mm
Case FinishZinc Plated
Door thickness35mm - 45mm
Forend Length57mm
Forend Width25mm
Knob FunctionPrivacy
Knob Diameter49mm
Rose Diameter67mm

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at And today we have in front of us is the Weiser Beverly. It's called the Privacy Knob Set. Now let's get it out, let's have a look at it. One thing I want to say to you though before is that if you think you are replacing some Weiser because Weiser was really prevalent in the U.K. back in the '70s and the '80s when we have a lot of American-style buildings coming over here, even earlier than that probably.

There was a lot of these Weiser knob sets that you'll see around, especially in hotels, etc. And what is distinctive with a Weiser knob set is this turn. I don't know if you can zoom in there for us Lee, but you might be familiar with this particular style, here like this, and you got this little turns on the inside.

You may have been in a hotel at one time or another and you've used this turn to turn that and what it basically does is it locks the outside handle. Well, this does exactly the same thing but it's designed to work with a privacy, a toilet function or a bathroom or something like that. So if you're on the inside and you want some privacy, all you would do is you close the door, the latch would close into there, turn that, and you've got your privacy. What that's basically done is it's locked this handle which in effect then, will lock this handle as well because they're both interlinked like that. So you're not going to be opening your door. You simply turn the knob the other way and now the handle is in free motion.

But in the event of an emergency, say for an example there was a disabled person and they were locked into the bathroom or they became unconscious or slipped or knocked themselves out and you need to gain access into there quite urgently, what you'll see on the front, this is the part that will sit on the outside, is you will see there, there's a hole. And that hole, it comes with a little key that comes in the pack here. I know a few guys, it just sits there, it does. But that key will allow you to put in through there and what you're basically doing is you're going to be turning that knob set through that little keyhole.

That there is the interface there, and you turn that and you basically override the operation on the inside. So it allows you, from the outside to get in, should you need to in the event of an emergency. Now, the knob set . . . This is the actual latch. This is what will fit in the door. Now it's imperative for you to be aware, that if you're thinking of retrofitting these, this now, this mechanism here, the principle of how it works has changed from what it was many, many years ago. So if you're thinking of upgrading, this is something that you would need to change as well. And this particular latch don't have any dead-locking facility. It's only for a toilet, so there's no security in this, so to speak, at all. It's just a passive form of security.

One of the distinct advantages with this particular type is it has a variable backset. I don't know if you can zoom in there for us Lee, but what you have here is this little adjuster here. And this adjuster here, if I was to operate that, I can actually move this now from 60-mil backset to now 70-mil backset. So it allows you to move the knob a little bit further into the door. Now the backset is from the leading edge here to the centre of where your knob is going to sit on your door. And if you want it at 60 mil you just push in like that, and if you want it at 70 mil you pull it out like that. It's as simple as that. So backset measurement is from the centre of the knob there to the leading edge.

Now some other measurements that you may be wanting to be familiar with and to get yourself around, is how thick a door that you think that you can get away with here and I'm saying that that's probably, there, is about as much as you could probably get away with. So let me get a measurement on that guys. We're looking there somewhere in the region of round about 46, maybe 50 millimetres. You probably get a bit more actually. I would go any more than that. Let me just check that on a measurement there. Yeah, we're talking 53 millimetres. So any door that's over 50, 53, I think any more than that you're really on the limit there.

So one thing you will need to be aware of as well, is this fixing centres because if you are thinking of replacing this because one has worn out, then you'd be interested to want to know what your fixing centres are. So I'll get those for you now very quickly, and they're coming in at 42 millimetres or 41.5 millimetres, those fixing centres there. The actual diameter of the rose as well, because that might be quite important if you're trying to cover up a hole. We're talking there 67 millimetres. Yeah, that's 67 millimetres.

So there you go guys. It's available in two finishes. This is obviously the silver finish. It's available in a brass finish as well. Available at and if you want one come and click on Our Cart. It will be warmly appreciated. But I hope anyway that we've given you enough information there for you to make a considered opinion as to whether or not this particular product is suitable for your application.

But if you need any more advice or you want some extra information, pick up the phone, pop us an e-mail, or use our Live-Chat system online. Whichever way, we'd love to talk to you.

In the meantime from me, Darrel Walters, take care and chat real soon. Bye-bye now.

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