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FIX 2025 Reversible Latch & Deadbolt Multipoint Gearbox

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This model is most suitable for composite or metal doors. Some identifying marks of the Fix 2025 Multipoint lock gearbox is the bolt situating itself at the top of the locking mechanism, with the latch and handle being situated below. This model is available in a 50mm backset, as well as a 105mm PZ measurement which is unique to this model.Fix are... Read more »

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FIX Deadbolt 50mm Backset
£121.54 + VAT
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This model is most suitable for composite or metal doors. Some identifying marks of the Fix 2025 Multipoint lock gearbox is the bolt situating itself at the top of the locking mechanism, with the latch and handle being situated below.
This model is available in a 50mm backset, as well as a 105mm PZ measurement which is unique to this model.

Fix are a Swedish based company that develop and manufacture multipoint gearbox's that use an Oval cylinder.

Gearboxes in general tend to fail a lot due to the stress that is put on them mechanically as every time the door is used, the gearbox drives the action of the locking, unlocking, opening and closing of the door.

The strip of this Multipoint can also have the label Fix 2025 or 2025 on the strip, the gearbox can be removed from the strip using a side fixing, these are easily removed allowing the gearbox to be separated from the Multipoint strip.


Main photo of FIX 2025 Reversible Latch & Deadbolt Multipoint Gearbox

Centre CaseLatch & Deadbolt
Backset UPVC Measurement50mm
PZ UPVC Measurement105mm

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Hi, guys. My name is Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at one of our product review videos.

The product that we have here today is a replacement gear box with a FIX 2025 multipoint lock that is available now on locks online. Ninety percent of the problem for multipoint locks is not necessarily the failure of the actual complete mechanism, but more to do with the actual gear box that sits in the centre. With the lifting of the handles or changing of the gear boxes are all of what happening, trying to move the complete mechanism up and down. Eventually, it wears out or breaks or something and then you end up needing to replace it. So instead of actually replacing the complete mechanism, what you can do is just actually replace the gear box itself.

Now, this one is a little bit unique. It's a little bit different to the normal. What you'll find is that this is normally used on composite doors, wooden doors, etc., but it has also been known to be used on metal doors as well.

Now, there are a few distinct advantages with this particular type. A, it's manufactured in Sweden, also it uses the Scandinavian or Swedish oval type cylinder. It's a bit unique and a bit different to the norm. This is one I've picked up here just to show you guys what they look like. So if you've got this sort of shape on the outside then the chances are that it's going to be a Scandinavian oval type cylinder. The screw fittings are actually screwed in from the back and to get at this one you would need to undo the back cylinder and then that would allow you to take it all apart.

Now, some identifying markers: These are quite unique. They're very original. One thing you will notice on here is the actual latch is down on the bottom and the bolt is sitting at the top. The handles also sit at the bottom as well, as you can see. And this particular cylinder here would actually sit at the top here like that. Okay. That's, again, a very unique setup on this particular type of lock.

Now, I don't know if you can zoom in there enough for us if I sit that right there and try to keep that steady for you, but you can see some sort of identifiers on here. It's not very well stamped. I don't know if you can actually zoom it, but you can actually see 2025 actually on there. It's a little bit tight, is it? You can't really see it. So look, it's just above the actual bolt from the lock in the centre here. You should be seeing a stamp there saying 2025 and there's a stamp there saying FIX as well. So those are the little key identifiers that you will be looking at.

But, like I said, this particular lock is unique, it's original, and even at the top here, you look at these hub bolts and they're pretty standard on this type of multipoint lock. All right. That's the way it's geared up. That's the way it's set up.

All we're interested in today is the actual gear box, this particular part of it sits here, and it's available as a separate item available on our website. You don't need now to invest in having the complete mechanism if it's the gear box that is gone. So lets get some more key top measurements here for you. The standard backset on these, that's from the leading edge to the actual keyhole, is 50 mm and the PZ measurement, the centre of there to the centre of there, is 105mm. So we normally find with these is that you don't have a faceplate sort of handle set. You normally have a rose handle and an escutcheon around the actual cylinders, two separate items.

To get these off, what you basically do is, once you've got the gear box off and the actual lock out of the door, you have some side fittings on here that actually case over. So undo the screws on either side and this will slide away and then you'll be able to put the new gear box in its place there quite easy. When it comes to handing, again, when you actually take it out you just twist the then to suit whatever handing you have on your door. It's as simple as that.

So there you go, guys. This is the FIX. It's the FIX 2025 gear box for the FIX 2025 multipoint locks. Available on LocksOnline's website. If there's a measurement you need or there's one that I haven't mentioned etc., and you think, "Oh, I'm thinking this is right, but I need to know a little bit more information" pop onto our live chat. You can use our live chat. It's totally free. Pop onto the call and give us a call. It's no problem at all. Or just pop us over a quick email. Either way, we'd love to hear from you and, more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer.

So from me, Darrel, and from all of us here at the team, I hope I've given you enough info. Take care. Bye-bye.

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