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YALE P125 Hinge Bolt

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YALE P125 Hinge Bolt
£9.15 + VAT
(£10.98 inc VAT)
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Hi guys, my name is Darrel, I'm head of the tech team here at We're doing product reviews today, and more importantly the product that I have in front of me at the moment is the new range of hinge bolts that are available from Yale.

Now, why would you want a hinge bolt? The idea of hinge bolts is that if you've got an outward-opening door, the problem with an outward-opening door is that the hinges are actually exposed, because they're obviously on the outside, and any clever burglar may decide: "Hmm, ok, if I cut those hinges off, chances are I could open the door from the hinge side."

No matter what type of locking solution you may have on the door, I could actually open the door the opposite way. So as a prerequisite of any insurance requirement, if you've got an outward-opening door - like a set of French doors or a set of patio doors - then you should be considering putting hinge bolts on the actual hinge side of the doors.

Now, normally you'd fit two on each door and you'd try and fit one up just above the bottom hinge and then one just below or just above the top hinge, normally just below. So, if you can imagine there's the two hinges there, you'd set them then maybe three or four inches down off each, off each hinge. Normally you've got two hinges on a door. If you've got three hinges you'd still only fit them there like that. So let's have a look at the individual products and we can go through them then in a little bit of detail. So these are the actual keeps here. Strong, stout design and build, there's quite a bit of weight to these as well. These are the part that actually sits in the frame.

So, what you would do is you would drill yourself a hole and you'd chisel out a depth of that amount, so this would then sit flush into the frame like that. I'll get some measurements on these a little bit later for you. And this is the actually part then that actually sits then in the actual door itself. And again you'd drill this in, and you'd drill it in roughly about half of that projection there. And then you'd get some fixing screws in here, and that would then screw in there like that. And you'd screw these in tight then into the actual door itself. And the idea is that when the door closes, if you imagine that's the hinge, that would then sit inside there like that and of course guys that isn't going anywhere. No matter if you hack the hinges out, this isn't going anywhere.

This sort of technology is actually used on safes and you'll find them on safe doors etc. to protect the hinges because obviously safe doors are opening outwards. So that's the idea of them. This is the Yale version. I have to admit that this is quite a robust quality and I'm almost sure this is very similar to the old Trump styles that there used to be as well, so it's coming from a pedigree of sort of design and build. So let's get some measurements for you. So the actual width there is 25mm. The height is 70mm. The screw centers there, just to give you some sort of idea, is 50mm. The depth of this particular eye keep, and let me get a measurement on that, is give or take 12mm.

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