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Dorma RTS85 Transom Door Closer

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DORMA RTS 85 Transom concealed door closer Disappears into the frame. Ideal for shopfitting. For both double and single action doors. Elegant, versatile, practical and quality assured. The DORMA RTS 85 door closer offers a solution for installations where door control must be provided without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the door. The majority... Read more »

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Dorma RTS85 Closer
£142.10 + VAT
£120.78 + VAT
(£144.94 inc VAT)
Dorma RTS85 Closer with Hold Open
£146.58 + VAT
£124.59 + VAT
(£149.51 inc VAT)
Side Load Arm and Channel
£20.71 + VAT
(£24.85 inc VAT)
Side Load Floor Pivot
£11.91 + VAT
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End Load Arm and Channel
£26.61 + VAT
(£31.93 inc VAT)
End Load Floor Pivot
£11.91 + VAT
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DORMA RTS 85 Transom concealed door closer Disappears into the frame. Ideal for shopfitting. For both double and single action doors. Elegant, versatile, practical and quality assured. The DORMA RTS 85 door closer offers a solution for installations where door control must be provided without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the door. The majority of preparation can be accomplished by the fabricator prior to installation, leaving minimal on-site work. A complete line of accessories is available to accommodate virtually any door and frame configuration.

A concealed transom-mounted closer for internal doors up to 1250mm or external doors up to 1050mm wide,
left or right hand single action, or double action. Closing speed adjustable, backcheck protection, optional hold-open.
Consult DORMA technical literature for details.

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FinishSilver Enamelled
Adjustable Latch ActionYes
Max Door Weight90kg
Max Door Width950mm
Strength Size3
Overall Length328mm
Safe Fire RatingNo
Manual hold open optionOpional
Door Closers Generic ApplicationsTransom

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Hi guys. My name's Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at and thanks for taking the time to have a look at this video. It's a product review and what we're looking at today is the Dorma RTS 85 Transom Door Closer.

I've got the box here. This is the box that it comes out, but what I have actually done is actually take it out of the box so we can have a look at it here. Now, be careful with this. You don't want this to be falling on your toe if I have to be honest, because it's a heck of a lump.

What you'll do is you'll find these mostly in aluminium doors - commercially graded aluminium doors, like you're shop-front doors, etc. You know, you've got the door that swings back and forth, well, the chances are the closer that's in there may be Dorma. It could be any other make. It could be Adams Rite, and there's a load of Britain make a range of transom door closers, as well. But this is the Dorma version. And, to be honest with you, a lot of them now kind of have set the template in regards to the fixings and so forth. So, a lot of them have roughly the same sort of fixing criteria, or you can actually interface or interchange one with the other.

Now if you're not sure whether or not the door closer that you have . . . let me just put this down, because it is a fair old weight. If you're not 100% sure that the door closer that you have, where you've got your aluminium door, on the inside you may see – or it could be on the outside, but mostly the inside – you'll see a little plate up, right up in the far left-hand corner if it opens this way, or right-hand corner if it opens that way. And on that plate normally, if it's a Dorma, it'll have RTS 85 written on there. It's like an aluminium plate. You'll need to take that off anyway to get in to actually fix this.

It's not my intention to go through how to fix it, it's more to give you some measurements off the actual product and to see whether or not, before you consider buying it, if it's the right one for you. Then, at least then, you can make more of an informed decision whether or not it's right for your application.

So anyway, without further ado, let's get it out, and what I want you to do, Ev, is would you be kind enough to zoom in and just have a look at that particular closer. You can see all the different types of writing and so forth on it. Just take a second or so to look at the writing, because if you've got a Dorma in there you'll want to make sure it's the right one for you and you can spend a bit of time and tally up and have a look at the writing that's on it in relationship to the writing that you have. So you can have a look at that for starters. On the back as well, there's some more writing, on the back, and there it is there. I don't know if you can actually see that as well. Okay so that's the writing that sits on the back there as well.

