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The Federal Patio Door Security Bolt is suitable for sliding or hinged doors, and is available in four colours. It has a fully reversible bolt, is quick and easy to fit, and is packed with screws suitable for timber, aluminium, or uPVC. The Federal Patio Door Security Bolt is also available in keyed alike groups.

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The Federal Patio Door Security Bolt is suitable for sliding or hinged doors, and is available in four colours. It has a fully reversible bolt, is quick and easy to fit, and is packed with screws suitable for timber, aluminium, or uPVC. The Federal Patio Door Security Bolt is also available in keyed alike groups.

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Main photo of Federal Patio Door Security Bolt

Hi guys. My name's Darrell. I'm head of the tech team here at
locksonline.co.uk. Thanks for taking the time to watch one of our VT's.
What we're going to do today is we're going to have a little look at some
products. So, product reviews is the top of the agenda today.

What we have here in front of us is the Federal patio door security bolt. I
think myself, personally, that manufacturers have done themselves an
injustice here. Because this particular lock isn't only available on patio
doors, but you can actually use it as a lockable bolt on back doors or any
sort of door that you want to actually put a bolt on. So, whereas they say
it's for a patio door, to be honest with you, us as locksmiths locally
we've installed these on back doors and so forth.

What I'm going to do is open up the package now and split it down the side.
We're going to pull it all out and have a look exactly how it all gets put
together, get some measurements on it, in case you are thinking this might
be a considered choice for your particular back door or your particular
patio door.

Let's get it open. Okay, it comes standard with two keys. One of the
advantages with these particular locks is that they are available in key
like groups. So, if you wanted to have a front door with a range of them
on, or you wanted to have the back doors with one at the top and one at the
bottom, or a few on the back door and a few on the front door you can
actually get them all fitting with the same group of keys. So, setting up
at night and locking all your doors up, et cetera it means you only need to
use one key which is absolutely brilliant.

They come in a range of different colors. From memory, this is the brown,
they come in silver, and I think they also come in white as well. There may
be more colors. But, from memory, I'm almost sure that those are the
standard colors.

The way that they actually work... If we can get this open for ourselves,
just two secs. I'll put the key in here. There you go. That's it in the
lock position. I put that now over to the open position like that, and that
pulls out all the way. That's quite a substantial bolt there.

To give you some sort of idea of the diameter I can give you a measurement
of the diameter on that. It's showing about nine and a half mil, ten mil
diameter. So, it's quite a substantial bolt that.

The idea is, I don't know if you can zoom in there, that you would actually
screw this onto the door through the screw fittings there. You can see one
there and one there. Now, they do come with - if I get these out, all the
little bits and pieces that it comes with - a few different types of keeps.
I'll go through those in a second. They come with a... That's a different
type of keep again.
There are some little caps that you sit over after you've put those in.

They also come with machine screws. If you're putting this onto an aluminum
door as opposed to a wooden door you can use these, whoops, machine screws
here that will actually machine screw through. They can actually lock in
then. You drill a hole a certain size and they actually tap their own hole
when you screw them in.

Or, you can use the wooden screws that come with it as standard. There you
go. Those fit in there. Good, solid strong wooden screw there for yourself.
You don't necessarily need to use prison screws or security screws with
this because once the bolt is actually fitted in here then that in its own
right is going to be the security. So, that doesn't necessarily bother
because you can't actually get at the bolts.

To get yourself some more measurements, because I think measurements are
important with these, I'll go through the measurements a little bit later

I just want to show you the different types of keeps. If you were to mount
that on a door like that this particular one here can sit then surface
screw down there like that, and that would hold then that in place like
that. So, you've got that particular choice, probably not the most secure.

Then, you've got this one here which would sit on there. That could sit
underneath the door frame like that. That's, obviously, a little bit more
secure. I don't know if you can see that. You can zoom in on that. That's
how that would be secured. Quite a bit of space there, a bit of gap there,
for you, guys, there like that.

Of course, these can be hidden screwed in underneath the door. So, when the
door closes this would come here then and then screw up. So, you can't
really attack those screws.

Or, if you've got a door that sits with a big jam on it this would,
obviously, sit there and then that would go in there then flush into the
timber. There are a lot of different options that are available for you on

Now, if I get some measurements to give you guys some sort of idea as to
what the overall size of these are. So, you've got a case height there of
82 millimeters. You've got a case width there of 30 millimeters. You've got
a case depth there of 25 millimeters.

This is quite an important measurement, but I'll measure it for you
nevertheless. The distance from the start of the bolt to the end there is
ten millimeters. So, from the centre of the bolt to there is actually 15
millimeters if this bolt is 10 millimeters also.

So, there you go. These they classify as the patio security bolt, but I
don't see any problem with them being able to be put on anything else and
anything that you want to.

I'll give you an ideas as well the distance that this travels, because I
think that's quite important. At this moment in time it's sitting there at
about just over 10 mil, so when it pushes all the way up to the top we get
a measurement there of around about 55 mil. So, you've got a full travel
there of about 45 millimeters. That will actually move up and down by about
45 millimeters. So, it's quite a long projection there if you need to.

Yeah, what can I say? Federal patio door lock can be used more than just
for sliding patio doors in the UK. I think they're great on hinge bolts,
hinged doors and so forth. I wouldn't have any problems with fitting those.
Lockable, currently available in multiple colors, and obviously available
in key like groups should you need to.

There you go. Thank you very much. Hope this VT makes you make a considered
opinion as to whether or not this particular lock would be suitable for
your door. Thank you very much. Bye bye now.

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