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Weiser Beverly Lockable Entrace Door Knobset

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The Weiser Beverly Knobset is a massively popular range, becuase of it's build quality and value. Entrance Lock are designed for front and back doors and can be locked from either inside or outside. Operation Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by either knob, except when both knobs are locked by turn button inside. Both knobs are automatically released... Read more »

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Brass Weiser NA530B Beverly Entrance Knob Set
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Satin Chrome Weiser NA530B Beverly Entrance Knob Set
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The Weiser Beverly Knobset is a massively popular range, becuase of it's build quality and value. Entrance Lock are designed for front and back doors and can be locked from either inside or outside.


Reversible latchbolt is withdrawn by either knob, except
when both knobs are locked by turn button inside. Both
knobs are automatically released by turning key outside
or rotating turn button inside.

Additional Info

  • Supplied with anti-thrust latch which automatically
    deadlocks when door is in the closed position.

  • Adjustable backset, 60mm or 70mm.

  • Suitable for door thickness 35mm - 45mm.

  • Outside keyed knob treated with the Weiser
    Brilliance?anti-tarnish finish.

Our product specifications are given in good faith but can be subject to manufacturer change without notice. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation.


Main photo of Weiser Beverly Lockable Entrace Door Knobset

Keys Supplied2
FinishPolished Brass, Satin Chrome
Knob Projection60mm
Case FinishZinc Plated
Door thickness35mm - 45mm
Forend Length57mm
Forend Width25mm
Mechanism5 Pin
Knob FunctionEntrance
Knob Diameter51mm
Rose Diameter67mm

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Hi, guys. My name's Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at, and thanks for taking the time to tune in to one of our videos. We're doing a product review today and most importantly, we're doing a product review of the Beverly, the Weiser, Beverly Entrance Knob Set. Now, this is quite a popular knob set in the UK but, it's found its roots from the US, and you'll probably be more familiar with this particular type of locking knob set from the American side, from the other side of the pond so to speak.

So, let's have a look a little bit more in detail about this particular lock, this knob set lock that you can fit on doors. In the UK, you probably would find that these particular types of locks, you may end up going into hotels or something similar where this particular type of lock is fitted. There was a spate back in the '70's and so forth of American type homes being built in the UK that has this type of lock in them, and what you're finding now is that those locks are starting to wear away and get faulty and so forth and people are looking to want to replace them. So, there are a few little things that I will talk about as we go through that you may find, if you're thinking of replacing the lock on your door, then these are a few little top tips that I can recommend as we go ahead.

So, let's have a look at the latch first of all. This is the part that actually locks the door. And, I want you to zoom in on there, Lee, because I just want to explain to you how this actually locks. Now, as this stands at this moment in time, it's just a latch as you can see there, there's nothing special about that. But of course if your door was closed and someone tried to put some maker or the credit card slip as you might be familiar with, then there's absolutely no reason why they can't slip that open and slip the door open. But on this particular part here, you see on the back there you've got this little dead locking stick and when that gets pushed in, that then dead locks like that. Therefore, it stops anybody trying to slip or put a credit card as you hear in the movies, so to speak.

And, when you go to fit the keep, this is the actual keep here, it's important that the back of the keep here actually pushes that in. So it's important when you get it in, you line that up, guys, and you can make the job really sweet. There it is there all locked in place, and it isn't going anywhere.

Now, this particular latch as well, for your information, I know in the past Weiser made loads of different back set versions. There are a few that are available now. They do one that's a bit bigger than this that is available, but there was, in years gone by, used to have extension types and you could build it up as long as you want. We can't get ahold of those any more in the UK guys, so I'm sorry about that.

But this particular one here is available in either a 60 mill back set, that's from there to there, or it's available in a 70. This particular one can actually jump by me lifting these pins up and pushing that out. I have now extended that now from 60 to 70 mil. So, that's ideal if you want to get your knob set a little bit further back.

Now, in the old style knob sets as we were chatting about in the early part of the video, they used to have a square spindle here, a square follower that the spindle used to go in. Now that the mechanism has changed somewhat, they can no longer . . . this, you have to change this. You can't just change the knob set. You would have to change this tubular latch as well. So, that's important to be aware of.

When you go to fit this now, for the very first time on your door, what you'll find is if you try to get that in there like that, you find is that, you'll say, "Hold on, that doesn't seem to fit there." I don't know if you can just zoom in a little bit there for us, Lee. You're thinking to yourself, "That just doesn't seem to fit." It will fit. What we need to do is a little bit of a top tip, I'll try and explain it here, but if I push that piece out there like that, I can actually get that in there. And once it's got in there, then it will slide into place by me pushing that down just a little bit more, there you go, and now it's in there nice and tidy. So, it's a little bit stiff and at first you may scratch your head if you think it can't fit in, that's the particular case there. And this is the actual knob set there that sits on the outside.

So let's explain the operation. Also what's changed, as well, a little bit, I'll just go through quickly with that now. What's changed as well, let me just put that on there, two seconds, there you go. What has changed as well is that they've now come with a cylinder. This cylinder can, if you want it to, can be interchangeable. So, you can have a master key system or have these keyed alike. And you can change the cylinder cores, whereas before you couldn't. Well, you could, but you'd have to strip the whole assembly part. That's a bit of a new part as well of how these are set up.

So the operation is quite straightforward. What you would do is this is the inside here, this is the part you're familiar with. And if you wanted to lock the door, all you would do is turn the thumb turn like that, and it would actually lock the door, I mean, that's not connected at the moment but that's how it would lock is you'd just turn that thumb turn. So, when you're leaving the property, what you would do is you would open the door, you would turn the thumb turn, you'd close the door behind you, and that would mean now at least that it's locked. That is it, just simple.

But for you to get back in, you would definitely need to use on of the two keys that are supplied to get back in. So that's how it works, guys. When you're on your way out, you turn the knob, close the door behind you, the lock is locked. To get in, you need a key in which to get in.

The manufacturers say that this is available, that this will fit doors up to 45 millimetres thick, so it's okay in the UK. I think that it can push a little bit more, but let's err on the side of caution as the manufacturers have mentioned and minimise it to 45 mill. UK spec is normally 44 millimetre, is the thickness of the doors in the UK. It's available, as I may have mentioned, but I can't remember, it's available in a brass finish, is what I'm playing with here now, but it's also available in a satin chrome finish. And like I've said before, there is a 127 millimetre latch available as well, which would have to be bought as an optional extra to the actual lock.

So, there you go. We can get these master keyed if you wanted, as part of a master key system. We can get them keyed alike, in groups as well if you wanted the back door and the front door, and any else keyed alike. They're all available via a special order from us. So, you know, if this is the product that you're thinking that you need for your application, then hopefully this video has allowed us to explain a little bit more over and above what a picture can have to offer.

So, from me, Darrel, if you're thinking of ordering, hey, I'd love for you to come and add to our cart. It'd be greatly appreciated, but, any more info, you need any more advice, pop us a phone call, use our live chat online, or pop me over an email and I'll reply to you in due course. Anyway, appreciate your time, thank you very much and take care.

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