Now, if I look at the front here, on this side here you got these two round pivot point-, round discs here, and that's where the springs and so forth, and tensions and so forth, inside there. I'd recommend not to touch those if you don't need to. On here then as well, is you'll see that there's two holes. Those two holes are the adjusters. Those are the ones that you can adjust the closing speed and the latching speed. While I'm here talking about those, this particular door closer is available in either a hold-open version - so, in other words, when you actually open the door, it will actually stay at 90 degrees, but it can actually hold open up to about 105 degrees. Or you can have one that just opens and closes then. So one of these then will actually operate the closing speed, the speed that gradually the door closes, and when the close-, when the door gets to round about 20 degrees this other one then takes into force, and that's then normally speeded up to get the latch to go into the keep etc. So you've got that amount of adjustment as well.

This is obviously the peg. This is the actual part that actually turns backwards and forwards. That part there, that's the part that would be actually fitted to the actual door itself there.

So when it comes in the kit, this is the replacement kit, so you wouldn't have the swing arm that sits in the top of the door, you wouldn't have the pivot that sits at the bottom of the door. This is just in case your door closer is starting to leak. Sometimes they leak around the seal here, and you start to find that the oil starts to leak out. If you see that that's happening and the door starts to speed up and you've got very little control over it, then you'll need to be replacing it.

So it comes also with brackets. This particular bracket here is the bracket that sits on there like that, and it goes into those two hole fixings there. And then those then sit up into the frame of the door. And on this side then also you'll have this bracket here as well, and he would sit up then, he would sit up against the wall of the aluminium frame. You could then sit him in there like that, and that's what he'll fit in there like that. Okay? That's how that is fixed on there. It comes all with the fixings here for it to be fixed to the actual aluminium frame as well as the actual closer itself.

So without further ado, what I'll do is I'll get the tape measure out, and I'll get some measurements off all these fixing centres to give you guys some sort of idea as to where the measurements would be if you're thinking about changing it. Also, I've got this paper underneath here. This is the actual installation instructions that also come with it as well.

So if I grab myself a ruler and we'll get some measurements here now. I'll get you the measurement off the centres of those screw fittings there. And they are 67 millimetres. I'm going to go for about 67 millimetre centres there. I can't hold it up and measure it as well. It's a heck of a weight. And that would actually sit on there like that, and that would sit in there like that. Well, it's the other way round, sorry. And that would hold that like that because it's upside down. What I'll do also is that that plate sits on there like that, and I'll get the measurement of those centres as well. And those centres there are 40 millimetres, or 41 millimetres from centre to centre. That's those.

What I'll do is I'll measure the overall length, and that's from there all the way out to the furthest point there. This is as much as my rule can give me really. It's 300 millimetres. The width . . . I'll get the measurement of the width there of the whole unit as well. We're talking there about 90 millimetres. So, if there's any other measurements. I'm thinking to myself what other measurements you may need, and that's about 300-, that measurement from there to the end is 290 millimetres from the fixing screw there right to the end there. If I was to put that plate on there, because that's the way it would fit, the overall length, and I think I'm going to run out of rule - I'm going to say that's around about 305 millimetres, thereabouts, from that fixing point to that screw point there. I don't know if you can see that there for us Ev.

So there you go guys. It's the RTS 85. It's now available at And if it's what you need, if it's what you need to be replacing, hey, why don't you come and add to our cart? We'd really appreciate you as a customer.

So from me, Darrel, and all the other team here at LocksOnline can I take this opportunity to thank you. If you need some more information or advice, you're not 100% sure you know, you might want to know, for example, if you're thinking about fitting it for new, this door will handle up to a door that's 1 metre 250 wide. So it's a good old universal door.

But if you need some more information, give us a shout, pop us an e-mail, or use our Live Chat on our website. We'd really love to chat with you, and more importantly, we'd love to see you as a customer. So from me, Darrel, and all of us, many thanks. Take care. Bye-bye.

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