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Lowe & Fletcher 1340, 1341, 1342 Camlock

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Lowe & Fletcher 1340, 1341, 1342 Camlock, Suitable for use with the 92 key series. Lowe and Fletcher can be locked or unlocked with use of the key.

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Product Name Options Stock Price Tap in Req. Qty
1340 - Camlock - 22 mm
£10.13 + VAT
(£12.16 inc VAT)
1341 - Camlock - 27 mm
£11.10 + VAT
(£13.32 inc VAT)
1342 - Camlock - 32 mm
£10.55 + VAT
(£12.66 inc VAT)
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Random Coloured Key Tag with Label Window
£0.26 + VAT
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Lowe & Fletcher 1340, 1341, 1342 Camlock, Suitable for use with the 92 key series. Lowe and Fletcher can be locked or unlocked with use of the key.

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Main photo of Lowe & Fletcher 1340, 1341, 1342 Camlock

Keys Supplied2
Cam Height51mm
Head Diameter22mm
Key Series2
Body Length22mm, 27mm, 32mm
Cam Head Diameter22mm
Body Width16mm
Body Height19mm
Cam Lock HeadRound
Padlock Body Height19mm

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel and I'm the head of the tech team here at and thanks for taking some time to tune in to one of our product review videos and the product we got here in front of us today is one of our Lowe and Fletcher Cam lock. It's the 134 series range of cam locks. I'm saying the 134 because there's the 1340, the 1431 and the 1432 etcetera, which denotes different lengths of the cam lock. But the functionality features of the actual lock is exactly the same.

So I've got the largest of the ones here and if you want to zoom in a little bit on that, give you some sort of idea as to what this cam lock is. So that's the actual cam lock there. And the size of the different measurements is the length here, this length, and this is the largest one, this is the 32mm and you will see by our measurement charts on our website that they come in different measurements as well. So, the measurement is actually taken, if I use this ruler, is taken from the inside of the cam there right to the very end of here. So that's 32mm in this particular one. And then there's other sizes as well.

Now you can get these under a master key if you wanted to. They're on the 92 series Lowe and Fletcher at cam locks appreciate, doesn't mean much to a lot of people but to the locksmithing industry they know exactly what that means. For your information also, you will have, if you can zoom in closer, you'll see on the front of the cam locks, you'll see there's a code and that code denotes what the key cut will be. So that's a little top tip now. Any specialist in the industry, either ourselves or any of the reputable locksmiths will know what number will go in front of the three digits.

Now, as I've said, we can get these keyed alike groups if you want. So if you've got a range of these and you want them all to be the same key number or you want it as part of a master key where you've got a master that overwrites and everybody has got their own separate keys, we can do that as well. That's not a problem at all. It comes as standard with the nuts as well, but will allow you to fix it to whatever substrate that you decide to fix it to. And it comes as standard with this bar on the back, the locking bar.

Be mindful, there is a different range with different bars that are available. This standard bar you can bend it, and adjust it and modify it to suit you. So just because its straight doesn't mean to say that you cant bend and put twist in it. It doesn't mean to say that you cant put a twist so as you close it, it'll pull the door tight. You might want to cut this off because maybe its to long. You adjust this to suit your application.

Now the tuning ranges from this particular cam lock is it can turn 180 degrees. So you can pull the key out to that position or you can turn it 180 degrees like that and be able to pull the key out in that location as well. So that's the actual turning circle of this particular cam lock. And again we can get loads of different variations. It doesn't necessarily mean to say that your stuck with this one. There is a whole host of different permutations that these cam locks come in. So, if this isn't the one you want, don't say "I will keep on hunting", just pop us an email or use our live chat and say, "Listen guys I need to do this with this cam lock. What options have you got?" And we'd be back on with you then giving you a list of options that are available.

So another little thing that we do is we measure a few of these measurements for you. If I use from that centre line from the centre of that screw to the outside there, that is standardised 50mm just a smidge over 50mm from there to there. And the width of that as well is 15mm. So that gives you some sort of idea on that cam there. The shape as you will probably see here, is two flat sides. That's quite universal these days in regards of stopping the cam from actually turning inside the hole. That's the purpose of why its got two flat sides there. That's pretty standard and universal these days. And again, the measurements are listed on our website what those measurements would be.

So there you go its the 143, I call it the 143 series of combination cam locks and there is other variations of this particular range of cam locks as well as you can see on our website. So I'm hoping very much that I've been able to give you a little bit more information and hopefully with that little bit more information, you might say, "That's just the right thing for what I want to do." Or perhaps you might turn around and say to yourself "I need to know a little bit more about it." Come online, use our live chat, talk to us for free during the course of the day, like type in our messenger. It's easy on our website, pick up the phone or pop us an email in the evenings. We'd love to hear from you. And more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer, that would be really good for us. So from me Darrel, and all of us here at the LocksOnline team, take care and catch up with you real soon. Bye-bye.

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