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Multipoint Locks

We have a huge selection of multipoint locks for your uPVC doors, whether that's at home or for your business premises. Multipoint locks are those that have a number of hooks, bolts or latches in operation along the length of the door, and many work by lifting the door handle on your door to engage these multipoint hooks and bolts. 

Additionally, this is the only place you will find our very own high security EPS Cylinders, which can be combined with these locks to give you a great level of security on your doors. Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call. We have on site locksmiths with over 25 years experience, waiting to help you identify your door lock.

UPVC Door Hinges

UPVC Door Hinges Image Hinges designed for use on uPVC Multipoint doors, these stylish hinges are the ideal addition to your upvc door...

Multipoint Lock Keeps And Strikes

Multipoint Lock Keeps And Strikes Image Need replacement keeps for your uPVC / multipoint lock? Then look no further. We have listed all major manufacturers keeps here...

uPVC Stops and Locks

uPVC Stops and Locks Image Door restrictors stop doors from opening either by obstructing the door, some of these can be locked but they are not a good primary security. They are only meant as secondary security to help bolster the existing lock...

Locksonline Cylinders High Security

Locksonline Cylinders High Security Image The Locksonline EPS Cylinders are incredibly versatile and high security, and with it's patented key you can be assured no one can get a key cut without your authorisation.Please note that these are hand-built to order so may take extra time to build.  Please be aware that these are custom built to your specifications, and as such we are unabl..

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