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Perkins and Powell - Perkomatic

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Details Max Door Weight:: 75 Kg Strength Size : Adjustable Closing Action : Yes Adjustable Latch Action : Yes Delayed Action : N/A Backcheck : N/A Applications : Concealed Handing : N/A Finishes : Polished Brass Fire Tested : Yes (see below) Cert : Sizes : Tube Length 168 mm - Diameter 60 mm - Plate Height 121 mm - Plate Width 25 mm Features Concealed... Read more »

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Perkins and Powell - Perkomatic
£216.86 + VAT
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Max Door Weight:: 75 Kg
Strength Size :
Adjustable Closing Action : Yes
Adjustable Latch Action : Yes
Delayed Action : N/A
Backcheck : N/A
Applications : Concealed
Handing : N/A
Finishes : Polished Brass
Fire Tested : Yes (see below)
Cert :
Sizes : Tube Length 168 mm - Diameter 60 mm - Plate Height 121 mm - Plate Width 25 mm


Concealed in the door
The only parts visible are the anchor plate and the chain
Smooth controlled closing mechanism with latching action
Tested to withstand 500,000 open and close cycles
Suitable for use on light or medium weight internal doors, except those fitted with risnG butts,parliament or projecting hinges

Fire Tested
Incorperated in the doors were tested to BS476 parrt 22 1987, does not affect latched 1/2 hour and 1 hour fire door intergrity

Information on door closers


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FinishPolished Brass
Adjustable Latch ActionYes
Max Door Weight75kg
Plate Height121mm
Plate Width25mm
Overall Length168mm
Safe Fire Rating1/2 - 1 hour to BS476

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Hi guys. My name is Darrel. I'm head of the tech team here at, and thanks for taking the time to tune in to one of our product review videos. And more importantly, the product that we're going to have a look at today is the Perko Hydraulic door closer that's designed to fit inside a typical fire door. Now, without further ado, let's actually get it out of here now, and let's have a look at it in a little bit more detail. Well, to give you guy's some sort of understanding of these, there are Perko door closers, and Perko's a good manufacturer of door closers, and they do a big range. But this particular one has this unique advantage where it is actually hydraulic. And it is allowed to be used on a fire rated door, so that's quite important.

The beauty with this is that it has a controlled closing operation. Normally Perko's are just sprung loaded. And the idea is, I use the word Perko's, they're basically internal door closers, but Perko's such a well-known manufacturer, kind of like Hoover is for vacuum cleaners. So, their standard range is sprung loaded, and when you open the door, depending on how far you open it, would depend on how compressed the spring would be, and therefore then the speed in which they close. Here if you open it right up, the speed is massive when they come back with you.

But of course they've got no latching action, and that's one of the most important things with a fire door is you need to have that little bit of a latching action right at the end, to overcome the latch to make sure that the door closes back into position properly. Therefore, if there's a fire, then the door is in the frame correctly. So the idea of this particular type of one here, is the fact is that it is hydraulic and it does carry a latching action.

Now I've opened the door closer up a little bit, because, normally when you get these, they're actually sitting flush, they're in tight. And you need to jimmy the two ends apart. This is the part that sits in the frame here. And this is the part that would sit in the door. And if you notice on there, I don't know if you could zoom in, but you can see that there's a little plus and negative button there. And what that allows you to do is, it allows you to adjust the latching time, or when it starts, and then drops the door; overpowers the latch and closes the door. And what it's effectively doing is it's either increasing or shortening the length of chain right at the very end there. There's the actual screw going all the way through there.

So that's the idea, so therefore you can get a latching action. And of course because it's hydraulic, the closing speed as well is refined, it's not going to end up driving through and slamming the door. But of course, because of that there is an exceptionally large amount of space that you're going to have to cut out of the door in which to fit this particular type of door closer.

So to give you some sort of idea, to give you some sort of idea on the measurements and all that you're going to need, if I get you the thickness there of being... you need to be drilling a hole somewhere in the region of about 22 millimetres, guys, or maybe 25 millimetres, by the time you look at it in greater detail. And the height then as well, is going to be about 60 millimetres. And of course you're going to need a flat bit, like you can drill through there all the way to at least 170 millimetres. So there's quite a big hole that needs to be taken out of the door in which to fit this into, into the door, basically.

Now I will recommend, because one thing with fitting door closers and so forth, or any form of metal on a door, is that you can compromise the fire integrity of a fire door. And in doing so, what we always recommend that you do is, you can get some intumescent paper, and after you've drilled the hole, your best bet is to wrap this with a bit of intumescent paper, so it maintains the integrity of the fire door and that this particular device doesn't become a hot spot for the fire door and cause greatly, the fire door may prematurely break down. So that's just a little bit of a top tip there for you.

Of course these are available on LocksOnline's website. You know, we're selling them for quite a few years now. So I don't think there's much more that I can say. I've given you basically, the basic caveats of this particular type of door closer. And I hope that it'll help you make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the device for you.

So from me, Darrel, and all of us here at the LocksOnline team, if this is what you're looking for, hey, I hope to see you as a customer. We really appreciate it. So from me and all of us, take care and catch you real soon. Bye-bye, now, bye-bye.

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